How To Use The Wema Bank Transfer Code

WEMA bank transfer code is available for use if you’re a WEMA bank customer (i.e if you hold a Wema bank account). In this guide, we’re going to provide you with all that you should know about the Wema bank transfer USSD code, including an explanation of why the Wema bank USSD codes are important.

If you don’t know, the Wema bank transfer code is *945#. Wema Bank USSD code makes it easier for you to transfer money to another Wema bank account or other bank accounts without the need for an internet connection. With your button phone, you get money transferred between accounts either Wema-owned or other banks in Nigeria.

*945# is the Wema bank USSD transfer code and it’s always available to everyone but to make use of the Wema transfer code, you must have an account with Wema bank Plc (Should in case you don’t already have an account with WEMA bank Nigeria Plc please do have one).

About Wema Bank Plc

The Wema Bank Nigeria Plc is commonly known as Wema Bank, it is a Nigerian commercial bank. Wema bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria; the regulator of the nation’s banking sector.

In the year 2019, Wema bank operates the largest digital banking system in Nigeria, ALAT By Wema, which is fully in use in all the thirty-seven states and territories of the nations.

The Wema Bank Plc is the fastest-growing commercial bank in Nigeria.  Wema Bank operates a network of over 149 branches and service stations that is backed by a robust ICT platform across Nigeria. Today, we’re going to be discussing the USSD code for Wema bank Nigeria Plc.

If you don’t know how to use the Wema Bank transfer code or if am to ask do you know how to transfer money with the Wema Bank transfer code? If NO, the fact that you landed on this post proves otherwise.

In this guide, I’m going to be walking you through various solutions to several questions Nigerians have been asking regarding the Wema transfer code and they border on queries such as:

  • What is WEMA Bank Transfer Code?
  • Is there a difference between the Wema transfer code and the USSD code?
  • How to register Wema bank transfer code.
  • How do I activate my Wema Bank Transfer Code?
  • How do I transfer money from Wema to another bank using the Wema transfer code?
  • How to create a PIN for a Wema bank transfer?
  • What is the Wema bank transfer limit?
  • What are the features and benefits of using the Wema USSD?

What is WEMA Bank Transfer Code?

WEMA bank transfer code is *945#. If you asked what is the code for Wema Bank mobile transfer?

The Wema bank transfer USSD code is a short string that aids you in doing this like checking your Wema bank account number, transferring money, opening a Wema account, airtime & data top-up, checking the Wema account balance, and more.

So, about the Wema bank transfer USSD code. Irrespective of whether you’re using a button phone or smartphone, the Wema bank USSD code service helps you to bank on the go with ease.

And trust me, using the USSD code for Wema Bank Plc is way more straightforward than the Wema mobile banking app or Internet banking.

How To Use The Wema Bank Transfer Code

What are the features and benefits of using the Wema USSD?

The features and benefits of using the Wema bank short code include what you can do with it. Here is a list of all things you can do with code for Wema bank transfer:

  • Open a Wema account
  • Generate a PIN
  • Check Wema bank account balance
  • Change PIN
  • Funds transfer
  • Airtime & data Top-up
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • Check Wema bank account number
  • DSTV, GOTV & Startimes Subscription
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Receive Western Union Payment and more.

How to register the Wema bank transfer code

To register for the Wema Bank transfer USSD code, you must use the phone number you used when opening your Wema bank account, to register Wema transfer code simply dial *945#. Next, select “0” to register for the Wema USSD banking.

How to create PIN for Wema bank USSD transfer

Following the above guide, once you’ve selected “0” to register, select “0” again, and then you’ll be prompted to create your 4-digit PIN.

How to Activate Wema Bank USSD Code

When you’ve successfully activated the Wema Bank USSD code, you can use a specific password or PIN to carry out transactions on your phone without the need to log into your Wema mobile or online banking.

This password or PIN will be required to validate money transfers, as well as any other transaction, such as bill payment, cable subscription etc. You must first register and generate a PIN in order to activate your code.

Please follow the instructions outlined below to activate your Wema transfer code:

  • On the mobile phone number linked with your WEMA Bank account, dial *945#. Note that the mobile phone number is the same number that transaction alerts are sent to.
  • Follow the Wema bank on-screen instructions.
  • Enter the information of your Wema bank account, such as the account number, date of birth, and generate a new Wema transfer PIN, as well as validate the new PIN.
  • After you’ve created your Wema transfer PIN, you may now relax and enjoy your activated WEMA Bank transfer code, which allows you to conduct unlimited transactions from the comfort of your own home.

