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The Advantages And Disadvantage You Should Know While Shopping On Jumia Online Store

You must have come across Jumia before. I mean you saw people clamoring about their Black Friday offers and their treasure hunt. Jumia is not new anymore in fact the online platform is known to be the largest online store in Africa.

You could find almost anything on Jumia. Because of the repute, it has garnered for itself, it has been termed as a credible platform to make online purchases at prices that don’t require you to break your open savings.

Jumia deals with goods like electronics (generators, TVs, and others), shoes, clothes, phones, computers, and their accessories, etc. Let me tell you a little secret, you can also sell on Jumia. We’re so fixed on buying that we have failed to realize that we can sell too.

To make whatever choices that you’ll like to make on Jumia shopping site, you’ll need to sign up to the site first.  Like the title of the article says, I am going to be telling you the advantages and disadvantages of the things you should know about Jumia store when shopping on it.

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This article is primarily for buyers, but it is also very useful to those who would like to sell on the platform as it would help them to optimise their plans to their own advantage. I have also divided this article into two parts, which is:

  • Advantage;
  • Disadvantage.

Also, I will be talking about the advantages first. Enough introduction, let’s dive in.

Advantages You Should Know While Shopping On Jumia Store.

Advantages And Disadvantage You Should Know While Shopping On Jumia Online Store

The following tells you all the advantages you should know when doing shopping on Jumia online site.

Trusted Service.

There are a lot of online stores in Africa, especially in Nigeria. But not all of them are credible. Jumia has products that are reliable and follow every detail that was included in the description.

Only on rare occasions do people have complaints about the products not arriving on time, or that the product was not in perfect state. Jumia try their best to ensure that the products reach you on time, and in good working condition.

Hitch Free Services.

Jumia online shopping site stands out of all other online stores in Nigeria. It is the most visited online store in Nigeria and this is because their transactions are mainly smooth. Jumia online responds quickly to the complaints of its customers. Their customer care services are always available to attend to the needs of the customer or prospect.

Many online stores are mainly focused on their profits and pay less or no attention to the needs of the customer, but no Jumia store, customer care numbers have been made available on the platform just in case you have a complaint.

The customer care aids can also be contacted through email. Their mobile app and website are also properly optimised to meet the standards of any other online store. The mobile app has been made easy and you don’t need to be a computer genius to be able to use it.

Items and goods have been properly categorised on the Jumia shopping website so that you can navigate through it easily when looking for that specific things you want.  To easily find what you want on the site, type the name of the item in the search box and click your enter button to find it.

Procurement of Products.

Jumia sits on a plethora of goods. Due to their partnership with different product vendors and manufacturers from all over the world, they have been able to ensure that they amassed a large variety of products to meet the needs of customers.

It is advisable to create a list of the things you want from the site, or have a clear definition of what you want from the site so that the large variety of goods will not overwhelm you. A number of vendors are on the site, and they might offer the same product but for a different price and knowing this can help you make a choice if you’re looking forward to minimising cost.

Affordability of product.

Jumia offers very affordable products to its customers unlike some of its competitors or physical stores. Many of Jumia’s products are of high quality, and they’re cheap. They’re known for delivering high-quality products for cheap prices and that is the major reason why they’re very popular.

Reliable Return Policy.

No store on the planet is 100% accurate, but the best desire to minimise their errors to the minimal as possible as they can. Sometimes mistakes happen with deliveries of products. The company might deliver a faulty, or a product you didn’t order for (this rarely happens), and when this happens, you can return and get a refund on the product. Please find time to read the return policy well.

Payment Flexibility.

Jumia has made payment flexible by providing a list of payment options that are appealing. The pay on delivery is the most preferred option; this allows you to only pay for the good when it arrives at your doorstep. With this, you can check out the good before paying for it. You can also pay for the products using your credit or debit cards. When you do this, they charge you directly from your bank account.

Disadvantages You Should Know While Shopping On Jumia Store

The following are highlight to tell you all the disadvantages you should know when doing shopping on Jumia online site.

Only 15days money-back Guarantee.

One reason why Jumia is not rated 100% is the aspect of their 15-days money-back guarantee. The bad side of this is that the days begin to count as soon as the product reaches the state you’re in, even if it has not gotten to you. This is a fault because online stores like Amazon use a 30 days money-back guarantee policy.

Unverified Products.

It has been found that Jumia lacks in the aspect of product and brand verification. They upload products from brands to their site which might not have been verified by them. The however, might later inform you that they have removed the product from their site.

Image Deception

There have been complaints that Jumia is known to upload high-quality images of products, and then when the product is delivered, it does not exactly look like a high-quality product. Sometimes the images might host products from popular brands especially fashion brands like Adidas, Nike, Gucci, etc.

but when the product arrives, it doesn’t have the brand name attached to it or the brand name would be a little different. For example, you ordered for Nike shoes, you might get Nika shoes instead but reverse is the case.

Benefit of Using Jumia Online App

Listed below are some of the benefits you will enjoy when using the Jumia online shopping App:

  • Six Benefits of Shopping on the Jumia Mobile App.
  • Little data needed for installation.
  • Low data consumption during browsing.
  • Enjoy an additional 5% discount.
  • Mouthwatering discounts on treasure hunt & flash sales.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to daily app vouchers.
  • Exclusive product launch + deals on the app.


This article aims to prepare you for the advantages and disadvantages of things to expect when using Jumia to shop online, a popular online store. The article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the online store. The article is useful to those who want to buy products on Jumia, as well as those who hope to sell on it.

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