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Here is the Canada Zip Code lookup which will guide you in knowing all the Canadian State Zip code. Canadian postal code are arranged in alphanumeric and following this article, I will be sharing with you list of all Zip code in Canada States.

People also ask; What is Canada’s postal code? What is a ZIP code in Ontario Canada? How do I enter a Canadian ZIP code? Are all Canadian ZIP codes 6 digits? If you’re among those who ask such questions, we have the answer here.

About the Canada Postal Code

The postal codes in Canada are alphanumeric as stated earlier. Zip codes in Canada are in the format A1A 1A1, Canadian postal code is a six-character string that’s part of a Canadian postal address, with A being a letter and 1 being a digit.

Canada does not use zip codes like the United States (See the United State Zip Codes). Similar postal codes are used in Canada (T6X 0Z4). The first letter denotes the province, indicating that it is located in Alberta.

In Canadian State, the area is narrowed down to a city or town with each succeeding number and letter, and then to a street and building. The A in the Canada zip code represents Newfoundland and Z represents areas of British Columbia.

Note, a ZIP code is an internal code for regions served by the US Postal Service. It has nothing to do with any other country and no country has a “Zipcode”.

Anyone who has ever mailed a letter knows that most countries have some sort of code to aid in the sorting of mail for speedier delivery, thus it’s a mystery why someone is asking this issue.

A six-character string that forms part of a Canadian postal address is known as a postal code. Canada’s postal codes, like those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands, are alphanumeric.

What is the ZIP code of Canada

Zip code of Canada are written in the format A1A 1A1, in the format, A is a letter while 1 is a digit with a space between the third and fourth characters. From A0A in Newfoundland to Y1A in the Yukon, there were 876,445 postal codes using Forward Station Areas as of October 2019.

The Canada Post offers a free Canada postal code lookup tool on its website and through its mobile app, as well as selling paper copies and CD-ROMs which enable one find the Zipe code of Canada.

Also, many vendors sell verification tools that allow consumers to correctly match addresses and zip codes, which is incredibly useful because simply opening an account on the Internet for anything, such as a $5 minimum deposit online casino, may need you to enter your zip code.

Printed guides are also available at all post offices and some libraries. When creating a postal address in Canada, the postal code is written after the province or territory abbreviation.

Canada zip code

What is a 5 digit zip?

A ZIP+4 code identifies a geographic segment within a five-digit delivery area by using the basic five-digit code plus four additional digits, such as a city block, a street or an office building, a post office box, or any other unit that could benefit from an extra identifier to aid in efficient mail sorting and delivery.

The postal codes in Canada are alphanumeric. They’re in the format A1A 1A1, which is a six-character string that’s part of a Canadian postal address, with A being a letter and 1 being a digit. A six-character string that forms part of a Canadian postal address is known as a postal code.

Canada’s postal codes, like those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands etc. A six-character string that forms part of a Canadian postal address is known as a postal code. Canada’s postal codes, like those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands, are details about TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA. Postal Codes in Canada, Canadian Postal Code Database, ZIP Code Database, and ZIP Code Maps

What is my 5 digit zip code in Canada?

What is my five-digit postal code in Canada? If your ZIP code is requested, simply type the three digits of your postal code plus two zeros. If your postal code is A2B 3C4, for example, the five-digit number to input is 23400.

How many zip codes are in Canada?

850,000 different postal codes Postal codes in Canada are six characters long and enable mail to be mechanically and manually sorted for faster delivery to specified geographic locations. There are currently over 850,000 postal codes in Canada, each having an average of 14 households.

Are there postal codes in Canada?

The format of Canadian postal codes is XNX NXN. In this arrangement, X is a letter, N is a numeric, and the third and fourth characters are separated by a space. In Canada, there are certain additional limits and exclusions for postal codes.

