How To Get Start With PNC Mobile App

PNC mobile app lets you bank at your convenience using your smart devices such as a smartphone or tablet. PNC mobile banking makes you bank virtually anywhere, and anytime without going to the bank branch.

With the PNC app, you can manage your money on the go, check your balance, pay bills, request help, and more.

Additionally, the PNC Mobile app lets you change your language preference to others like Spanish. To do this, go to “Profile & Settings”, then “App Language” and choose “Spanish”.

Here, I will discuss everything about PNC Mobile App from the download down to how to reset details.

How to Use PNC Mobile App

To use the PNC Mobile app, first, you’ll need to enroll in PNC Online Banking, then download, install, and login to the PNC mobile banking app before getting started.

Download PNC Mobile Banking App

PNC mobile banking app is available on Google play store for android users, Apple store for iOS users, and BlackBerry World for BlackBerry users.

To download the PNC Mobile App, visit your app store and tap install after the installation is to enroll into the PNC App with its online banking details.

How to Install PNC Banking App

Upon downloading the PNC bank app from Store, you’ll be prompt to start the installation immediately if you are compatible with the process, go ahead by tapping the “Install” to get the PNC app installed on your smart device.

Alternatively, after downloading the app, close the download window and go phone’s app menu. To get started, open your device menu, navigate and click on file manage/file as the case may be, then click on Apps, select and click the app you wish to install (PNC banking app), lastly click install.

After the installation process, you will be prompt to activate and register your PNC Mobile App, to do this, ensure you have the PNC online banking details handy then follow the next steps below:

Requirements to Register PNC mobile banking app

To be eligible to using PNC mobile app, you must have the following requirement handy:

  • Must be a PNC account holder.
  • Mobile/telephone number linked to your PNC account.
  • PNC credit or debit card.
  • PNC account number.
  • Enroll in PNC Online Banking.
  • Internet-enabled Smart device (Android or iOS).
  • High speed internet connection.

Once you have all this handy, you can proceed in the PNC mobile app activation following the guideline below:

How do I activate my PNC Mobile App?

Activating your PNC mobile app, you’ll need a PNC credit or debit card, PNC account number, and mobile number. The PNC mobile app login is required to gain access to your PNC mobile dashboard.

PNC Mobile App

Pay Bill Online using PNC Mobile

Pay bills online by setting up PNC pay. This payment method is available for PNC customers using the PNC Mobile app on eligible Android devices. With the PNC Pay, you can quickly make purchases using the PNC mobile banking app on your Android device.

PNC app gives you access to even pay with rewards, enjoy the convenience of tap and go payments anytime, security and all the benefits your PNC Visa card might offers.

Once you’re an Android or iOS user, it’s easy pretty to get started with the PNC mobile banking app. First, enroll for your PNC Visa consumer or business credit and debit cards or SmartAccess card in PNC Pay using the PNC Mobile app and you are good to go.

Now, you won’t need to pull out your wallet while making everyday purchases at your favorite stores if you have enrolled your qualifying PNC Visa and SmartAccess cards in PNC Pay.

How do I add my PNC card to PNC Pay?

Any PNC customers using an eligible mobile device will use the PNC Mobile app to add and manage their cards enrolled in PNC Pay. To add PNC cards to the PNC Pay, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PNC Mobile app on your smart device.
  • Tap on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Now, select the “Cards” open listed button in the navigation menu.
  • Next select the eligible PNC card you wish to enroll.
  • Choose a default card, and make PNC Pay the default mobile wallet on your mobile device with just a few taps.
  • Once enrolled for PNC Pay, your PNC cards will be ready to use at your favorite merchants that accept contactless payments.

Note, you can visit the Cards area of the PNC Mobile app at any time to manage your eligible PNC credit, debit or SmartAccess cards, or view recent PNC Pay transactions.

How to reset PNC Mobile App details

Here is how to reset your PNC mobile banking app user ID, password, and security questions:

  • Sign on to the PNC Mobile app.
  • Tap the main menu (i.e the three lines) at the top left.
  • Next, tap “Control Hub” at the bottom right of the menu.
  • Tap Sign-In and Biometrics.
  • Now tap “Change User ID”, “Change Password” or “Change Security Questions” and follow the on screen steps to complete.

What Can I do with PNC Mobile App

With the PNC Mobile app, you can do the following:

Check balances & recent transactions

See your current PNC account activity for your checking, savings, credit card as well as loan PNC accounts.

Protect your accounts

Safeguard your PNC account via its app by setting up fingerprint or Face Authentication to securely sign on to the app. or, reset your password quickly and conveniently if there’s a need to.

Send money with Zelle

Sending money made simply to people you know and trust using your mobile number or email address.

Transfer funds

Ability to transfer funds between eligible PNC accounts and external bank accounts worldwide.

Make deposits

PNC mobile app help you carry out deposit checks quickly and easily with your smart device.

Pay bills

Pay merchants/payee, add your bills and make one-time or recurring bill payments right from the PNC app.

Manage your cards

View/manage your PNC credit, debit, Smart Access cards and make in-store payments with PNC Pay right from the app.

Lock your cards

With PNC mobile banking app, you easily lock or unlock your PNC debit card or credit card if you misplace it.

Locate PNC

You can locate the nearest PNC ATM or branch close to you using the location services, or search by zip code and street address features on the app.


Yes, aside from PNC online banking, customers can also enjoy carrying out transactions and managing their accounts using the PNC mobile app.

Here I have written conclusively about the PNC mobile banking app and all you will need to know on how to get started with the PNC mobile app.

If you find this review very interesting, do share to help others out there who might be in need of these pieces.

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