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How To Use Taj Bank USSD Code, Register, Activate, Send Money

TAJ Bank USSD Code is a great way to make transactions. With the Taj bank transfer code, you can carry out transactions from the comfort of your phone anywhere anytime. You can also open an account using the Taj bank USSD transfer code.

Are you among those Nigerians accessing Taj Banking service, following today’s guild, we’ll be discussing the TAJ Bank USSD Code for Nigerian. So, if you reside in Nigeria, here is a good section for you to know about the USSD code for Taj bank.

The transfer code for Taj bank seems to be mostly not common for many people in Nigeria, this is very true that you can use the Taj bank USSD code by dialing *898#.

Many people are found wanting when it comes to using the Taj Bank USSD Code and the hold a TaJBank account in Nigeria. If you’re among these people, worry no more.

TAJ Bank Nigeria has now introduced an efficient and easy way of using their mobile banking service through the Taj bank USSD transfer code and today I will be guiding you on the following questions:

  • What is the Taj bank USSD code?
  • How to activate the Taj bank transfer code?
  • How to register Taj bank USSD code?
  • What are the codes for bank transfer?
  • How do I check my Tajbank balance using code?
  • What is the Taj bank open account code
  • How do I buy credit from Tajbank with USSD code?
  • What is the Taj bank loan code? And more.

After reading this article, you’ll find the answers to the above-listed questions and more.

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What is the Taj bank USSD code?

Taj bank USSD code is *898#.

In using the Taj Bank transfer code, you are to dial the USSD code for Taj Bank on the mobile phone number you used in registering your TAJ BANK ACCOUNT (I mean you alert SIM card). To send and receive money on your cellphone also dial the Tajbank USSD code.

What can I do with the Taj Bank Transfer Code?

There’s more you can do with the transfer code for Taj bank. Here is a list of various transactions you can perform using the Taj Bank USSD code *898#:

  • Transfer money to Taj bank or other banks in Nigeria.
  • Check your TajBank account balance.
  • Buy airtime for self and others using the Taj Bank transfer code.
  • Open an account the Taj Bank.
  • Receive money from another bank account.
  • Check your Taj Bank account number.

The above are the basic things you can do using the Taj Bank mobile banking service.

What you require for TAJ Bank shortcode

It is important for TAJ Bank customers to know what it requires to get registered to the Bank USSD code. The following are what you need with the Taj Bak short code (USSD):

  • An account with TAJ BANK.
  • A mobile number (the one lined with your TAJ Bank account).
  • A  mobile phone (any type of phone smartphone or traditional button phone).

Features of TAJ Bank mobile USSD code

With the TAJ Bank USSD transfer code, one will enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • It is fast and safe.
  • It works on all phones.
  • You can access your account any time just with the code.
  • You don’t need to visit the ATM or Banking Hall to carry out Transactions.
  • Make instant transfers.
  • Check your Taj Bank balance.
  • Pay bills.
  • Read mini – statements.
  • Buy airtime.

How to register Taj Bank USSD code?

Are new to Taj Bank Transfer code? And want to register, to register for the Taj Bank USSD code in Nigeria, one of the easiest way is to dial the TAJ Bank shortcode *898# on the phone number used in registering your TAJ Bank account and follow the instructions on the screen.

In no time, you’ll get to the end Taj Bank transfer code registration for the mobile bank service.

If you’re convinced about the process, you can as well visit the nearest Taj Bank branch in Nigeria and ask any customer service representative to register you on the Taj bank mobile banking service. Note; don’t forget to go with the mobile phone number used in registering the account with TAJ Bank.

Taj Bank USSD Code

How to activate the Taj bank transfer code?

There is no hard process for activating the Taj Bank USSD code. Once you have successfully registered for the Taj Bank mobile banking service, all you need to do is dial the Taj Bank transfer code *898# on your phone number linked with Tajbank.

Select the option that may appear on the screen in respect to Taj Bank USSD. Upon Taj Bak transfer code activation, you will be asked to create the Taj Bank 4-digit transfer PIN.

This PIN will enable you to authenticate transactions. After this, continue with the transaction you wish to perform with your TAJ Bank account.

How to transfer money from your TAJ Account with short code (USSD)

Here is how to transfer money from TaJ Bank account with the USSD code for Taj Bank Nigeria.

How to transfer from TAJ Bank to TAJ Bank Account with Code

To transfer money from TAJ bank simply Dial *898*amount* recipient account number#. For example, dial *898*20000*1234567890#.

How to transfer  money from Taj Account to other bank account with USSD code

To transfer money from TAJ bank to other banks here in Nigeria, simply dial *898* amount * recipient account number#. For example, dial *898*10000*1234567890#.

How to buy recharge card with TAJ Bank short code

Using the Taj Bank airtime recharge code, you can buy airtime for self and others. Here are the steps to recharge on Taj Bank with USSD code:

Taj Bank USSD code to recharge for self

To buy a recharge card for yourself with the Taj Bank shortcode, simply dial *898*amount#. For example, dial *989*1000# then your account will be credited.

Taj Bank Transfer code to recharge others

To recharge for others/third (3rd ) party using Taj Bank USSD, dial *989*amount*recipients mobile number#.

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Advantages of the TAJ Bank shortcode

  • It is very simple to operate.
  • It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
  • It is convenient to operate.
  • It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
  • It is safe.
  • It cut out the stress and saves you the long hours of queues in the Taj bank hall.
  • The code is not a time waster.
  • TAJ Bank USSD code is a very fast and secure process to send money, pay bills, top-up airtime and conduct all processes that the TAJ bank Mobile banking Application can do.
  • It is simple to use because it works on all types of mobile phone either smartphone or non-smartphone (traditional button phones).
  • You don’t need the internet or Data connection to use TAJ Bank transfer code.


Hope you find this guide helpful? This post contains the list of Taj Bank USSD code for transfer, recharge, checking the Taj bank account balance, as well as to check your TAJ Bank account number.

If you still have any question(s) or suggestions about the TAJ Band USSD, kindly drop it in the comment box below this will help know how to salve you better if you’re not satisfied.

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