Complete Canada Zip code list

The following are zip codes in Canada by state, town, and city

StateTown/CityZip code
Addington CountyFrontenac CountyK0H
AlbertaAirdrie EastT4A
AlbertaAirdrie WestT4B
AlbertaCalgary (Braeside / Woodbine)T2W
AlbertaCalgary (Brentwood / Collingwood / Nose Hill)T2L
AlbertaCalgary (Bridgeland / Greenview / Zoo / YYC)T2E
AlbertaCalgary (City Centre / Calgary Tower)T2P
AlbertaCalgary (Connaught / West Victoria Park)T2R
AlbertaCalgary (Cranston)T3M
AlbertaCalgary (Dalhousie / Edgemont / Hamptons / Hidden Valley)T3A
AlbertaCalgary (Discovery Ridge / Signal Hill / Aspen Woods / Patterson / Cougar Ridge)T3H
AlbertaCalgary (Douglas Glen / McKenzie Lake / Copperfield / East Shepard)T2Z
AlbertaCalgary (Elbow Park / Britannia / Parkhill / Mission)T2S
AlbertaCalgary (Forest Lawn / Dover / Erin Woods)T2B
AlbertaCalgary (Hawkwood / Arbour Lake / Royal Oak / Rocky Ridge)T3G
AlbertaCalgary (Highfield / Burns Industrial)T2H
AlbertaCalgary (Inglewood / Burnsland / Chinatown / East Victoria Park / Saddledome)T2G
AlbertaCalgary (Kensington / Westmont / Parkdale / University)T2N
AlbertaCalgary (Lakeview / Glendale / Killarney / Glamorgan)T3E
AlbertaCalgary (Lynnwood Ridge / Ogden / Foothills Industrial / Great Plains)T2C
AlbertaCalgary (Martindale / Taradale / Falconridge / Saddle Ridge)T3J
AlbertaCalgary (Midnapore / Sundance)T2X
AlbertaCalgary (Millrise / Somerset / Bridlewood / Evergreen)T2Y
AlbertaCalgary (Montgomery / Bowness / Silver Springs / Greenwood)T3B
AlbertaCalgary (Mount Pleasant / Capitol Hill / Banff Trail)T2M
AlbertaCalgary (Oak Ridge / Haysboro / Kingsland / Windsor Park)T2V
AlbertaCalgary (Penbrooke Meadows / Marlborough)T2A
AlbertaCalgary (Queensland Downs / Lake Bonavista / Willow Park / Acadia)T2J
AlbertaCalgary (Rosscarrock / Wildwood / Shaganappi / Sunalta)T3C
AlbertaCalgary (Rundle / Whitehorn / Monterey Park)T1Y
AlbertaCalgary (Sandstone / Harvest Hills / Coventry Hills / Panorama Hills / Beddington)T3K
AlbertaCalgary (Symons Valley)T3P
AlbertaCalgary (Thornecliffe / Tuxedo)T2K
AlbertaCalgary (Tuscany / Scenic Acres)T3L
AlbertaCalgary NortheastT3N
AlbertaCalgary NorthwestT3R
AlbertaCalgary South (Altadore / Bankview / Richmond)T2T
AlbertaCentral Alberta (Stettler)T0C
AlbertaCentral Foothills (Sundre)T0M
AlbertaCold LakeT9M
AlbertaDrayton ValleyT7A
AlbertaEastern Alberta (St. Paul)T0A
AlbertaEdmonton (Central Beverly)T5W
AlbertaEdmonton (Central Bonnie Doon)T6C
AlbertaEdmonton (Central Jasper Place / Buena Vista)T5R
AlbertaEdmonton (Central Londonderry)T5C
AlbertaEdmonton (Central Mistatim)T5V
AlbertaEdmonton (East Castledowns)T5X
AlbertaEdmonton (East Mill Woods)T6L
AlbertaEdmonton (East North Central / West Beverly)T5B
AlbertaEdmonton (East Southeast Industrial / South Clover Bar)T6P
AlbertaEdmonton (Ellerslie)T6X
AlbertaEdmonton (Glenora / SW Downtown Fringe)T5N
AlbertaEdmonton (Heritage Valley)T6W
AlbertaEdmonton (Kaskitayo)T6J
AlbertaEdmonton (Landbank / Oliver / East Lake District)T5Y
