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How To Use Fidelity Bank USSD Code

*770# is the Fidelity bank USSD code, a value-added service that allows you to perform your banking transactions with Fidelity Bank Plc effortlessly without a smart device.

With the Fidelity short code, you can complete all transactions in just a few steps, once you have a Fidelity Bank account; you are already a step ahead. And the short code you should never forget.

To get started, just Dial *770# on your mobile phone and select Instant Banking to choose from the array of services available, and you are ready to go! It’s as simple as whatever you might find simple to you.

The transfer code for Fidelity bank enables you to pay bills, buy airtime, transfer funds, and more. It’s an instant banking system that helps you bank on the go without barriers from the comfort of your home.

Banking with the Fidelity USSD code does not require a smart device or internet connection just like Fidelity online banking where you’ll have to connect your smart device to the internet before performing any transaction. The USSD banking doesn’t even need that.

Also, banking with the Fidelity mobile app does require you to have a smart device and internet connection altogether before processing/carrying out any transactions.

In this article, I will be writing everything you should know about Fidelity bank USSD code starting from the beginning to the end. Let’s get started.

How to get started with the Fidelity Bank USSD Code Banking

Fidelity Bank USSD Code

Features of Fidelity Short Code

  • The Fidelity USSD service is available to all network in Nigeria such as Airtel, 9mobil, GLO and MTN subscribers.
  • Once achieved a transaction, the money is been deducted directly from your FIDELITY bank account.
  • Using the Fidelity USSD short code you will have your daily airtime top-up limit to be N20,000 for recharge.
  • Fidelity bank USSD allows the maximum funds transfer limit is N20,000 per transaction with a cumulative transfer limit of N100,000 daily.
  • The daily bills payment limit is N20,000
  • Dependent on full network signal from your telecom provider, Fidelity USSD service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Benefits of using the USSD Code for Fidelity Bank Plc

The following benefits you’ll enjoy using the Fidelity mobile banking code:

  • It is easy, simple, fast and convenient to use.
  • USSD code for Fidelity bank service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Fidelity USSD code allows you to select the accounts to be used when there is more than one.
  • The transaction process is less than 20 seconds once there’s an active network.

Requirement Needed to Register Fidelity bank USSD Code

The following are requirements you will need to get your Fidelity USSD code activated:

  • Fidelity bank account.
  • Fidelity debit card (ATM card).
  • Mobile phone number link with your Fidelity account.
  • Email address.
  • A phone (smart or non-smart).

For the above requirement, you will need to get your Fidelity bank USSD code to activate.

How do I activate my USSD code fidelity?

To start banking with the Fidelity bank USSD code, you must first activate it so as to get your mobile number registered with the Fidelity USSD instant banking service. In this section, I will be showing you how to enroll in the Fidelity USSD short code banking.

Here are the steps on how to activate your Fidelity USSD code.

  • Simply dial *770*00# on the phone number registered with your Fidelity bank account.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your debit card (i.e your ATM Card number).
  • Next, create a 4 digit transaction PIN. This is to enable authorize transaction whenever you transferring funds.

Upon successful activation, you’ll receive a message indicating that the Fidelity USSD activation was successful.

How to transfer using Fidelity USSD code

The Fidelity bank transfer code makes it easy for you to send money anywhere to anyone. This helps to save you the stress and time it takes to go to the Fidelity bank branch every time you need to transfer funds for personal or business purposes.

With transfer code for Fidelity bank Plc, you can send funds using *770# Instant Banking anywhere, anytime, and to any bank in Nigeria, instantly! No story, and No delay.

If you have ever asked what is the Fidelity bank USSD code for transfer or how to transfer using *770#, I will get it answered here.

To transfer funds with Fidelity USSD shortcode, simply dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#. For example, from your mobile phone, dial *770*1234567890*15000# to transfer the sun of ₦15,000.

Please follow the on-screen prompts and complete your transfer with your Fidelity transfer PIN or password.

How to pay bills online with Fidelity USSD code

Going to the Fidelity bank branch to pay bills seems to be very stressful such as you might meet traffic on your way, queues in the bank, and delays.

But with the Fidelity short code, you can forget all that and start paying your bills so easily and conveniently from the comfort of your home. With the USSD code for Fidelity bank, you don’t even need to have an internet connection to pay your bills.

You can pay your bills at your conveniences such as DStv, Swift 4G, NairaBet, LCC Toll, and lots more!

How To Pay Bills Using Fidelity USSD Code

To pay a bill with the Fidelity bank USSD code, simply dial *770*CODE*SMART CARD NUMBER*AMOUNT#. For example, dial *770*1099*41234567890*5500# to pay for a ₦5500 DStv plan.

Fidelity Bank USSD to get Instant cash without ATM card

Getting instant cash from the ATM even without your ATM card is pretty easy with the help of Fidelity bank’s “Cardless Withdrawal”. I believe you know how frustrating it can be when you get to the ATM only to discover that you forgot your debit card at home.

Don’t worry; with the Fidelity bank Cardless withdrawal, you can easily withdraw money from the ATM without using your ATM debit card. It’s easy, seamless, and secure.

