Why Is People Saying 86fb Has Crashed – Have 86fb Crash?

So many queries about the crashing of 86FB Football but the question is have 86fb crashed? So many people keep saying 86w has crashed, have 86fb crash 2022, have 86fb crash today, have 86fb crash 2021, have 86fb crash in Nigeria.

With all the following questions about the possible crash of 86w, the company is still silent without speaking up publicly, which seems to be a hit on the head. Here is my own question; has 86FB crashed? What’s happening with 86w? Why 86FB don’t respond if contacted? Why is 86FB not processing payments?

I learned that the website is still up and running, games are still being shared but there are so many issues withdrawing and depositing funds into an individual account.

Still, the platform has not said anything about that publicly. Even when contacted, people don’t get reply about the issues they complained of. To me, it seems 86FB has crashed. But to prove their innocence, I think they should come out openly to the public.

The following question needed an answer but unable to give answers to that makes people fill 86FB have crashed.

have 86FB crash

Why do people keep saying have 86FB crash?

Yes, people say 86FB has crashed because the company where unable to process payment, deposit not working anymore on 86FB, 86FB now request a deposit of huge amount of money, 86FB no longer respond to complaints via support.

That this point, the company should come openly but they don’t. So, why won’t people say they have crashed?

I vividly remember the other schemes like MMM and the host of them just started this way and slowly crash. But, let’s not draw a conclusion yet, keep focus and alert regarding the news that will crash soon.

Has 86FB Crashed?

A friend of mine ask me seems likely has crashed. My reply to him is can’t say so since the platform is still up and running. So, he went further with reasons saying if they have not crashed, why will they ask people to deposit in order to withdraw their money from the 86FB account.

He makes a point there right? It was expected that 86FB will crash one day but now they have started having withdrawal and deposit problems, let’s watch and see if the crashing news about 86FB is real or fake.

Who knows, it might be fake news about the crash. There’s competition everywhere one might decide to frame a story saying 86FB have crash we all know that bad news spread like a virus.

From my own conclusion, let’s just watch and see is new is real. Other networks come and go their story is always similar before crashing. Note that one thing must lead to that and this is Withdrawal.

If you are already a member of the 86FB Football club, keep watch and if you’re a new member wishing to deposit, I advise you to stay calm for now. Let’s confirm if the crashing news about is true or false so as not to lose your hard earned money.

Warning about the Crash of 86FB

Some warned Nigerians to be aware of 86FB, that any platform that pays you for doing nothing is a scam and definitely a Ponzi scheme.

Here are images about the possible crash of

has 86FB crash

City Football Group warned about 86FB

See image

City Football Group warned about 86FB

See what people are saying about 86FB crashing on Twitter

have 86FB crash in Nigera


I hope you find the information on this page helpful? Please, if you have any development regarding the have 86FB crash, kindly message/comment in the comment box below. This also helps keep others informed about the possible news that 86FB has crashed.

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