AlbertaEdmonton (Meadows)T6T
AlbertaEdmonton (North And East Downtown Fringe)T5H
AlbertaEdmonton (North Capilano)T6A
AlbertaEdmonton (North Central / Queen Mary Park / YXD)T5G
AlbertaEdmonton (North Clover Bar)T6S
AlbertaEdmonton (North Downtown)T5J
AlbertaEdmonton (North Jasper Place)T5P
AlbertaEdmonton (North Westmount / West Calder / East Mistatim)T5L
AlbertaEdmonton (Riverbend)T6R
AlbertaEdmonton (SE Capilano / West Southeast Industrial / East Bonnie Doon)T6B
AlbertaEdmonton (South Bonnie Doon / East University)T6E
AlbertaEdmonton (South Downtown / South Downtown Fringe)T5K
AlbertaEdmonton (South Industrial)T6N
AlbertaEdmonton (South Westmount / Groat Estate / East Northwest Industrial)T5M
AlbertaEdmonton (Southgate / North Riverbend)T6H
AlbertaEdmonton (West Castledowns)T6V
AlbertaEdmonton (West Clareview / East Londonderry)T5A
AlbertaEdmonton (West Lake District)T5Z
AlbertaEdmonton (West Londonderry / East Calder)T5E
AlbertaEdmonton (West Mill Woods)T6K
AlbertaEdmonton (West Northwest Industrial / Winterburn)T5S
AlbertaEdmonton (West University / Strathcona Place)T6G
AlbertaEdmonton SouthwestT6M
AlbertaEdmonton West (West Jasper Place / West Edmonton Mall)T5T
AlbertaFort McMurray Inner CentralT9J
AlbertaFort McMurray NorthwestT9K
AlbertaFort McMurray Outer CentralT9H
AlbertaFort SaskatchewanT8L
AlbertaGrande Prairie CentralT8V
AlbertaGrande Prairie EastT8X
AlbertaGrande Prairie SouthT8W
AlbertaHigh RiverT1V
AlbertaInternational Border Region (Cardston)T0K
AlbertaKananaskis Country (Claresholm)T0L
AlbertaLethbridge NorthT1H
AlbertaLethbridge SoutheastT1K
AlbertaLethbridge West And CentralT1J
AlbertaMedicine Hat CentralT1A
AlbertaMedicine Hat NorthT1C
AlbertaMedicine Hat SouthT1B
AlbertaNorth Central Alberta (Slave Lake)T0G
AlbertaNortheastern Alberta (Fort Chipewyan)T0P
AlbertaNorthwestern Alberta (High Level)T0H
AlbertaPeace RiverT8S
AlbertaRed Deer CentralT4N
AlbertaRed Deer CountyT4E
AlbertaRed Deer NorthT4P
AlbertaRed Deer SouthT4R
AlbertaRedwood MeadowsT3Z
AlbertaRemote Northeast (Fitzgerald)T0V
AlbertaRocky Mountain HouseT4T
AlbertaRocky ViewT1Z
AlbertaSherwood Park CentralT8E
AlbertaSherwood Park EastT8G
AlbertaSherwood Park Inner SouthwestT8C
AlbertaSherwood Park NorthwestT8H
AlbertaSherwood Park Outer SouthwestT8B
AlbertaSherwood Park WestT8A
AlbertaSoutheastern Alberta (Drumheller)T0J
AlbertaSpruce Grove NorthT7X
AlbertaSpruce Grove SouthT7Y
AlbertaSt. AlbertT8N
AlbertaSt. AlbertT8T
AlbertaStony PlainT7Z
AlbertaSylvan LakeT4S
AlbertaWainwright Region (Tofield)T0B
AlbertaWestern Alberta (Jasper)T0E
British ColumbiaAbbotsford EastV3G
British ColumbiaAbbotsford SoutheastV2S
British ColumbiaAbbotsford SouthwestV2T
British ColumbiaAbbotsford WestV4X
British ColumbiaAtlin Region (Atlin)V0W
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Burnaby Heights / Willingdon Heights / West Central Valley)V5C
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Cascade-Schou / Douglas-Gilpin)V5G
