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Complete List Of All Toronto Postal Code

If you’re looking for the Toronto Postal Code Lookup, Here is the complete list of all Postal Codes in Toronto, Canada. Toronto postal code is about 205 and in this article, we have tried our best to cover all the possible Postal code of Toronto.

The city Toronto is located in the Ontario Province of Canada. Ontario is the 2nd largest Province in Canada. The province is even larger than the areas of both Spain and France together.

It is said to be the most populous Province of Canada. The city holds more than one-third of the country’s entire population and Toronto is the largest city in the Ontario province.

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Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. Some other popular cities in Canada include Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg. Famous tourist attractions like Casa Loma and CN Tower are located in Toronto. 

In this Toronto Zip Code Lookup, you’ll not only learn about the Toronto Postal Code but also the neighbourhood in Toronto, district in Toronto, and more. Find Toronto postal code here.

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Toronto postal code map

Toronto Zip Code map, now let us illustrate to you with the list of postal code of Toronto by the map:

toronto postal code map
Google Map showing Toronto Zip Code

Toronto Postal Code List

Here is the list of all postal code of Toronto:

S/NONeighbourhoodToronto Postal CodesDistrict
1AdelaideM5HDowntown Toronto
2Agincourt NorthM1VScarborough
4Albion GardensM9VEtobicoke
6Bathurst ManorM3HNorth York
7Bathurst QuayM5VDowntown Toronto
8Bayview VillageM2KNorth York
9Beaumond HeightsM9VEtobicoke
10Bedford ParkM5MNorth York
11Berczy ParkM5EDowntown Toronto
12Birch CliffM1NScarborough
13Bloordale GardensM9CEtobicoke
14Broadview NorthM4JEast York
15BrocktonM6KWest Toronto
16Business reply mail Processing CentreM7YEast Toronto
17CabbagetownM4XDowntown Toronto
18Caledonia FairbanksM6EYork
19Canada Post Gateway Processing CentreM7RMississauga
21Central Bay StreetM5GDowntown Toronto
22ChinatownM5TDowntown Toronto
23ChristieM6GDowntown Toronto
24Church and WellesleyM4YDowntown Toronto
26Clarks CornersM1TScarborough
28Cliffside WestM1NScarborough
31CN TowerM5VDowntown Toronto
32Commerce CourtM5LDowntown Toronto
33Davisville NorthM4PCentral Toronto
34DavisvilleM4SCentral Toronto
35Deer ParkM4VCentral Toronto
36Del RayM6MYork
37Design ExchangeM5KDowntown Toronto
38Don MillsM3BNorth York,
39Dorset ParkM1PScarborough
40Dovercourt VillageM6HWest Toronto
41DownsviewM3M, M3L, M3NNorth York
42Downsview NorthM3HNorth York
43DownsviewM3KNorth York
44DufferinM6HWest Toronto
45East Birchmount ParkM1KScarborough
46East TorontoM4JEast York
47EmeryM9MNorth York
49Exhibition PlaceM6KWest Toronto
50FairviewM2JNorth York
51First Canadian PlaceM5XDowntown Toronto
52Forest Hill North & WestM5PCentral Toronto
53Forest Hill Road ParkM5PCentral Toronto
54Forest Hill SEM4VCentral Toronto
55Garden DistrictM5BDowntown Toronto
56GlencairnM6BNorth York
57Golden MileM1LScarborough
58Grange ParkM5TDowntown Toronto
60HarbordM5SDowntown Toronto
61Harbourfront EastM5JDowntown Toronto
62Harbourfront WestM5VDowntown Toronto
63HarbourfrontM5ADowntown Toronto
64Henry FarmM2JNorth York
65High ParkM6PWest Toronto
66Highland CreekM1CScarborough
67Hillcrest VillageM2HNorth York
68Humber Bay ShoresM8VEtobicoke
69Humber Bay, EtobicokeM8YEtobicoke
70Humber SummitM9LNorth York
71Humber Valley VillageM9AEtobicoke
73HumberleaM9MNorth York
75India BazaarM4LEast Toronto
77Island airportM5VDowntown Toronto
