How To Use The Jaiz Bank USSD Code

In mobile banking, Jaiz Bank USSD code plays lots of roles including transfer of money, checking of Jaiz bank account balance, buying of airtime, opening of an account, checking of Jaiz bank account number, and a lot more.

The transfer code for Jaiz bank is a USSD code that you will dial on your phone, then follow the on-screen instructions and transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime, check balance enquiry etc. This is available for both old and new JAIZ bank customers.

Jaiz Bank Nigeria Plc offers its account holder 2 USSD code options. They are as follows:

  • *773#
  • *389*301#

The above USSD code includes both the new Jaiz bank transfer code and works as far you’re an account holder with the Jaiz bank. (As one works for new Jaiz bank customers and the other works better for older customers of Jaiz bank).

What so ever be the case, you must dial Jaiz USSD code on a registered phone number with the Jaiz bank account.

Among the two, *773# seems to be the main Jaiz Bank USSD code.

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What Is The Jaiz Bank USSD Code

This is the Jaiz USSD Code *773#.

Jaiz Bank USSD code is an easy and convenient way that allows customers to transfer money from their account, recharge their mobile lines directly from their accounts with the Bank by merely dialling the bank’s short USSD code.

Also, note that the Jaiz bank transfer code works only with the phone number linked to your Jaiz bank account number. To use the Jaiz bank mobile banking USSD code, will require you to know how to activate/register the bank’s USSD code.

Here is how to activate the Jaiz bank mobile banking transfer code.

How To Register Jaiz Mobile Banking

To start the activation process for Jaiz bank transfer code, dial *773# to get started. But make sure you do this on the phone number that’s linked with your Jaiz bank.

Another way to register your Jaiz USSD code, dial *389*301# on the SIM card that’s linked to your JAIZ bank account. Do make sure that your debit card is available with you before starting this process.

To complete your Jaiz bank USSD banking activation, follow the on-screen instructions. You can now do banking transactions without having to visit a bank or ATM stand.

How to Activate Jaiz Bank Transfer Code?

With the above guideline on how to register Jaiz mobile banking, there are s no hard or fast ways to activate Jaiz Bank USSD. All you need do is visit any nearest Jaiz bank to open an account or better still, you can open Jaiz bank account online.

After that, dial the Jaiz USSD transfer code *773# on your phone that you’ve used to open the account, select any of the options that may appear on your phone’s screen, then continue with the transaction you wish to make with the Jaiz Bank Nigeria Plc.

How do I use USSD code on JAIZ?

If you ask how do I use USSD code on JAIZ? The following sections will guide you:

Jaiz Bank Code For Buying Airtime

With the Jaiz Just Top-Up, you can easily buy airtime for yourself. To enjoy the Jaiz Bank Just Top-Up service, simply dial *773*Amount#.

To recharge your phone with N500 airtime, all you need to do is dial *773*500#.

To recharge for others from your Jaiz bank account using USSD code, dial *773*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, to recharge your friend’s phone number with N500, all you need to do is dial *773*500*08100744533#.

This is another Jaiz bank code for buying airtime with all network providers in Nigeria including; MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile/Etisalat. Just dial the Jaiz bank short code *389*301*Amount# you’ll get yourself recharged with the stated amount of airtime.

Note that both should be done on the phone number linked with your Jaiz bank account.

How do I check my JAIZ bank balance?

To check your Jaiz bank account balance with USSD code, simply dial the Jaiz bank USSD code *773#, then reply with 5 and reply correctly again to select account enquiry. Lastly, proceed by inputting your Jaiz transaction PIN to complete the process.

The alternative method to check Jaiz bank balance is using the Jaiz bank balance code which is *773*0#. Very simple right?

So, if you are searching for how do I check my bank balance on my phone, checking with the Jaiz bank balance code is a better option.

USSD Code To Transfer From JAIZ Bank To Other Bank Account

Here, I will treat both the new Jaiz bank transfer code and the old Jaiz transfer code. Please, pay close attention.

With the transfer code for Jaiz bank Nigeria Plc, you can send money to a fellow JAIZ bank account or other bank’s account in the country.

To make this possible, you can use Jaiz transfer code option below:

  • Dial Jaiz USSD code *773#.
  • Select transfer option.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your transfer and authenticate with your PIN.


You’ll have to use the Jaiz bank transfer code *389*301*Account number*Account# and follow the prompt up to the point where you can enter your transfer PIN and transfer money.

Jaiz Bank Code To Open Account

Are you looking forward to knowing how to open Jaiz bank account with USSD code, this section is right for you? To get started, follow the steps below:

The USSD code for Jaiz bank account opening is *773#.

  • Dial *773#.
  • Accept the USSD terms and condition.
  • Enter your BVN number.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to complete the process.
  • Instantly, you will get your own Jaiz bank account number.

JAIZ Bank has introduced a USSD code to assist its customers in doing banking transactions from the comfort of their homes. There’s no need to go to the ATM to transfer money or pay other bills.

JAIZ bank transfer code can assist you in sending money to another user with Jaiz bank account and other bank accounts as well as keeping track of your JAIZ bank account (i.e checking your Jaiz bank account details).

I believe with the above review, you now know and understand how to use the Jaiz bank USSD code.

Please, share with others and help them also. Don’t forget to stay updated with our blog for more information about the USSD code for Jaiz bank Plc.

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