British ColumbiaBurnaby (East Big Bend / Stride Avenue / Edmonds / Cariboo-Armstrong)V3N
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Government Road / Lake City / SFU / Burnaby Mountain)V5A
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Lakeview-Mayfield / Richmond Park / Kingsway-Beresford)V5E
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Maywood / Marlborough / Oakalla / Windsor)V5H
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Parkcrest-Aubrey / Ardingley-Sprott)V5B
British ColumbiaBurnaby (Suncrest / Sussex-Nelson / Clinton-Glenwood / West Big Bend)V5J
British ColumbiaCampbell River CentralV9W
British ColumbiaCampbell River OutskirtsV9H
British ColumbiaCariboo And West Okanagan (100 Mile House)V0K
British ColumbiaCastlegarV1N
British ColumbiaCedarV9X
British ColumbiaCentral Island (Chemainus)V0R
British ColumbiaCentral Okanagan And High Country (Revelstoke)V0E
British ColumbiaCentral SaanichV8M
British ColumbiaChilcotin (Alexis Creek)V0L
British ColumbiaChilliwack CentralV2P
British ColumbiaChilliwack EastV4Z
British ColumbiaChilliwack WestV2R
British ColumbiaComoxV9M
British ColumbiaCoquitlam NorthV3J
British ColumbiaCoquitlam SouthV3K
British ColumbiaCourtenay CentralV9N
British ColumbiaCourtenay Northern OutskirtsV9J
British ColumbiaCranbrookV1C
British ColumbiaDawson CreekV1G
British ColumbiaDelta CentralV4K
British ColumbiaDelta EastV4E
British ColumbiaDelta East CentralV4G
British ColumbiaDelta NortheastV4C
British ColumbiaDelta SoutheastV4L
British ColumbiaDelta SouthwestV4M
British ColumbiaDuncanV9L
British ColumbiaEast Kootenays (Fernie)V0B
British ColumbiaEsquimaltV9A
British ColumbiaFort St. JohnV1J
British ColumbiaHarrison Lake Region (Agassiz)V0M
British ColumbiaHighlandsV9B
British ColumbiaInside Passage And The Queen Charlottes (Queen Charlotte City)V0T
British ColumbiaJuan De Fuca Shore (Sooke)V0S
British ColumbiaKamloops Central And SoutheastV2C
British ColumbiaKamloops NorthV2H
British ColumbiaKamloops NorthwestV2B
British ColumbiaKamloops South And WestV2E
British ColumbiaKamloops SouthwestV1S
British ColumbiaKelowna CentralV1Y
British ColumbiaKelowna EastV1P
British ColumbiaKelowna East CentralV1X
British ColumbiaKelowna NorthV1V
British ColumbiaKelowna SouthwestV1W
British ColumbiaKelowna WestV1Z
British ColumbiaKimberleyV1A
British ColumbiaKitimatV8C
British ColumbiaLadysmithV9G
British ColumbiaLangley CityV3A
British ColumbiaLangley Township EastV4W
British ColumbiaLangley Township NorthV1M
British ColumbiaLangley Township NorthwestV2Y
British ColumbiaLangley Township SouthwestV2Z
British ColumbiaLower Skeena (Port Edward)V0V
British ColumbiaMaple Ridge EastV2W
British ColumbiaMaple Ridge NorthwestV4R
British ColumbiaMaple Ridge WestV2X
British ColumbiaMerrittV1K
British ColumbiaMetchosinV9C
British ColumbiaMission EastV2V
British ColumbiaMission WestV4S
British ColumbiaNanaimo CentralV9S
British ColumbiaNanaimo NorthV9T
British ColumbiaNanaimo NorthwestV9V