78Islington AvenueM9B, M9AEtobicoke
80Keelsdale and SilverthornM6MYork
81Kennedy ParkM1KScarborough
82Kensington MarketM5TDowntown Toronto
83King and SpadinaM5VDowntown Toronto
84King’s Mill ParkM8YEtobicoke
85Kingsview VillageM9REtobicoke
86Kingsway Park South EastM8YEtobicoke
87Kingsway Park South WestM8ZEtobicoke
88L’Amoreaux EastM1VScarborough
89L’Amoreaux WestM1WScarborough
90Lawrence HeightsM6ANorth York
91Lawrence Manor EastM5MNorth York
92Lawrence ManorM6ANorth York
93Lawrence ParkM4RCentral Toronto
94Lawrence ParkM4NCentral Toronto
95LeasideM4GEast York
96Little PortugalM6JWest Toronto
97Long BranchM8WEtobicoke
99Maple Leaf ParkM6LNorth York
100Markland WoodM9CEtobicoke
101Martin Grove GardensM9REtobicoke
102Martin GroveM9BEtobicoke
105Mimico NEM8YEtobicoke
106Mimico NWM8ZEtobicoke
107Mimico SouthM8VEtobicoke
108Montgomery RoadM8XEtobicoke
109Moore ParkM4TCentral Toronto
111Mount DennisM6MYork
112Mount OliveM9VEtobicoke
113New TorontoM8VEtobicoke
114NewtonbrookM2MNorth York
115North MidtownM5RCentral Toronto
116North ParkM6LNorth York
117North Toronto WestM4RCentral Toronto
119Northwood ParkM3JNorth York
121Old BurnhamthorpeM9CEtobicoke
122Old Mill NorthM8XEtobicoke
123Old Mill SouthM8YEtobicoke
124OrioleM2JNorth York
125ParkdaleM6RWest Toronto
126Parkdale VillageM6KWest Toronto
127Parkview HillM4BEast York
128ParkwoodsM3ANorth York
129Port UnionM1CScarborough
130Princess GardensM9BEtobicoke
131Queen’s ParkM7ADowntown Toronto
132Railway LandsM5VDowntown Toronto
133RathnellyM4VCentral Toronto
134Reagent ParkM5ADowntown Toronto
135RichmondM5HDowntown Toronto
136Richview GardensM9REtobicoke
137RiverdaleM4KEast York
138RoncesvallesM6RWest Toronto
139RosedaleM4WDowntown Toronto
140RoselawnM5NCentral Toronto
141Rouge HillM1CScarborough
143Royal York South EastM8YEtobicoke
144Royal York South WestM8ZEtobicoke
145RunnymedeM6SWest Toronto
147RyersonM5BDowntown Toronto
148Scarborough Town CentreM1PScarborough
149Scarborough VillageM1JScarborough
150Silver HillsM2LNorth York
152South Central Letter Processing Plant TorontoM7YEast Toronto
153South HillM4VCentral Toronto
154South NiagaraM5VDowntown Toronto
155South of BloorM8ZEtobicoke
156South SteelesM9VEtobicoke
157St. James TownM4XDowntown Toronto
158St. James TownM5CDowntown Toronto
159St. PhillipsM9REtobicoke
160Steeles EastM1VScarborough
161Steeles WestM1WScarborough
162Stn A PO Boxes M5WDowntown Toronto
163Studio DistrictM4MEast Toronto
165Summerhill EastM4TCentral Toronto
166Summerhill WestM4VCentral Toronto
168SwanseaM6SWest Toronto
169Tam O’ShanterM1TScarborough
170The AnnexM5RCentral Toronto
171The Beaches WestM4LEast Toronto
172The BeachesM4EEast Toronto
173The Danforth WestM4KEast York
174The Junction NorthM6NYork
175The Junction SouthM6PWest Toronto
176The KingswayM8XEtobicoke
177The Queensway EastM8YEtobicoke
178The Queensway WestM8ZEtobicoke
180Thorncliffe ParkM4HEast York
181Toronto Dominion CentreM5KDowntown Toronto
182Toronto IslandsM5JDowntown Toronto
183TrinityM6JWest Toronto
184Underground CityM5XDowntown Toronto
185Union StationM5JDowntown Toronto
186University of TorontoM5SDowntown Toronto
187Upper RougeM1XScarborough
188Upwood ParkM6LNorth York
189Victoria HotelM5LDowntown Toronto
190Victoria VillageM4ANorth York
191West Deane ParkM9BEtobicoke
192West HillM1EScarborough
193West Humber ClairvilleM9WEtobicoke
196Wexford HeightsM1PScarborough
198WillowdaleM2M, M2N, M2RNorth York
199Wilson HeightsM3HNorth York
201Woodbine GardensM4BEast York
202Woodbine HeightsM4CEast York
203York Mills WestM2PNorth York
204York MillsM2LNorth York
205YorkvilleM5RCentral Toronto

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