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How To Check And Link Your NIN Number With 9mobile, Mtn, Glo, And Airtel

Checking your NIN if you have registered with National Identification Commission (NIMC) is never a problem. Also linking your NIN to your mobile number or numbers when registered is an easy thing to do. All you have is to stay focus and keep reading let us show you the steps.

Is your National Identity Number (NIN) ready? If yes, you’re save and if NO, please proceed to any National Identification Commission (NIMC) office around you and get it done by registering, is free of charge.

If you have registered and are looking for steps on how to link you mobile number or numbers to your National Identity Number (NIN), we’ve you back on this.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to link your MTN SIM card, Glo SIM card, Aitel SIM card, and 9mobile SIM card or etisalat SIM card to you NIN. The code on have to check your NIN will also be made available.

Link NIN to your Mobile Network

To like your NIN to your mobile network, you will need to first register with NIMC (National identification commission) to be able to get your National identification number (NIN). NIN can be explained as a distinctive 11 digit national identification number that is only issued by NIMC per individual.

The NIN is mandatory for each citizen that is legally resident in Nigeria to posses; this will enable NIMC to have a national database for identification which will militate against identity fraud and pave way for issuance of a valid National Identification card for citizens.

The citizens will be provided with TIN which is in consonance with their bank verification number (BVN) or NIN. So this invariably means that to get a TIN, then you must have gotten your NIN and BVN already in place.

But the truth is that, as it stands a lot of citizens are still unable to access their e-ID and there’s huge complains of the inability to register by the commission. So it became mandatory for NIMC to devise a convenience means where a lot of people get their NIN numbers at convenience.

How to check your NIN number using a USSD code

This is for those that have already enrolled and who are yet to have the e-ID issued to them or those that have misplace their NIN e-ID.

So for convenience there’s a dedicated USSD code that is made available by the National ID card scheme that enable for an individual to get the NIN number via mobile line they are using.

Using the USSD code doesn’t in any where need an internet to access. So what one needs is a basic phone with a SIM card that one had used in registering for both voter’s card registration and BVN Registration. To achieve this, you need to do the following below:

  • Now, use your mobile phone with your registered SIM inserted
  • Be sure you have at least #20 on your SIM
  • To check you NIN number, dial *346# and follow the onscreen prompt
  • Then select the NIN retrieval option from the menu by entering 1
  • Choose NIN search option from the menu by inputting 2 in if you had misplaced your details of registration
  • Finally, your national identification number will be shown to you

The fact is that this USSD Code is currently only available to subscribers on the four popular network in Nigeria which are 9-mobile (etisalat), Glo, Airtel, MTN mobile network.

How To Link National Identity Number With Your Phone Number

check and link you NIN number. link nin to mobile networks in Nigeria.

It is essential to link your mobile phone number to your NIN as directed by The Nigerian communication commission.

As failure to comply will lead to your service provider blocking your SIM from being active. So it simply means you would lose your SIM and all contact in it if you fail to do the linking.

So if you are yet to do this, you can follow these simple steps to link your mobile phone number or numbers with your NIN.

Linking your NIN to MTN using code

So to link your MTN number to you NIN using a code, you just have to dial *785# on your registered SIM on your phone, then insert your NIN then submit.

Example on how to link your NIN to your MTN number, just dial *785# yourNIN# with the registered number you wished to link. Your number will automatically be linked by MTN.

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Linking your NIN to MTN using Internet Connection

  • You can also do the linking online if you prefer this option
  • Simply visit either on your pc or phone
  • Submit your details on the page like your name, phone number, last name, email address, phone number, and national identity number (NIN) for a link-up. After the detail has been submitted, an OTP (One-Time-Password will be sent to your MTN mobile number to ensure you’re the rightful owner. Copy and input it on the space provides and submit again. You will get feedback after a while from MTN when it has been fully processed.

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Linking your NIN to Airtel Network using code

You can also link up your Airtel phone numbers to NIN using code

  • So simply dial *121*1 #, it should be with the airtel line you want to link up
  • Then enter 1 to insert your government approved identification number and press send
  • Input the 11 –digit NIN number
  • Have the patience to receive feedback from the network, to ascertain you were successful or else you try again

Linking your NIN to Airtel Network using Internet connection

  • Visit
  • Enter details starting with your Airtel mobile number
  • Click on proceed
  • An OTP will send to the Airtel line, copy and insert it on the required field
  • Enter your NIN number.
  • Click on submit and wait for feedback

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Linking your NIN to 9mobile (Etisalat) Network using code

 To link your 9mobile phone number to NIN, you just dial the ussd code *200*8# and follow the onscreen prompt to achieve the process.

Linking your NIN to 9mobile Network using internet

To use the internet to link your etisalat phone number to your NIN is a breeze. See the following steps below:

  • Simply visit either on your phone or pc browser
  • Then key-in the 9mobile number you want to link up and click enter
  • Then you would receive an OTP, use that to proceed to the next step to link up.
  • Enter the NIN number and click on submit

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Linking your NIN to Glo Network using code

The code to use for linking up your glo phone number to your NIN is 109. It can be send this way: UPDATE NIN number firstname lastname and send to 109 as a text message.

A typical example is this way 16776878958 Bassey Eyo, and then you send as a text to 109 with the Glo registered SIM you are trying to link.

Linking your NIN to Glo Network using internet

You can also do same online. You just have to visit the below address and follow the guide there to complete your link. Visit www.gloworld/ng/nin


You have it all here, how to check for your NIN and linking it up with your mobile phone numbers as directed by NCC.

These are all simple steps that you don’t need too much time to get done with, so if you were wondering how to achieve it, this guide has brought it on your way in a most simpler form. So just follow the different steps for each network as stated above, and you should be done within no time.

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