British ColumbiaNanaimo SouthV9R
British ColumbiaNelsonV1L
British ColumbiaNew Westminster NortheastV3L
British ColumbiaNew Westminster Southwest (Includes Annacis Island)V3M
British ColumbiaNorth Central Island And Bute Inlet Region (Gold River)V0P
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver East CentralV7J
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver Inner EastV7H
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver North CentralV7K
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver NorthwestV7R
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver Northwest CentralV7N
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver Outer EastV7G
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver South CentralV7L
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver SouthwestV7P
British ColumbiaNorth Vancouver Southwest CentralV7M
British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia (Fort Nelson)V0C
British ColumbiaOak Bay NorthV8R
British ColumbiaOak Bay SouthV8S
British ColumbiaOmineca And Yellowhead (Smithers)V0J
British ColumbiaParksvilleV9P
British ColumbiaPentictonV2A
British ColumbiaPitt MeadowsV3Y
British ColumbiaPort AlberniV9Y
British ColumbiaPort Coquitlam CentralV3B
British ColumbiaPort Coquitlam NorthV3E
British ColumbiaPort Coquitlam SouthV3C
British ColumbiaPort MoodyV3H
British ColumbiaPowell RiverV8A
British ColumbiaPrince George East CentralV2L
British ColumbiaPrince George NorthV2K
British ColumbiaPrince George SouthV2N
British ColumbiaPrince George West CentralV2M
British ColumbiaPrince RupertV8J
British ColumbiaQualicum BeachV9K
British ColumbiaQuesnelV2J
British ColumbiaRichmond (Sea Island / YVR)V7B
British ColumbiaRichmond CentralV6Y
British ColumbiaRichmond NorthV6X
British ColumbiaRichmond NortheastV6V
British ColumbiaRichmond SouthV7A
British ColumbiaRichmond SoutheastV6W
British ColumbiaRichmond SouthwestV7E
British ColumbiaRichmond WestV7C
British ColumbiaSaanich CentralV8Z
British ColumbiaSaanich EastV8N
British ColumbiaSaanich NorthV8Y
British ColumbiaSaanich SouthV8X
British ColumbiaSaanich SoutheastV8P
British ColumbiaSaanich WestV9E
British ColumbiaSalmon ArmV1E
British ColumbiaSaltspring IslandV8K
British ColumbiaSidneyV8L
British ColumbiaSimilkameen (Hope)V0X
British ColumbiaSookeV9Z
British ColumbiaSouth Okanagan (Summerland)V0H
British ColumbiaSquamishV8B
British ColumbiaSurrey EastV3S
British ColumbiaSurrey Inner NorthwestV3T
British ColumbiaSurrey Lower WestV3X
British ColumbiaSurrey NorthV3R
British ColumbiaSurrey NortheastV4N
British ColumbiaSurrey Outer NorthwestV3V
British ColumbiaSurrey SouthV4P
British ColumbiaSurrey SouthwestV4A
British ColumbiaSurrey Upper WestV3W
British ColumbiaTerraceV8G
British ColumbiaTrailV1R
British ColumbiaUpper Columbia Region (Golden)V0A
British ColumbiaVancouver (Bentall Centre)V7X
British ColumbiaVancouver (Central Kitsilano)V6K
British ColumbiaVancouver (Chaldecutt / South University Endowment Lands)V6S

