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Review On FCMB New Mobile App

With the FCMB new mobile app, you will enjoy easy and convenient banking at your fingertips, the app is packed with simple to use features and an interesting layout for easy navigation.

Using the FCMB mobile banking app, you can now manage your First City Monument Bank Plc personal and business accounts as well as your cards in real-time, anywhere, and anytime.

Therefore, the new FCMB mobile app is all you need for all your personal and business financial services. It is fast, convenient, and very secure. With it, life is easier with a less complicated solution.

In this post, you will be learning everything about the FCMB new mobile app starting from how to download FCMB mobile app and get it installed alongside how to use the FCMB app.

Let’s dive in fully!

Non-smartphone users can also enjoy mobile banking using the FCMB USSD Code, no data is needed, no internet connection is required only a USSD service charge of 6.98k.

What Is FCMB New Mobile App?

FCMB New Mobile app according to First City Monument Bank Plc, is the first omni-channel digital banking app.

The mobile app is built to deliver the most captivating digital banking user experience with a vast bouquet of functionalities for all FCMB users.

FCMB New Mobile App

With the FCMB mobile app, you can check your account balance, log failed transactions, transfer funds, manage your cards, and do so much more on the FCMB app.

Hence, if you carry out your banking transactions online, you’ll defiantly love the FCMB mobile banking app it’s quick, it’s easy, secure, and allows you to do so much right on your mobile phone.

This is the mobile version of the FCMB internet banking.

Benefits of FCMB Mobile App

Using the FCMB New Mobile App, you can enjoy the following benefits and do more at so much convenience.

The following are benefits of FCMB mobile banking:

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Self-service limit increase
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Single and multiple customer onboarding
  • SME and personal account opening
  • Education investment plan
  • Chequebook and draft request
  • Target savings
  • Loans request
  • Dispute transaction via the App
  • Card management
  • Account officer support
  • Birthday notification
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • Pay bills and utilities online
  • Diversify your investment with FCMB Asset Management
  • Enrol with FCMB Pensions easily
  • Get a credit card or manage your existing credit card etc

Where to Download FCMB mobile app

What are you still waiting for? Get started to download the FCMB New Mobile if you haven’t downloaded the FCMB App yet, you can get the FCMB app download from Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store (for iOS users).

BlackBerry users can get theirs from the BlackBerry World.

How to Install the FCMB New Mobile App

To get started in the FCMB mobile app installation, go to your Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store and search for “FCMB New Mobile App”, tap on the FCMB icon to download, and click on the install button to start the installation.

After successfully installed, launch the app when installation is complete and enter any of your existing login details and start transacting. Isn’t it as simple as 1,2,3…

Remember, if you don’t already have login details, follow the steps in the below session to activate FCMB mobile app.

How to Register the FCMB New Mobile App

If you have not enrolled for the FCMB New mobile banking app, simply follow the quick steps below to get started:

New FCMB users should follow the steps below to register FCMB mobile app:

  • After downloading the FCMB app, launch the App
  • Click “Signup”
  • Then, click “I have an FCMB Account” and type your account number
  • Enter your FCMB account number and confirm account name
  • Next, enter your card details (the first 5 & the last 4 digits of card PAN), then your card PIN
  • Or better still, select “Get OTP” and then enter the OTP sent to your registered FCMB mobile number
  • Create your Transaction PIN
  • Enter a Referral Code if you have any (optional)

FCMB Existing Users

If you already have FCMB internet banking or an FCMB Mobile Plus profile, simply login with your existing username and password.

And that’s it! Now, you can start transacting immediately. The good news is that you can adjust your transaction limit with your debit card (ATM card) or call FCMB Contact Center on 0700 329 0000.

Also, note that you can select “I don’t have an FCMB account” at step 3 above so as to open an FCMB account. Once done, follow the steps above to get your FCMB mobile app activated.

FCMB New Mobile Login

The FCMB app login requires two things a “Username and Password”. To login to your FCMB mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • launch the App
  • Enter your Username and Password in their required field
  • Then, click “Sign In” button

If the login details are correctly entered, you’ll gain access to your FCMB mobile banking dashboard.

How do I transfer money using Fcmb mobile app?

How can I use FCMB mobile banking?

To start using the FCMB mobile app, first select Phone type (Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS) from the drop-down list and do the following:

  • Choose the account to be debited.
  • Select authentication code type (SMS/Email or Token Code)
  • Then, click on “Continue’”.
  • Input transaction, your password and the authentication code sent to your phone
  • Lastly, click on “Register” button

How do I transfer money using FCMB mobile app?

To transfer money with the FCMB mobile banking app, the following steps will guide you through:

  • Launch the FCMB mobile app
  • Log into the app with your correct login details (username and password)
  • Click on “Transfer or Send Money” button
  • Fill in the beneficiary details such as account number, account name, and bank name.
  • Enter the amount you intend to send to the person’s account number
  • Review and enter your PIN/OTP/token sent to you
  • Lastly, click on “transfer or submit”

Immediately, your transfer will get to the beneficiary account and your FCMB account will be debited.

Transaction Charges on FCMB New Mobile App

The following are transaction charges for the FCMB mobile banking app:

  • Interbank transfer: N5,000 and below – N10.75, N5,001 to N50,000 – N26.88, Above N50,000 – N53.75
  • Intrabank transfer: Charges – Nil
  • Bills Payment – N107.5
  • Airtime/Data recharge – Nil

I forgot my FCMB mobile app username

If you are asking what do I do if I forget my Username, password or PIN, you can retrieve your FCMB app login details on the app using the following steps:

  • Launch the FCMB mobile app
  • Click on “forgot credentials” on the launch home menu
  • Then, follow the onscreen steps complete.

You can also call FCMB Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or 0700 329 0000, or send an email to or visit any of FCMB branches for assistance.

How can I reset my FCMB mobile password?

Asking “How to Recover or Reset FCMB Mobile App Password”, To reset your FCMB mobile banking password, do the following below:

  • Launch/Open the App
  • Click on “Forgot password”.
  • Enter your FCMB User ID in the text box and provide one secret answer
  • Then, click on “Reset Password” button
  • Here, a default Password will be sent your email or phone number that’s linked with your FCMB account
  • Lastly, copy the Default Password from your email or SMS inbox and login. You can as well change your default pass, if you wish to.

For more inquiries or support, visit FCMB’s official website at call Contact Center on 0700 329 0000 or email


I believe that your quarries about FCMB New Mobile App are answered and that you find every information on this page helpful.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to share to help others also.

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