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A Detailed Guide On How To Do Your Shopping On Jumia Freely From Beginning To End

Jumia is no longer new to our society. We have seen or heard about it on adverts, heard a friend talk about buying something from it, or come across one of its offices. Oh well, some of you only know a little about Jumia, but you don’t know how to use the platform while shopping online and are scared of making mistakes when trying to purchase goods on the site.

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What is Jumia all about?

Jumia is an online store where you can get all sorts of goods like foodstuff and drinks, appliances and electronics, clothes, computers, mobile phones and accessories, sports gears, automobile accessories, baby products, health and beauty products, etc. Just to mention a few.

Jumia also delivers other exciting services like:

  • Payment of airtime and bills
  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Payment of internet bills
  • Ordering of food through Jumia Foods.

Did you also know that you can still sell on Jumia? Well that is topic for another day. Jumia prides itself as being the number one online store in Nigeria and even Africa at large for stress-free online shopping.

They also host special offers during special seasons like Black Friday where they make some select products very cheap. Jumia also gives free offers, but this only happens in their mobile application.

All of these advantages are what made Jumia the best online store in Africa. Click here to lookup more advantages and disadvantages of Jumia. But before you can partake in all of these goodies, you have to follow these steps:

1. How to register on Jumia

Shopping On Jumia freely from beginning to the end

Before you can perform any shopping process on Jumia, you have to register to the platform. To register an account on Jumia, there are steps you’ll have to follow, and they’re as follow:

  • Create a Jumia account through the link below:


  • Then fill in what is required in the box that is provided on this page.
  • You will be required to put in your email address, and password that can be easily remembered.
  • Any box with the asterisk symbol in red color must be filled in order to advance to the next page.
  • Before submitting, it is advisable that you check the information that you have filled in to verify that you haven’t made any mistakes.

After the above steps, move to log in steps below:

2. How to log in to your Jumia account.

People usually get confused with this part. They might have used Jumia before, and then they logged out by mistake. To log back is easy, and not rocket science.

  • Go to https://www.jumia.com.ng/customer/account/login
  • Put in your email address and password in the required field. Click “remember me” directly under the password field, and then click “login”.
  • You can use your Facebook account too to log in, but you need a Facebook account to do so. It is advisable to use your Gmail instead.
  • Click “Enter” and you’ll be allowed into the platform.

The website version of Jumia is great, but the mobile version is more optimised, and it opens you to exclusive offers that are not available on the website version of the online store. You’ll need to download Jumia app from your mobile app store like Playstore, Samsung app store, etc. but the registration process still remains the same on the mobile app version.

Steps in Shopping On Jumia Online Store

How to order on Jumia.

As soon as you are logged in on the Jumia platform, you will notice that the site is well arranged. Every product is placed in a certain category, and if you find it difficult to locate what category a particular product is in, just use the search filter to find it.

Now that you’ve found it, take these few steps towards finalising the purchase:

  • Select the item you want. As soon as you have selected the item you want, you’ll be taken to the details page where you can see the details of the product as well as the description of the product.
  • Check the bottom of the details page; you’ll see “add to cart”. Select it to save the item to a list so that you can continue shopping for more items.
  • If you are buying items that come in different sizes, as soon as you proceed to add the item to the cart, a list of available sizes will be displayed so that you can choose from them. After you have chosen it, the item will be added to the cart, and you can choose to continue shopping or you can complete your order.
  • After you have finished shopping and everything you want has been added to your cart, you should proceed to finalize your order. To finalize your order, look at the top right angle of your screen, you will find an icon that looks like a cart. Click it to view all the selected items you want to purchase.
  • When you are on the cart page, you will see the list of things you want to purchase. The prices of those things will be attached to the items too. On this page, you can do a few editing on the items you want to purchase. You can choose the quantity of a particular product that you want, you can choose to remove any product you no longer want or that you added to the cart by mistake.

You can even add products to your wishlist. A Jumia wishlist is represented with an icon that is shaped like love or a heart. It is located directly under each Item in your cart. If you probably don’t have enough cash to get an item at the moment but you would like to shop for it now, and then pay to get it later.

The wishlist helps you store those items so that you don’t have to waste time searching for that item you wanted all over again.

  • After you have made every change or adjustment to the items in your cart, you should click “complete your order” so that you will be taken to the Checkout page for payment.

Checking out Process on Jumia

The checkout page on Jumia has 3 stages, and they’re:

  • Delivery
  • Payment
  • Summary.


The delivery stage comes with two options, and they are: door delivery and pickup station.

The door delivery allows you to input your house address where you would like all the items you ordered to be delivered to while the pickup station delivery requires you to choose any pickup station around you so that you can go there on your own, and get the items that you ordered. 

This form of delivery is cheaper than the door delivery, and the price reduction will be shown when you want to pay. So select the type of delivery you want. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “proceed to payment”.

Payment Process on Jumia Shopping Site

In this page, you’ll be required to select between two options: Go cashless or Cash on Delivery.

The Go Cashless payment option requires that you use your credit or debit card to pay for the items you want to purchase, or you do a bank transfer. If you’re using your card, you will have to input your card details but if you are using a bank transfer, you’ll have to input your bank details.

Note that in the payment page, you will only select the payment method, the input of bank details and purchase will be done at the end, and not the payment page.

Cash on delivery means that you will only pay for the product when you get it. So you don’t need to use any bank or card detail, just have your cash at hand when the day of delivery comes.

You can also use a voucher to pay for the items in your cart, but vouchers do not cover the entire fee. They only deduct a certain percentage, and you have to pay for the rest.

After you have selected the preferred payment method, scroll down and click on “proceed to summary”.

Finalizing Your Payment Summary on Jumia

The summary page like the name implies is the summarization of your shopping and all the edits, adjustment and preferred options you did to your purchase. You get to see the total price of everything you ordered.

You can make necessary changes like your address, delivery method, and payment method in the summary. Scroll down to confirm payment.

After you have confirmed it, the next page will request that you pay for the things you have decided to buy if your preferred option for payment was Go cashless.This is where you will be required to input your bank or card details.

After you have done this, your order will be placed and would be on its way to your location. A customer care service provider will even call you to confirm the order. You can keep track of your order through the Gmail Jumia will send to you.


This is a thoroughly detailed guide that aims to help you optimize your shopping on Jumia. The article follows a step-by-step process. No step is excluded. So come on let’s get you started on Jumia.

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