To withdraw cash without using your Fidelity bank debit card, follow the steps below:

  • Simply dial *770*8*AMOUNT# (example, dial *770*8*10000#).
  • Using your mobile phone, then follow the on-screen prompts) to create a one-time PIN (OTP).
  • Then enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash.
  • At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash.

If successful, you will get the cash instantly from the ATM.

Airtime Top-up With Fidelity Bank USSD Code

If you’ve ever run out of airtime while making an important call or you had insufficient balance to make a call during an emergency, with Fidelity Instant Banking (*770#), you can recharge your phone in just a few seconds. Stay ahead and stay connected.

The Fidelity bank USSD code makes it easy to recharge your phone or top up for friends and family. The Fidelity bank airtime transfer code is categorized in two; the Fidelity bank recharge code for self and the fidelity bank recharge code for others (i.e family and friends).

Fidelity bank recharge code For Self-Recharge

Dial *770*AMOUNT#. For example, from your phone, dial *770*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone.

Fidelity bank recharge code For others

To recharge another phone using the Fidelity bank USSD code, simply dial *770*THE PERSONS PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT#. For example, from your phone, just dial *770*08100744533*500# to recharge ₦500 on another phone.

How Reset and Change the Fidelity USSD transaction PIN

Now you can change and reset your Fidelity bank USSD transaction PIN yourself in seconds if notice that your PIN has been compromised without going to bank branch.

Do you feel the need to change your Fidelity USSD banking PIN or do you for security reasons just want to reset it, or have forgotten your Fidelity USSD transaction PIN, just set your mind at ease! You can secure your Fidelity Instant Banking Channel again, just follow these simple steps below:

To change and reset your Fidelity USSD PIN, simply dial *770*00#, follow the on-screen prompt to complete.

USSD Code to check Fidelity account balance

Yes, keeping track of your Fidelity bank transactions is now easy with the USSD short code. You can now check your Fidelity account balance on your mobile phone using the *770*0# Instant Banking platform.

Hence, if you’ve ever asked how do I check my Fidelity account balance with USSD code, the Fidelity USSD code for checking balance is *770*0#. These help you to keep track and stay up to date with every activity on your Fidelity bank account.

And with it, checking the balance on any of your Fidelity bank accounts is now a breeze!

How to check your balance using Fidelity Instant Banking Platform (*770#), to know how much money you have left in your Fidelity account, just dial *770*0# and follow the on-screen prompts and your account balance will be displayed immediately.

Fidelity bank code for opening account

To open an account with Fidelity Bank Plc using USSD code, just dial *770*01#. The USSD short code to open a Fidelity bank account contains 10 simple steps. To get started, see the step by step guide below:

  1. Simply dial *770*01#.
  2. Enter option 1 to accept the USSD service charge of N6.98 or 2 to cancel.
  3. Next, select Fidelity account opening option (Select Option 1 if you have your BVN and Option 2 if you don’t).
  4. Type in your First Name.
  5. Next, type in your middle name or Press “0” if you don’t have one.
  6. Type your last name.
  7. Select your gender (male, female or others).
  8. Next, enter your account officer code or press “0” if you don’t have one.
  9. Enter your date of birth.
  10. Press 1 to confirm your details and proceed.

Done! You have successfully opened a Fidelity bank account with the help of the Fidelity USSD Code number. Congratulation!

Fidelity USSD code to Update your BVN

Asking how to update your BVN with the Fidelity bank short code, it’s very interesting to know that you can now update your Fidelity bank BVN yourself without visiting the bank branch.

The Fidelity bank USSD code has extended its functionality that you can now update your BVN/Email instantly on your mobile phone just by dialing some sets on the number.

Here, there will be no need to go to the bank or get stressed over your BVN update. This is one of the simplest ways to update your Fidelity bank BVN and email details without going through the hassle of visiting the bank branch.

To update your Fidelity bank BVN using USSD code, simply dial *770*02# and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to Block Fidelity Card With USSD Code

The Fidelity Bank Instant Banking now allows you to seamlessly block your cards when stolen or missing and also increase the security of your funds with “Instant Block” when stolen or missing without having to be physically present at your bank branch.

With the Fidelity USSD, you can easily block your Fidelity bank ATM cards and instant banking service easily so as to secure your bank account instantly when robbed or if found out that your transaction PIN has been compromised.

Looking for how to block your Fidelity Bank card or blocking the Fidelity USSD instant banking service, simply dial *770*911# and follow the on-screen message to complete the blocking process.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code to Secure Account

Fidelity Secure stands as the top security that makes it easy to secure your funds using any device. Using any phone, you can instantly disable/block your Fidelity account with this service and unblock it by visiting the branch.

How to secure your Fidelity bank account using USSD code, just dial *770*08012345678# and follow the prompt.

Fidelity USSD Code on How to Choose Alerts you want to receive

The Fidelity USSD banking service now allows you to determine the different categories of emails and SMS you want to receive. And you can easily opt-in or opt-out from receiving emails or SMS anytime using this service.

USSD code for Fidelity bank on how to choose alerts you want to receive. To choose the type of Fidelity alerts you want to get, simply dial *770*2# and follow the on-screen message.


Here is all you should know about the Fidelity bank USSD banking service. Hope you find the information on this page helpful? If you do, please help share to help others also.

Please visit Fidelity bank official website for more information.

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