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General Guide On All FCMB USSD Code

FCMB USSD Code is short code that allows you to carry out mobile banking on the go at no data cost. It gives you access to perform all your banking transactions such as buy airtime, transfer money, check balance, access a loan, and more.

Unlike the FCMB mobile app where you’re to get the FCMB app downloaded on your smartphone, the FCMB mobile banking code requires no app download but a 3 digits code enclosed by star and hash symbol.

The official First City Monument Bank Plc USSD code is *329#, this FCMB shortcode allows you to take charge with banking transactions even when you do not have data.

Here, I will be discussing all you should know about the FCMB USSD code like the FCMB transfer code, FCMB account balance code, FCMB recharge code, FCMB transaction code, list of FCMB short code, and more.

Let’s get it started now!

What is the FCMB USSD Code

The FCMB USSD Code is *329#, and it’s the USSD code for FCMB that allows you to transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills, check your FCMB account balance, and do many other tasks that can be performed using FCMB internet banking or mobile app.


FCMB mobile banking code can be used even when you do not have data as stated earlier and doesn’t discriminate if the device you are using is a smart or non-smart device.

Therefore, the FCMB mobile code can be registered using any phone type (smart or non-smartphone) and carry out your transactions on the go without data cost except the USSD service charge of 6.98k. It’s fast, convenient, and secure.

Uses of the USSD for FCMB

With First City Monument Bank Plc USSD code, you can do the following:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Airtime & data purchase
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Merchant Payment
  • Loan services (request)
  • Get Account Statement
  • ATM Card request
  • FCMB Account Blocking
  • Pin change and reset
  • Transaction Code change and reset
  • To Link your BVN
  • Increasing FCMB transfer limit

Please note that not all the functions and features of FCMB internet banking are available for its USSD Banking. Therefore, the features of the *329# banking include but are not limited to the above-mentioned.

List of all FCMB USSD Code

The table shows the complete list of all FCMB transaction codes, descriptions, and transaction types that is involved:

FCMB transaction typeFCMB transaction codeDescriptions
FCMB recharge code selfDial*329*Amount#Top-up your mobile phone
FCMB airtime recharge code othersDial *329*Amount*Mobile number#Top-up other mobile phones
FCMB transfer codeDial *329*Amount*Account number#To transfer funds
Code to check FCMB account balanceDial *329*00#To check balance
USSD code PIN reset for FCMBDial *329*0#Reset PIN or reset/create transaction code
FCMB USSD code to buy dataDial *329*1*Mobile Number#Buy data on any phone
FCMB Shortcode to pay cable TVDial *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#To pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription
FCMB code to block debit cardDial *329#, select self-service, then, select block cardTo block debit card  
USSD code to block FCMB accountDial *329#, select self-service, lastly, select block accountTo block FCMB account  
FCMB USSD to link BVNDial *329#, select self-service, select link BVNTo link BVN  
FCMB code to check account statementDial *329#, select statement, select full statement, then select duration (you can select up to 6 months).Your statement will be sent to your registered email address instantly
FCMB USSD for mini account statementDial *329#, select statement, then select mini statementThis will view your last five (5) transactions instantly.  
FCMB USSD code to recharge Prepaid meterDial *329*3*Amount*Meter No# or *329*3*Amount*AccountID#To make your electricity bill payments  
Code to Block FCMB USSD Profile or Block Bank AccountDial *329*911# (Can be dialed from either Registered or Unregistered number)Will Block FCMB USSD Profile or Block Bank Account
FCMB instant loan USSD codeDial 329*11#Allows you to gain access up to N200,000 loan amount

Requirement needed to Activate FCMB mobile code

The following will be required of you when registering/enrolling with the FCMB mobile banking code:

  • A mobile phone (smart or non-smartphone)
  • Any network type (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat/9mobile) and must linked to the FCMB account.
  • Active FCMB debit card (ATM card)
  • Must be First City Monument Bank Plc account holder

Now, let’s get started on how to register and activate the FCMB USSD code.

How can I register USSD code in FCMB?

