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2021 Guide On First Bank USSD Code

First Bank USSD Code is a short code that makes it quick, convenient, secure, and easy to carry out banking transactions without the need for an internet connection or data. With this code, you can bank anytime and anywhere.

By using the USSD code for First Bank Plc, you can perform transactions like transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills, and lots more.

Just like the First bank internet banking where you have to be connected online before carrying out banking activities, the first bank short code requires no internet connectivity or data subscription of any such. i.e to say it support any type of phone.

Using the First bank mobile app is another version of its internet banking but USSD beat them all by allowing you to bank without the need for using the First bank internet banking or mobile banking app.

The official USSD for first bank Nigeria is *894#. And enjoy First Bank USSD banking, simply dial *894*0# to get started!

In review, you will be learning everything about the First bank USSD code and each transaction type featured by First bank Nigeria using shortcode alongside their respective USSD code.

What is FirstBank USSD code?

The first bank USSD code is *894#. This is a short code that let you carry out the following transactions like;

FirstBank USSD code
  • Firstbank transfer code is needed for sending money
  • First bank recharge code is to buy airtime
  • The first bank loan USSD code is for loan request
  • First bank USSD code to check balance is needed for balance enquires

Features Of FirstBank USSD Mobile Banking

The following are some of the features you will enjoy while using the First bank USSD shortcode:

  • It makes banking transactions quick, convenient and secure
  • It is the easiest way of Banking as you don’t need internet connection or data
  • Using this short code, you can transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more
  • You can even open an account with this code.

Requirements to register First Bank USSD code

To use the USSD code for first bank Nigeria Plc, you must have the following in place and once you have them complete, you’re good to go:

  • First Bank account
  • Your linked debit card
  • A phone number profiled for SMS alert (must linked to your First bank account)
  • And a mobile phone (smart or non-smartphone)

How do I activate my USSD code First Bank?

To register/activate First bank USSD banking involves just three steps, to get started, see guidelines below:

  • Dial *894*0#, and a list of masked debit cards linked to your First bank account is displayed.
  • Select your preferred debit card, and enter the 4 digit PIN for the selected debit card you choose.
  • Lastly, create a 5 digit PIN, and your USSD code for first bank registration is complete.

List of All First Bank USSD Code

In the table below, you will find the complete list of all First bank USSD transaction types and their shortcode:

First bank USSD transaction typeFirst bank transaction USSD code
Firstbank transfer codeDial *894*Amount*Account Number#
USSD for first bank Mini-StatementDial *894*Account Number#
First bank recharge code (self)Dial *894*Amount#
First bank airtime code for othersDial *894*Amount*Phone Number#
First bank code to check account balanceDial *894*00#
First bank USSD code for Account OpeningDial *894*0#
USSD code to deactivate First bank mobile Number from USSD profileDial *894*911#

How to use the Firstbank transfer code

The Firstbank transfer code is used to send money to other banks in Nigeria and the First bank USSD code for transfer is *894*Amount*Account Number#.

To send money to other banks using the first bank transfer code, simply dial *894*10000*1234567890#. After this, you will have to follow the onscreen prompt to complete your transaction.

Please when sending money using the transfer code First bank, make sure you enter the right/correct beneficiary details which include account number, bank name, and the exact amount.

Now, ensure your transfer PIN is correctly entered so as to validate the transaction.

How do I reset my First Bank transfer code PIN?

First Bank transfers PIN is the PIN that you use to send money using the *894# code. If you have forgotten yours, you can get it to reset by dialing *894*0#.

You will be asked to enter your ATM card PIN and then create a new 5 digits transfer PIN. That’s all.

How To Buy Airtime Using First Bank recharge Code

The First bank airtime code allows you to recharge your phone anytime and anywhere. That’s why the First bank recharge code makes it easy for you not to stress yourself buying an airtime PIN.

Therefore, if you don’t have cash at hand and you have it on your First bank account, use the following code to recharge from your first bank account.

First Bank Airtime Recharge Code for Self

The First bank recharge code for airtime top-up to your own phone number, simply dial *894*amount# e.g. *894*100# on your phone and you’ll be credited with the sum of N100 airtime.

The First bank Airtime Recharge code for Others

To recharge other phone numbers (like friends or family mobile numbers) using the First bank airtime code directly from your First bank account, simply dial *894*Amount*Phone Number#

That is *894*100*08100744533#, and the phone number you entered will be credited with the sum of N100. And that’s how to recharge third-party phone numbers with a USSD code for First bank Nigeria.

Note that this has to be done with the phone number you use to open the first bank account.

First bank USSD code to check balance

Asking what is the First bank balance code, you’re on the right page. If you want to check your FirstBank account balance, then the USSD code to dial is *894*00#.

Once you dial the USSD code on your phone that is registered with the First bank account, follow the onscreen prompt to get your Firstbank account’s current balance.

How do I find my first bank 5 digit PIN?

Looking for the First bank USSD to find your 5 digit PIN, follow these steps below to get your FirstBank five digits PIN:

  • On phone that is registered with your First bank account, simply dial the USSD code *894*0# and send.
  • Select your debit card.
  • Next, enter your debit card PIN.
  • Create your 5-digits PIN.
  • Next, confirm your new PIN.
  • Lastly, submit and you are done with creating your first bank 5 digit PIN

How to Deactivate FirstBank USSD Code

Asking how to unblock my first bank USSD code, to know how to deactivate your first bank USSD profile, simply dial *894*911#. Within some minutes, your First bank USSD short code profile will be blocked.


Hope you have learned everything about the First bank USSD code and that you now know how to register first bank transfer code, first bank mobile transfer code limit, first bank code to pay bills,  first bank DStv payment code, and more.

Please don’t forget to share with friends and family, they may need such information.

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