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Detect Between Original And Fake Xiaomi Phones, Batteries & Chargers

Are there fake Xiaomi phones? Yes, there is. How do I know if my Redmi phone is original? Reading this article will answer this question on how to know if your Redmi phone is original or fake. How do I know if my Xiaomi phone is refurbished? Enough of the questions, I will advise you to read through.

Well, the truth is a popular thing will always get hits with people wanting to imitate same for their selfish reasons. The Xiaomi phones and their accessories are not left out on this, people are duplicating them to sell at a cheaper rate and they are all spot fake.

So you need to know now, that they are so many fake Xiaomi phones, batteries and charges that have been mass produced and shipped around the world. So at this point, you need to know how to identify and distinguish between original Xiaomi phones, batteries and chargers.

Don’t worry for this guide is here to do justice to them as it will guide you as well giving you the right information on how to spot fakes and original of the Xiaomi phone products alongside its accessories (batteries and chargers).

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How To Detect Fake And Original Xiaomi Phones

The following ways are genuine ways by which you can use to detect original Xiaomi phones from it fake ones:

Detect Original And Fake Xiaomi Phones, Batteries & Chargers

Use the Authentication Label Method

One of the best methods on how to check Xiaomi’s original phone is using the authentication label. With this method, you simply need to grab your phone box to locate a scratch card.

You then scratch off the label to find a code. When you get the code, key in the code and verify it here using the Xiaomi Redmi phones verification tool. You will get the result in few seconds if the Xiaomi phone is original or fake.

Use the Mi Verification App Method

The MI verification app is an app launched by Xiaomi Phone Company, as an official android app that will enable users to check and know if their phones are fake or original. So all you need do is to download the Mi verification app and get this Mi verification apk to install on your device.

After this launching the app by turning the performance ON. Then you move to tap on the scan and verify button, you can as well use another PC or phone to log in to this platform. Scan the QR code. You can then wait few seconds to get the verification result to know whether it is fake or original.

It is sad news to note that most Redmi model users reported that their devices failed to perform the test of the Mi Verification app method. But still, on that, you can still give it a try if you’re among those using the Redmi model.

By Installing Stock MIUI ROM

You need to first believe that OEMs will never produce any fake phone. So if you flash this MINU ROM on a fake phone it will brick the phone. When once you need to install the MIUI ROM on a Xiaomi phone it will go further in ascertaining the phone hardware coordination, its device codename etc.

If it is not as expected, this process will brick the device, since ROM isn’t cut out for such a device. Also, checking the MIUI ROM version will help you identify original and fake Xiaomi Redmi phones. You can do this by asking google for the MIUI ROM version of your Xiaomi phone.

Using the Xiaomi IMEI checker free tool

With the help of the IMEI24 platform, along with the Xiaomi IMEI checker. This will allows you to check and see if Xiaomi mobile phone is original or spot fake. It also enables you to check the warranty details of your Xiaomi phone.

See the steps below on how to check warranty details of your Xiaomi phone alongside its accessories (charger and battery):

  • Go to Xiaomi check IMEI section
  • On the search field, type your Xiaomi IMEI number
  • Wait for a few seconds you will get full information about your Xiaomi phone

Check the Inbox Accessories

This is one area you can easily detect a fake Xiaomi phone. The original comes with no earphones but with Xiaomi branding. Again, check that it has a manual in it for your guide. The fake ones come with no manual.

The Price of the Device

The easiest way to spot a fake thing from the original is usually the price. These fake manufacturers always use this method of selling their cheap products to lure buyers, so check it well, any device that is sold ridiculously cheaper than the current price might just be fake. Remember, if it is too good to be true. Then it probably is.

Do a Physical Check

This is an easy thing to do and it straightforward as well. But it will need you to have good observation skills. You need to be aware of the device’s built, dimensions, design, and maybe its logo.

If you have this pre-knowledge then detecting a fake Xiaomi phone will be very easy for you. Again, when inspecting the phone don’t forget to check the flashlight same with its built quality.

How to Detect a Fake and Original Xiaomi Phone Battery

The Xiaomi phone battery is one part of the phone that should be careful with while trying to make a purchase or else one ends up with fake or poor quality one that can affect the Xiaomi phone itself. So to detect both fake and original Xiaomi Redmi phones batteries, follow the list below:

Check the Packaging of the Xiaomi Battery

The original Xiaomi battery is wrapped in a type of paper box which has a number of lines to check the device, the fake ones come in an external mica box with a little thin layer of paper.

The Paint Color is Different

The original Xiaomi device is a smooth paint and it has the exact color with the MacBook series, the fake Xiaomi battery paint isn’t uniform. It looks rough and it isn’t looking good at all.

Check the Logo on the Battery

The Xiaomi logo on the battery should fit well, and the colors are uniform same with the paint but the fake one has a bigger logo with uneven color same with paint color.

The Bottom of the Battery

You can detect the fake Xiaomi phones battery by checking the bottom, the parameters will be printed in bold blurry colors while the original will be printed with lighter sharp print color.

Shopping Original Xiaomi Phones & Accessories

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How to Detect the Fake and Original Xiaomi Phone Chargers

The original Xiaomi phone charger has a standard length of 120cm cable, so the fake one will be less, to find this out, just measure the length of the cable and if it is less than 120cm then you should know it is fake.

Again, check if the adapter is unusually larger than it should be, then you should know it is a fake one. The original Xiaomi charger’s adapter has a normal size like a most original adapter.


It is pertinent to always go for only genuine products no matter how expensive they are. Doing this will save you from throwing into the drain, your hard-earned money that will be a waste if you buy fake products.

Sometimes, this mistake might be done out of ignorance, so it is very important to equip yourself with the necessary information of detecting anything fake about the Xiaomi phone and its accessories.

This guide will help you overcome the challenge of buying a Xiaomi phone, battery or charger out of ignorance.

So when you are ready to buy one, you can flip back here to find out how to detect fake and the originals before parting with your money.

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