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How To Fix Error Communicating With Origin, Origin Error Fixed

Error Communicating With Origin is a common error you might notice after setting up Ezoic ads publishing account. Origin error not only comes after but might also come in the process of integrating the Ezoic Ads Publisher account.

Origin Error might also occur whenever the origin server isn’t providing the site to Ezoic’s servers as expected. The deal here is how to fix origin errors when noticed on your site.

When attempting to login into my site dashboard via WordPress, I get a blank page that only has the following message on it, “Error communicating with origin”.

If you’re still getting the Origin Error, today I will be sharing with you how I solve the Error Communicating With Origin Error on my WordPress site.

What is an Origin Error?

When the origin server fails to provide the site to Ezoic’s servers as intended, an Origin Error occurs. There is no one source of an origin issue; for example, it could simply be that your host’s server is down, in which case Ezoic will be unable to support.

If you’re still in the early phases of Ezoic integration and get an origin error, it’s possible that your host misclassified Ezoic traffic. If Origin Error happens, one of the following might be present on your site:

  • Website/blog page not open and shows “Error communicating with origin Error” message.
  • You are using Ezoic services, right?
  • You can fix this error by editing SSL settings from the Ezoic dashboard.
Error Communicating With Origin
How To Fix Origin Error

Why do search always point to Ezoic as the course of Origin Error

When you integrate with Ezoic, the system acts as a proxy between your site and your users, allowing Ezoic to give an Ezoic version of your site to your users.

As a result, when Ezoic is enabled, your origin server will see requests from your users’ IP addresses as originating from Amazon Web Services, rather than directly from their IP addresses.

Your server may mistakenly classify this as “bot traffic”, preventing the page from loading or preventing login pages from operating, and in those circumstances, an “origin error” may result.

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Key Indicators of an Origin Error

If you’re still early in the Ezoic integration process and you’re getting one of the following issues, it’s likely that it’s related to the bot traffic classification of Ezoic requests, as stated above, especially if the error is just intermittent and not consistent.

The following are key indicators of an origin error:

  • “500” error
  • “Origin” error
  • “520” error
  • “403 Forbidden” error
  • “401” error (which may read “your IP has been used by spambots to register multiple times”).
  • “503” error (which may be due to requests being timed out when connecting to the host server).

NB: if you are seeing a “404” error code, or a “301 redirect” error, it’s possible that there is an error at your host and you will need to contact them to check.

How to look for solution about Origin Error

In looking for a solution about how do I fix origin error on my website, I contacted my host provider first and complaint to them regarding the error message but they contacted me back saying my server is pointing to a different directory which is Ezoic, saying that I should contact them for the solution.

This is true because, in the process of integrating the Ezoic ads network, you’ll be asked to change your nameserver to the Ezoic own nameserver. Immediately, I contacted the Ezoic team and ask how do I fix origin error?

The first response they gave was that do happen and is as a result of SSL if I want to know how to fix Ezoic origin error, they can help give me the best SSL settings that will help fix the origin error on my site.

If you intended to do the SSL settings yourself, I have the setting below. Keep reading to know more.

Following this guide, let’s check out the origin error and its solution in detail.

Error Communicating With Origin Error

Following this error when you open your blog/website page, the browser will display an empty white page with the message “Error communicating with origin”, after refreshing the browser page, sometimes the web page loads, and sometimes the web page displays this origin error again.

At this point, it becomes very frustrating because you can no longer do anything on your site anymore. With my techy knowledge, for the solution, I cleared the Ezoic cache, Cloudflare cache, and clear browser cookies, but still no results.

I also went further to read the Ezoic support page related to the Origin error but did not find a perfect solution. After some effort, I found a solution, which worked perfectly for me. And today, am going to share it with you.

How to fix the Error communicating with origin error?

If you’re using the Ezoic services, the following are steps to fix “Error communicating with origin” error on your site. It works great for me and I am not getting this error message for my blog site anymore.

Here are the steps to fix Origin Error on Ezoic Settings:

  • Go to the Ezoic login page.
  • Login to open Ezoic Dashboard.
  • If you have 2 sites on your Ezoic account, select the site where you get the origin error. Note, if only 1 site, continue with the next steps below.
  • Tap “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to go to the “SSL” section.
  • Now, set SSL Type to “Flexible” and turn ON Automatic HTTPS redirect.
  • Click the “SAVE” button.

Now, check your site. Sometimes it might not work immediately. So I advise you give it 24 hours.

Origin Error Setting for Ezoic
Origin Error Setting for Ezoic

But if you still have any doubt regarding this settings change, then you can read more details in the “EDIT SSL SETTINGS” popup. Or you can ask the Ezoic support team.

Based on my experience, this solution helped me to fix this “Error communicating with origin” error in no time on my site.

Other Ways To Fix Origin Error.

The following method might also work out if looking for how to fix Error Communicating With Origin on your website/blog:

1. Whitelisting Ezoic’s IP Addresses

If your host provider has blocked 1 or more of Ezoic’s IP addresses because it has mistaken it for bot traffic. This is not always but sometimes accompanied by a “403 Access Forbidden” error, 520, or “Origin Error”).

Therefore, whitelisting the Ezoic’s IP addresses will allow your host to recognize and authorize the IP addresses in question. In this case, all you need to do is see the attachment at the end of the Ezoic How to Fix Origin Errors page and send the listed Ezoic IP addresses to your host, requesting that they add them to their whitelist.

At this point, your host provider might request that they can only whitelist 1 or 2 Ezoic IPs, and if you ask them for reasons, they may say is because of security reasons.

2. Set up an X-Forwarded-For Header

The X-Forwarded-For Header is a header field that you can use to ensure that a proxy like Ezoic or Cloudflare passes along your users’ “actual” IP address. This is especially useful for features that require the original user’s IP address (such as login forms).

You can either add this header to your server (and inform your host that they must search for it and authorize requests based on it) or have your host do it for you.

3. User Agent Authentication

Under the request header “x-middleton-ip”, Ezoic will communicate the user’s actual IP address with all queries. Instead of utilizing a “requested-by” header, if you explain this to your host, they should be able to locate the request IP there.

NB: If you’re on a shared server and your host refuses to execute any of the above modifications, you might want to ask them if they’d do so if you upgraded your hosting plan, or else consider switching hosts.

Hope you resolve your site Origin Error? Let us know in the comment box below:

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