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How to use the Wema Transfer USSD code

The Wema Bank USSD services and their codes are easy to use. Here are a few Wema bank USSD codes you will find very useful often overtime:

List of WEMA Bank USSD Codes:

Wema Transfer CodesUses
Account Opening*945*1#
Wema Bank Account Registering on 945*945*01#
Transfer Money*945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
Buy Airtime*945*phone Number*amount#
Balance Enquiry*945*0#
Change PIN*945*00#
Get your Account Number*945*000#
Change Account Number*945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
Account Reactivation*945*5#
Send Money to phone*945*6*amount#
BVN management*945*4#
Account restriction*945*911#
Wema bank Quick loan code*945*65#

Wema Bank USSD transfer limit

How much money can you send or receive using Wema Bank’s mobile banking service? What is the transfer threshold limit, exactly? The Wema USSD service allows you to send a maximum of N20,000 every day.

But if you need to make a larger transfer, you can either use the Wema Bank Mobile app or go to a nearby branch for an over-the-counter transaction.

Wema Bank USSD Code for data purchase

With the Wema bank USSD code, you can buy airtime, and data from the comfort of your home. Also, using this code you can recharge airtime and data for your loved ones and carry out transfers using the following Wem transfers USSD codes:

  • Wema bank recharge code (self) – *945*amount#.
  • Wema bank airtime code (others) – *945*phoneNo*amount#.
  • Wema Bank USSD code for Airtime/Data – *945*9#.
  • Transfers code for Wema account and other banks – *945*accountNo*amount#.

WEMA Bank Loan USSD Code

If you want to make a request for a loan using the Wema bank USSD code, the following are WEMA Bank Loan USSD Code:

  • You can make requests for loans using – *945*100#.
  • Or use the Wema bank Quick loan code – *945*65#.

Wema bank Internet Service USSD Codes

With your Wema USSD code, you can pay for Internet services of different networked using the following USSD codes listed below:

  • Internet service menu – *945*15#           
  • Smile – *945*16#
  • Spectranet – *945*18#

Wema Cable TV USSD Code

Using the Wema bank USSD code, you can pay for any kind of cable TV directly from your mobile phone. The steps below include the WEMA USSD code for Cable TV subscription:

  • Cable TV menu – *945*10#.
  • DSTV – *945*11# and *945*11*smartcardNO#.
  • GOTV – *945*12# and *945*12*smartcardNO#.

Wema Electricity Bill USSD Codes

With the Wema bank short code, electricity customers from different states can easily pay their electricity bills without going to the NEPA office. The Wema USSD codes for paying electricity bills in different states are outlined below:

  • Wema bank Electricity bill USSD code – *945*24#
  • Wema Eko USSD code – *945*25*meterno*amount#
  • Wema USSD code for Ikeja electricity bill payment online – *945*26*meterno*amount#
  • Ibadan USSD code for Wema bank electricity payment – *945*27*meterno*amount#
  • Wema AEDC USSD code (Abuja)  – *945*28*meterno*amount#
  • Wema bank Enugu USSD code – *945*29*meterno*amount#
  • Jos USSD code for Wema bank – *945*30*meterno*amount#
  • USSD code for Wema bank Kaduna – *945*31*meterno*amount#
  • Kano Wema USSD – *945*32*meterno*amount#
  • Portharcourt Wema bank USSD – *945*33*meterno*amount#

Wema bank USSD code for Schools and Exams

Also, students can the Wema bank USSD code to check for their results including external examinations. Below are the Wema USSD codes to use:

  • WAEC (result checking) – *945*70#
  • JAMB (result checking) – *945*71#

Wema Bank Cardless Transactions USSD Codes

With Wema bank Plc, Cardless transactions can be carried out via different platforms using the following Wema USSD codes:

  • Mcash – *945*57# and *945*57*merchantcode*amount#
  • Coralpay – *945*58# and *945*000*REFno#

Read More About Wema Bank Cardless Withdrawal.

Wema bank State Collections USSD Code

Lagos state collection – *945*40#


Did you come across any issues while trying to register, create PIN or activate your Wema bank transfer USSD code? Leave your comments below.

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