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3 Ways I Resolve My Zenith Bank Dispense Error

Zenith Bank Dispense Error must surely occur one day but let’s pray that it shouldn’t, especially on a huge sum of amount. But should in case it does, there’s always a way out.

If you have attempted a card transaction on any of Zenith Bank e-Channels such as POS, ATM, Web payment gateways (like Quickteller, Remita, etc) and your account has been debited but you never received value for the transaction, don’t worry.

With Zenith Bank Plc, you can now resolve dispense errors and other transaction challenges on the go. This makes Zenith Bank an EazyBanking overtime.

Asking how long does it take Zenith Bank to reverse money, depends but should be within 24 hours or more. Some even take up to 2 weeks but you must surely get the reversal someday between the spacing of 1 – 2 weeks latest.

Here, I will be walking you through resolving dispense error Zenith Bank Plc. Let’s get started.

Ways To Resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error

Here are the 3 ways I used in resolving my Zenith Bank Dispense Error and it works pretty well.

Zenith Bank Dispense Error

Now, asking how do I complain to Zenith Bank in such a situation, how can I contact Zenith Bank customer care if it ever happens or how long does it take Zenith Bank to reverse money if a dispensing error occurs.

All this I will show you right now, please read through!

Cause of Zenith Dispenser Error

First, let’s discuss the cause of the Dispense error on the zenith bank network. If you’re among those that do ask is Zenith Bank having network issues today, this is one of the causes another is card not been smart or getting old/weak.

How to resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error Online

Here, Zenith bank internet banking answers it all. If you’re looking for how to resolve Zenith bank dispense error without going to the bank, then this section is for you.

To resolve Zenith bank ATM / POS / Web payment issues online is pretty easy especially for those that have the Zenith Bank Internet experience or an overview on how to go about internet research.

If you’re using Zenith Mobile App or its internet banking service, solving ATM/POS/Web errors when your transaction failed and you are being debited is a breeze.

To get started with the Zenith Bank Dispense Error online, simply visit and click on the “Self Service” tab to access the Zenith Self-Service Portal.

Now, kindly search for and lodge the transaction using the quick link at to effect a reversal of your fund. Fill out the form and submit it to effect a reversal of your funds.

Enter your Zenith Account Number, Transaction Date, Last 6 Card Digits, Amount, and select Channel where the dispense occurs (ATM, POS/WEB, ATM/POS/WEB TRANSFERS/PAYMENTS, KUDA MFB) then click on the search button.

Zenith Bank Dispense Error Form

Follow the on-screen prompt to complete the form and get the reversal of your funds within 24 hours or latest within 2 weeks approximately depending.

Resolve Dispense Error Zenith Bank Mobile App

If you have attempted a card transaction on a POS or ATM and your account has been debited but you have not received value for the transaction, with the newly improved Zenith bank mobile app, you can now resolve any dispense issues.

The steps in solving dispense error via Zenith bank mobile banking app is as follows:

  • Launch/Open the Zenith bank app
  • Login with your correct details (User ID and Password)
  • Click on Cards
  • Then, select “Card Dispense Error Manager”
  • Kindly fill out the form by inputting all the necessary details including the amount debited
  • Click on “Next” button
  • Select the value been debited
  • In the short note box/comment section, input “Transaction Failed” and the number of times it failed
  • Lastly, submit it to effect a reversal of your funds

Note, those with an internet-enabled device can also download the Zenith bank dispenser form online in PDF format from the like provide above, fill it out then submit it to the nearest Zenith branch.

Fix Zenith Bank Dispenser Error by Visiting Bank Branch

If you don’t have an internet-enabled device or such dispense error happens while using the Zenith bank USSD code, to get it fixed, please visit any nearest Zenith bank branch to fill a complaint form about dispenser error.

Zenith Bank Customer Care Line

Contact Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc today via that, you may also report your issues to Zenith Direct by calling 012787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK. Email them at

For those asking “does Zenith Bank have a WhatsApp number”, Yes, they do. You can also reach Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant on the WhatsApp number +234-7040004422.

Just save and dedicated the WhatsApp number +234-7040004422 on your line you receive an alert with and say “Hi” to Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc on WhatsApp. With them, you can open an account, check account balance, update BVN, reactivate an account, etc

Please Note, Never Disclose Your OTP/ATM PIN/CARD NUMBER to any that might call asking for it.


Now that you have known how to resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error, never worry about a failed transaction again for you can get it to fix using any of the above methods.

I hope you find this article helpful? If you do, please help share to help others also they might be in need same as you.

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