You will have to register with the FCMB USSD code first before enjoying its USSD banking service. To enroll and activate the FCMB USSD short code banking service, follow the steps here:

  • To register the First City Monument Bank USSD code, simply dial *329#
  • Following the onscreen prompts message, enter your Debit (ATM card) last 6 digits.
  • Then, create 4 digits secret PIN

If done correctly, you will get an SMS saying that your FCMB USSD short code has been successfully created.

How to create FCMB transaction code

Without initiating the First City Monument Bank Plc Transaction Code, transferring money up to N500,000 daily can’t be achieved. So, if you have not created your transaction code, simply follow these simple steps below to get started:

  • Using the phone number linked to FCMB account, dial *329*0#
  • Select Create/Reset code
  • Next, select your ATM Card (this is for customers with multiple cards)
  • Enter your ATM Card PIN
  • Now, create a 4-digit Transaction Code e.g. 1234
  • Next, enter your USSD PIN
  • Lastly, Transaction code created successfully

What is FCMB transfer code

The FCMB transfer code allows you to transfer money using the FCMB USSD code and this can only be carried out with the registered phone number that’s linked to your FCMB bank account.

FCMB transfer code to another bank account in Nigeria is *329*Amount*Account number#. You can also dial *329# and follow the onscreen prompt to get funds transferred from your FCMB account.

Therefore, to transfer funds using the FCMB bank transfer code, simply dial *329*Amount*Account number#. E.g. *329*5000*1234567890#. Also, note that using the FCMB USSD code for transfer attracts a service charge of 6.98k.

FCMB code to check balance

The FCMB account balance code is *329*00#. To achieve this, simply dial *329*00#, and your FCMB account balance will be displayed immediately.

FCMB recharge code

FCMB recharge code is of 2 types; self and others. So, if you want to know the FCMB code for airtime top-up for yourself or asking how to buy airtime for another number with FCMB code, get the answer here.

Looking for the FCMB recharge code self airtime top-up, simply dial*329*Amount# and this will yop-up your own mobile phone number immediately.

And the FCMB airtime recharge code for others is achieved by simply dialing *329*Amount*Mobile number# and this will top-up other mobile phones like friends and family.

How to Block FCMB USSD Profile or Block FCMB Bank Account

To block your FCMB USSD profile or block FCMB bank account, follow the guideline below:

  • Simply dial *329*911#
  • Select option 1 for USSD Account
  • Or select option 2 for FCMB Bank Account
  • Next, enter your Mobile Number linked to the profile or your FCMB bank account number
  • Lastly, confirm blocking of displayed Mobile Number/Bank Account and enter your USSD 4 digit PIN.

You’re done! Also, note that this can be done with either your registered or unregistered mobile number.

How to unblock FCMB USSD code

Asking how do I unblock my FCMB USSD code, unfortunately, there’s no shortcode for that right now as you will have to visit any FCMB bank branch to unblock your USSD number or account number again if blocked.

So, asking how do I unblock my FCMB USSD code will require you to visit the FCMB bank branch.

FCMB USSD Code to increase transfer limit

FCMB lowers your transfer limit as low as N20,000 per transaction daily, doing this is one of the ways to tackle fraud. Nevertheless, you can increase the limit up to N50,000 per transaction daily.

And if you still feel it’s too big, you can also limit the increase with the same setup also.

To increase and decrease your FCMB transfer limit using its USSD code, follow these simple steps below to get started:

  • Dial *329# with your FCMB registered phone number
  • Select option 8 for “Self-service”
  • Then, select option 3 to increase/limit increase
  • To complete the process, follow onscreen prompt like entering your PIN for confirmation. Then, you are done.

For more inquiries or support, visit FCMB’s official website at call Contact Center on 0700 329 0000 or email

FCMB USSD code to open account

With the FCMB USSD, you can open FCMB easy account and your mobile phone number is going to be your FCMB account number.

The FCMB easy account number is the last 10 digits of your phone number. To begin your FCMB USSD account opening, simply dial *329# and follow the simple instructions to complete it.

Note, using this method, no opening balance is required, no document or BVN is required also.


I believe that your quarries about FCMB USSD Code are answered and that you find this article helpful.

Please don’t forget to share to help others also.

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    • Visit the nearest FCMB branch to complaint or search on our blog How To Check FCMB Account Number


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