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How To Contact Spectranet Customer Care

Spectranet customer care is there should in case you’re having difficulties with your Spectranet 4G LTE modern. Note that this service will only be available to all Spectranet subscribers (i.e those that use the Spectranet modern for browsing).

You can talk to Spectranet customer care in different mediums, and I will be pointing out the several ways one can reach the Spectranet support team if there’s any problem that might call for this service.

One can contact the care Spectranet on any of the following subject matters; general, device, plans/tariff, payment, and selfcare service.

Well, you’ve got the right page because that is what I will be discussing in this article so that you can go back to experiencing high-speed internet.

Why will I talk to Spectranet customer care?

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started on how to contact the Spectranet customer care support should in case you have issues about Spectranet data plans or others issues you might want them to resolve.

In how many ways will I contact the Spectranet Customer Service?

Here are the following ways you can reach the Spectranet customer care unit department:

  1. Call Spectranet customer care numbers.
  2. Chat Spectranet customer care on Whatsapp number.
  3. Get in touch with Spectranet customer care email address.
  4. Meet the Spectranet Support center on Social media.
  5. Contact Spectranet support team through their official website.
  6. You can also contact Spectranet customer service on selfcare.
  7. Contact Spectranet customer care support on their head office.
  8. Spectranet Live Chat.

How To Contact Spectranet Customer Care

How To Contact Spectranet Customer Care

The following ways are how to contact the Spectranet service support team about any issues:

Spectranet customer care numbers

08002345678 or 07002345678 are the Spectranet customer care numbers, please do call the customer care line for any support. These numbers are available 24/7 day. You can also use the number to chat with them on Whatsapp.

Spectranet customer care email address

To contact Spectranet customer care through email, please feel free to write to them at for any further assistance.

Here’s the Spectranet customer care email address

Contact Spectranet Customer Support Through Social Media Handles

Socialise with Spectranet customer care support team of the following social media handles:

Contact Spectranet support team through Spectranet official website

You can contact Spectranet support team through CONTACT US FORM on their official website. Here, you’ll get a quick online support, to get started, go ahead and fill our contact form as requested and click the “SUBMIT” button.

Here’s the Spectranet official website

Spectranet Selfcare Service

The Spectranet Selfcare service gives you access to a variety of features, including logging into your Spectranet account, managing your profile, renewing your account, refilling your account, and learning more about the Spectranet history.

To get started, log in to the Spectranet Selfcare service by visiting the page at, enter your User ID and Password in its right field then click the Sign In button.

How to contact Spectranet customer care support on their head office

If you wish to talk to the Spectranet customer support in person, then using this method will be best for you.

Here is the Spectranet customer care support office address; Plot 36B, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue Oregun Industrial Estate Alausa Ikeja Lagos.

Spectranet Live Chat

The Spectranet live chat allows you to talk to the Spectranet customer support directly via their official website.

Spectranet Customer Care live chat

To speak with the Spectranet service support using live chat, visit, at the bottom right-hand side, wait for some minutes, you’ll get a notification from Spectranet Customer Support live chat team that read “Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help”. Click the chat icon to get started.

Please fill out the form below to start chatting with the next available agent. The following details will be needed of you: name, email, phone. After filling, click the “Start Chat” button and the next available customer support will reply to you back.


There’s a page that hosts a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spectranet that have already been answered by the Spectranet Customer Support Team.

You should scroll through these questions to see which of them is the same as the question that you have in mind, when you find that particular question, click on it and it would drop down the answer right under the question that you clicked.

But if you do not find a question that is the same as the question that you have in mind, then you can proceed by using any of the above-mentioned.


When it seems like all that speed that you hoped to continue experiencing is coming to an end because you have stumbled upon a problem and you don’t know how to contact Spectranet Customer Service, please use the above mentioned to get in touch with them.

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