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How To Generate Zenith Bank Token

If you are here to know how to generate Zenith Bank Token, then, you’re on the right page.

Here, I will be showing you how to get Zenith Bank Plc Token number, how to activate Zenith token device, how to reactivate disabled Zenith bank token, and more.

With Zenith token, its account holders cannot transfer money, pay bills online, buy airtime, etc. The Zenith Bank Plc token PIN is categorized into two; Zenith bank soft token and Zenith hardware token.

The Zenith bank software token is an OTP (one-time-password) send to the number that’s linked to your Zenith bank account whenever you’re performing an online transaction.

On the other hand, Zenith bank hardware token is a device issued to you by Zenith Bank PLC so as to use it to generate a new token whenever you’re to carry out a transaction online either when using Zenith bank internet banking or mobile app.

In this post, I will be discussing everything you will need to know on how to generate the Zenith bank token.

What is Zenith Bank Token

Asking to know what is token code in Zenith Bank, this is a 6 digit code used in the authentication of electronic transactions. With your Zenith token code, no hacker or anyone can use your Zenith bank mobile app behind you.

The Zenith bank token is used as the top security to safeguard customers’ transactions when using Zenith bank internet banking service or Zenith mobile banking.

Zenith Bank Token

Interesting now right! I believe your question is now how do I get my zenith bank PIN and token.

Don’t worry I will take it bit by bit. Before you get the Zenith bank token number, you’ll have to fill and submit the Zenith bank token request form so as to get you registered and activate the Zenith token service.

How to Apply for Zenith Bank Token

Asking how can I apply for an internet banking token with Zenith bank Plc, this session will give a detailed explanation. I will be discussing how to apply Zenith bank tokens for New Account Holders as well as Existing Account Holders.

New Account Holders

If you are a New Zenith Bank Account Holder and want to register with the Zenith bank token, you’ll first apply for internet banking by downloading the Zenith bank Internet Banking form online or visit any Zenith bank branch near you to get form and get registered.

Fill it out and tick “Internet Banking”. Submit the form to the Zenith bank Customer Service Unit.

Then, to get a Zenith Token number, you will need to fill out a Token Request form at any Zenith bank branch nearest to you.

Existing Account Holders

If you are Zenith bank Existing Account Holders i.e you already have registered the Zenith bank internet banking service, you can fill out a Token Request Form at any Zenith bank branches near you or, you can go to “Other Services” on your Zenith internet banking side-menu once login and select “Token Request”.

If your request for Token has been processed and approved by Zenith bank Plc, a token device will be given to you.

What is Zenith bank token device?

Zenith token device is a small hardware device used to generate Zenith bank tokens so as to safeguard customers’ transactions online.

To get Zenith bank token device hardware, go to any Zenith bank branch closest to you and request for the Zenith bank internet banking application form alongside the token request form as explained above.

Then, you will be given the Zenith token device hardware; this is where you can derive your token number.

Note that the Zenith bank token device is very small and easy to lose. You need to be careful extra careful after getting it. I advise you to attach it to a key holder or any other objects that will help safeguard it.

How To Activate Zenith Token Code

If you have gotten the Zenith token hardware device from the nearest Zenith branch where you apply, you need to activate it before using it.

You will need to activate your Zenith bank token number using the following steps below:

  • Visit Zenith bank token code activation page.
  • Enter your 10 digit Zenith bank account number.
  • Click on the “Continue” button for a one-time password (OTP) to be sent to your phone number or E-mail address used in registering the Zenith bank account
  • Then, enter the OTP sent to you in the provided space
  • Get Token hardware device given to you by Zenith bank Plc. Then, turn it upside down to view your 10 digit token number.
  • Then, enter a 4 digit PIN you wish to use to authenticate transactions. Also which you can easily remember (I will advised you to make use of your ATM PIN so you won’t forget it easily).
  • Now, you are to put both token number and 4 digit pin side by side i.e all together without any space or dash.
  • Lastly, a confirmation message will be displayed on the website to show it is successful.

Congratulation, you have successfully activated your Zenith bank token number.

Also, note that the token 10 digit number is assigned to one number and can’t be used by another token device hardware. Therefore, you need to keep yours safe!

Once you have successfully activated Zenith token online, you can now start enjoying safe and secure faultless transactions on your Zenith internet mobile banking or its online banking.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Token Number for Internet Banking

The following steps below will guide you on how to start using your Zenith bank token number when banking online:

  • Visit the Zenith Bank Internet banking page
  • Then, select PIN and Token option from the menu.
  • 3. Enter 4 digit pin you created while registering.
  • Press the button on your Zenith token device hardware to generate a new 6 digit token code.
  • Enter the token code generated. Then, put your 4 digit PIN without leaving any spaces.
  • Lastly, click on login to see your Zenith internet banking dashboard

Then you’re done! Just start enjoying your internet banking app after you might have gain login access.

Why should I get a Zenith token Device?

Here are the reasons why you will need the Zenith bank token device. Zenith bank token hardware helps to do the following:

  • Stands as top security when performing your online transaction
  • Increase your daily limit transaction on the Zenith mobile app.
  • Using the Zenith token hardware device, you can perform transaction up to 5000000 daily. Unlike the Zenith mobile app where you have limit to be 100,000 daily.
  • Update and makes changing of personal details like an E-mail address or phone.
  • Easier for transactions with third-parties like Remita etc.

How to Reactivate Zenith bank Disabled Token Device

Continuously entering the wrong PIN will lead to token deactivation, when such occurs. This is to secure the funds in your Zenith bank account so as not to allow unsuccessful attempts to login to your Zenith internet banking platform.

To get back your Zenith bank token reactivated, you will have to contact customer care support via Zenith bank’s official website or better still, visit any branch near you.

Before reactivating your disabled Zenith bank token, a customer representative will or may request for the following information from you:

  • Date of Birth
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Your aast two transactions

When once you’ve answered correctly at least two questions from the above mentioned, your Zenith token device will be reactivated.

Also on your own, you can deactivate easily in case of phone theft.

Difference between Zenith bank soft token and hard token

Zenith bank soft token is the 6 digit code generated automatically and sent to your mobile phone number that’s linked to Zenith bank account while the Zenith hard token is been generate manually using the Zenith bank token device.

Hence, the Zenith bank soft token is an OTP sent to you when performing an online transaction.


We hope you find this guide on how to generate Zenith bank token numbers helpfully. If yes, please share and help others also. We’re always online to receive your queries if there is any about Zenith bank plc token-related issued. Use the comment box below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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  • olamilekan

    can i generate the hardware token on my phone without visiting any zenith branch

    • You can only do that if you have visited the Zenith bank Nigeria Plc before for Hardware token application.


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