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How To Get Started With The Fidelity Bank Mobile App

The Fidelity bank mobile app is the mobile version of the Fidelity online banking allowing you to manage your account on the go with the online banking app accessible 24/7.

With the Fidelity bank app, you can carry out the following transactions like funds transfer, bill payment, airtime purchase, balance enquiry, and mini statement. It makes you live life to the fullest.

In this article, I will be showing you everything you need to know about the Fidelity banking app alongside what you can do with the Fidelity online banking app.

Let’s get started!

What to do with the Fidelity online banking app

With the Fidelity online banking app, you can do the following:

  • Transfer money to any bank accounts in Nigeria
  • Send/Transfer to your other bank accounts in exactly one click, and no token will be required.
  • Using Biometric/Fingerprint Authentication for easier login to your Fidelity bank app.
  • View all your Fidelity accounts details (such as Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts).
  • Personalize your profile such as changing your picture as desired with lovely selfies.
  • Maintain and manage beneficiaries for Funds Transfer, Bills Payment and Airtime purchases.
  • It helps you receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips and promotional offers.
  • Top up your mobile phone or that of your family and friends on the go.
  • Pay your bills easily such as DSTV, GoTV, PHCN, mobile post-paid bills, SWIFT, Smile and more.
  • You can also perform your Fidelity Credit Card repayments
  • Helps you in generating account statement
  • You can search, book and pay for international/local flights
  • Offers you more self-services
  • With the Fidelity mobile app, you can locate nearest Fidelity bank branches or ATM service points.

Where to download Fidelity bank mobile app

You can download and install the Fidelity Online Mobile App on the App Store for iOS device users, Google Play for Android users, and BlackBerry World for BlackBerry users.

You can as well install the fidelity bank app apk download elsewhere and get it installed.

How to Install fidelity bank mobile app

After downloading the Fidelity app, installing the Fidelity bank app can be done using two methods, upon downloading from the store and after downloading using the Fidelity bank mobile app apk.

Upon downloading the Fidelity bank app from the store, after a successful download, you will the “INSTALL” button next to the app, kindly click on it to start the installation right away.

Installation process using Fidelity bank app apk

Here, you have to get the Fidelity bank mobile app apk download online or shared by a friend using flash share, Bluetooth, or Xender.

To start the installation, go to your phone app menu, click file/file manager, navigate the app, select the Fidelity app, and hit the install button.

Requirements needed to activate the Fidelity bank Mobile app

The following requirements you will need to get your Fidelity Mobile app activated:

  • Your must be a Fidelity bank account holder.
  • Have a Fidelity debit card (ATM card).
  • Phone number/email address linked with your Fidelity bank account.
  • A smart device (i.e smartphone, tablet or PC).

If you meet the above requirement, then you can get started in the enrollment of the Fidelity online banking app.

Fidelity bank Mobile app

How to activate Fidelity Mobile app

After you might have downloaded and installed the Fidelity mobile banking app, the next step will be to get it activated and properly enrolled in so as to start carrying out transactions.

Note that this is not Fidelity USSD code that doesn’t require a smart device and internet connection. Using this, you just need a smart device with a strong internet connection before taking the steps to register your Fidelity mobile banking app.

Here are the 2 ways on how to register fidelity bank mobile app:

  • Self-registration.
  • Visiting the closest Fidelity bank branch to get your mobile app registered.

How to do Fidelity mobile app Self – registration

After downloading and installing the Fidelity app on your device, launch/open the Fidelity mobile app, click on Activate/Register/Enroll pending which one you might see to start the Fidelity mobile banking app registration.

Enter your Fidelity bank account (NUBAN). Note, here you might be prompted to enter the 16 digits Fidelity bank ATM card number or the last 6 digits, after that, you will get an OTP (one-time-password) on the phone number that is linked to your Fidelity bank account.

Enter the OTP sent to your and create a 4 digit transaction PIN, this will help you authenticate any pending transactions.

How to register Fidelity bank mobile app via branch

To get started with Fidelity bank mobile app registration going to the bank branch, please make sure you’ve downloaded the app from Google play store, Appstore, or from BlackBerry world depending on your mobile phone.

Now, visit any of the nearest Fidelity bank branches that are close to your location and have your mobile app register, and start enjoying all the amazing service offered by the bank.

Fidelity Mobile App Login

To login to your Fidelity mobile banking app, open the app, enter your user ID/account number, and next enter the Fidelity app password.

How do i use my fidelity bank mobile app

There are different things you can do using the Fidelity bank app in this section, I will be highlighting them all like how to transfer with the Fidelity bank mobile app, pay bills, buy airtime, and a lot more.

You can do the following using the Fidelity bank app

  • With the Fidelity mobile app transfer, you can send money to any bank in Nigeria. Just login to your Fidelity app, navigate and click transfer button then follow the onscreen message to transfer funds to same or other banks.
  • You can also use the Fidelity bank mobile app to buy airtime for yourself and for friends and family. Use the Airtime button on the app to get set.
  • The pay bill button on the Fidelity bank app allow you to pay electricity bill, DSTV/GOTV subscription, and lot more.
  • Check balance via Fidelity bank app is also achieved.


The upgraded Fidelity mobile banking app is what you need to get started with and start banking at your own convenience. This app is owned and powered by Fidelity bank Plc with lots of features and functionality to get you ever ready.

This complete review about the Fidelity bank mobile app will give you all that you might need to get the best out of the app.

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