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How To Generate First Bank Token Soft & Hard

The need on how to generate First Bank token became essential as the banking industry is now open to numerous threats such as data breaches, loss of funds, unauthorized access, and lots more.

As a First Bank customer, using its hardware or soft token number will help you prevent any forms of cyber-attacks against your First Bank internet banking and avoid funds going out of your account without your authorization.

You’ll get to know everything about the First Bank internet banking token and how to get started.

What is the FirstToken?

The First Bank tokens are security application (software) or device (hardware) that generates security code used as second-factor authentications during online transactions.

It’s an online security number that keeps your account safe from fraudsters and enables you to stay updated on every transaction or change made on your First Bank account with help from First bank plc token services.

Features of the First Bank Online Banking Token

Customers of First Bank can use the bank’s internet banking platform to conduct a variety of financial transactions. This, however, exposes them to a wide range of cyber risks. To counteract such risks, the online security token comes into play.

Here is a look at some of the First bank soft/hard token’s features.

  • Once downloaded, registered and activated the First bank soft token app, can work offline.
  • The First bank token app mandate customer to input a 4-digit PIN before a transaction code is generated.
  • The codes generated from the First bank soft token application have a display period of 30 seconds after that, becomes invalid and requires you to generate a new one.
How To Generate First Bank Token

Types of First Bank Token Code

With First bank plc, there are 2 types of token codes. They’re as follows:

  • First bank Hard token
  • First bank soft token

The First bank hard token is a physical device that the First bank customer can use to generate security codes (token) while the First bank soft token is an application that can be downloaded on your phones and used for generating the security token code.

Asking if First bank hard and soft tokens is different? No! They are not.

Just to those who wanted to know the difference between First bank’s soft and hard token code, the truth is that there’s no difference between both just that the ways to generate them differ.

Where to download the First bank token app

  • FirstToken App can be download on Google Play for Android users.
  • iOS users, download first bank token app on App Store (Apple Store).
  • BlackBerry users can get their First bank token app downloaded from BlackBerry World.

How to get FirstToken

Customers can visit the First bank branch to get the physical token device (hard token) or download the soft token app from their respective phone stores.

How to use First bank token

How to use the first bank token started first by generating the token codes and use them during online transactions before the validation limit reach.

Let’s get started on how to use the FirstToken:

How to generate my first bank token

How to generate the first bank token online or offline is never a problem. Use any of the following methods below to generate the First bank token code:

How to generate First Bank Hard Token

Asking how do I get the First Bank hard token, know that first, you’ll need to visit a First Bank branch near you. You will be asked to fill the First bank token application form and submit it.

Then, your application will be reviewed by the appropriate department responsible to handle such request and if granted, you will be given the First bank hardware token device.


Next will be to synchronize the First bank token after receiving it. So, if you’re asking how to synchronize First bank token, here is how to get started.

After receiving the First bank token device, here are the next steps to take after receiving the hard token.

  • Go to Play Store (for Android phone/device), App Store (for iOS device), or Blackberry World (for Blackberry phones) to download the First Bank mobile banking app.
  • You will be asked to register an account if you are a first-time user while existing users are required to log in to their First bank app account.
  • After a successful logged in, select “Account Settings” and then “Token Synchronization”.
  • Next, press the button on your First hard token, immediately a code will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the generated code into the first input field on the First bank mobile banking app.
  • Next, press the button again and then enter the displayed code into the second input field.
  • Now, you’ll have to locate your token’s serial number (printed on the frame) and input it into the third field.
  • Lastly, tap the “Confirm” tab, and then your token is now activated and ready for use.

How to generate First Bank soft token?

If you don’t want to utilize a First bank physical token for whatever reason, you can use the bank’s software instead. The processes to obtaining one are outlined below:

How do I get the First Bank soft token?

In generating the First bank token code using the soft token application, you’ll need the following to get started.

What do I need to get started with First Bank Soft Token?

You must first download the First bank mobile banking platform from Apple, Google, or Blackberry’s app stores depending on device OS (Operating system), just as you did with the hard token.

How do I get the First Bank token serial number and activation code?

To use the First bank soft token, you’ll need an activation code and a serial number. To obtain these, go to any First bank branch in your area. You will be asked to complete an activation form before receiving a serial number and activation code.

What is the registration code? And how do I get one during my First bank soft token activation

You will receive another code after entering the serial and activation codes into the First bank app. The registration code is what it’s called.

You must give this to your branch’s customer care agent in order for them to activate your soft token.

Remember that the registration code is created and presented only once. You can use the application offline after activation and will just need to enter a four-digit PIN.

How do I generate the First bank app’s One-time Password (OTP)?

To generate the First Bank app OTP (One-time Password), do the following:

First, you’ll need the mobile number you used to register your First bank account in order to generate a One-time Password.

To get the OTP, simply dial *322*0# on your phone. The code will be sent to the phone number listed above.

In the First bank banking app, enter the OTP in the appropriate input area.

For security reasons for those asking is the First Bank Nigeria online app secure?

Users are prompted to register a 4 digit PIN that is only known to them after entering their serial and activation codes. This PIN will be requested each time a transaction code is generated on the app.

Do I need the First bank soft token if I have the hardware token?

NO! You don’t have to. Both security elements cannot be used at the same time. You must deactivate the hardware token in order to use the soft token visa versa.

What can I do if I ever forget my First Bank transaction PIN?

You must send an email to or the bank branch if you ever forget your First bank 4 digit transactions PIN.

This should include your user identification and challenge code in your email. When you enter the wrong PIN four times, your app generates the latter.

Can someone else use my First Bank token on their account?

No, this isn’t feasible. Only one person’s bank account is linked to a FirstToken account (s). So, it is impossible for someone else to utilize your transaction codes to allow transactions on their own account because the produced transaction codes are continually changing.

Can a First bank token be linked to my different First Bank accounts?

Yes, you can link it to all of your active First Bank accounts.

Can the First bank token number work outside Nigeria?

Yes, its operation is unaffected by where you are on the planet (world).

What is FirstToken’s transfer limit?

The First bank online banking platform daily fund transfer limit applies the same to the First mobile app.

How can I contact First bank support for Token related issues?

Please contact the First bank support center, also known as FirstContact, for any FirstToken-related difficulties.

The center can be reached via phone at 07080625000, by fax at 01-4485500, or by email at


Successfully reviewed here is how to generate the First bank online token and its related quarries. Everything you needed to know about the First mobile token is highlighted here.

If there’s any question (s) you have about how to generate the FirstToken code, please message us using the contact form or via the comment box below.

Please, don’t forget to share so as to help others also. Thanks for reading.

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