ZIP code of Canada, lower postal code, upper postal code and area of local multiplier

The following are Canada Zip Code with Lower Postal Code, Upper Postal Code       and Area of Local Multiplier:

Lower Postal CodeUpper Postal Code Area of Local Multiplier
A0A 0A0A0C 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A0E 0A0A0E 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A0G 0A0A0H 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A0J 0A0A0N 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A0P 0A0A0P 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A0R 0A0A0R 9Z9Newfoundland Average
A1A 0A0A1G 9Z9St. Johns, NF
A1V 0A0A1V 9Z9Gander, NF
A2H 0A0A2H 9Z9Corner Brook, NF
B0A 0A0B0A 9Z9Cape Breton, NS
B0B 0A0B0W 9Z9New Brunswick Average
B1N 0A0B2A 9Z9Sydney, NS
B2H 0A0B2H 9Z9New Glasgow, NS
B2N 0A0B2N 9Z9Truro, NS
B2V 0A0B3B 9Z9Dartmouth, NS
B3H 0A0B3S 9Z9Halifax, NS
C0A 0A0C0B 9Z9Charlottetown, PE
C1A 0A0C1E 9Z9Charlottetown, PE
E1A 0A0E1G 9Z9Moncton, NB
E1N 0A0E1N 9Z9North Shore Area, NB
E2H 0A0E2P 9Z9St. John, NB
E2Y 0A0E2Y 9Z9Fredericton, NB
E3A 0A0E3C 9Z9Fredericton, NB
E3V 0A0E3V 9Z9Edmundston, NB
G0A 0A0G0C 9Z9Quebec Average
G0E 0C0G0E 9Z9Quebec Average
G0G 0A0G0H 9Z9Quebec Average
G0J 0A0G0N 9Z9Quebec Average
G0P 0A0G0P 9Z9Quebec Average
G0R 0A0G0T 9Z9Quebec Average
G0W 0B0G0Z 9Z9Quebec Average
G1A 0A0G2Z 9Z9Quebec City
G4R 0A0G4S 9Z9Sept Iles
G5L 0A0G5N 9Z9Rimouski
G7G 0A0G7K 9Z9Chicoutimi
G7S 0A0G8A 9Z9Jonquiere
G8Y 0A0G9C 9Z9Trois-Rivieres
H1A 0A0H4Z 9Z9Montreal
H7A 0A0H7Z 9Z9Laval
H9P 0A0H9S 9Z9Montreal
J0A 0A0J0C 9Z9Quebec Average
J0E 0A0J0E 9Z9Quebec Average
J0G 0A0J0H 9Z9Quebec Average
J0J 0A0J0N 9Z9Quebec Average
J0P 0B0J0P 9Z9Quebec Average
J0R 0A0J0T 9Z9Quebec Average
J0V 0A0J0Z 9Z9Quebec Average
J1E 0A0J1M 9Z9Sherbrooke
J2A 0A0J2E 9Z9Drummondville
J8X 0A0J9A 9Z9Hull
J9P 0A0J9P 9Z9Val d’Or
J9X 0A0J9X 9Z9Rouyn
K0A 0A0K0C 9Z9Ontario Average
K0E 0A0K0E 9Z9Ontario Average
K0G 0A0K0H 9Z9Ontario Average
K0J 0B0K0M 9Z9Ontario Average
K1A 0A0K4A 9Z9Ottawa
K6V 0A0K6V 9Z9Brockville
K7K 0A0K7P 9Z9Kingston
K8N 0A0K8R 9Z9Belleville
K8V 0A0K8V 9Z9Trenton
K9H 0A0K9L 9Z9Peterborough
K9V 0A0K9V 9Z9Lindsay
L0A 0A0L0C 9Z9Ontario Average
L0E 0A0L0E 9Z9Ontario Average
L0G 0A0L0H 9Z9Ontario Average
L0J 0A0L0N 9Z9Ontario Average
L0P 0B0L0S 9Z9Ontario Average
L1G 0A0L1R 9Z9Oshawa
L2E 0A0L2J 9Z9Niagara Falls
L2M 0A0L2W 9Z9St. Catharines
L3V 0A0L3V 9Z9Orillia
L4M 0A0L4N 9Z9Barrie
L6S 0A0L7A 9Z9Brampton
L8A 0A0L9K 9Z9Hamilton
M1A 0A0M9Z 9Z9Toronto
N0A 0C0N0C 9Z9Ontario Average
N0E 0A0N0E 9Z9Ontario Average
N0G 0A0N0H 9Z9Ontario Average
N0J 0A0N0M 9Z9Ontario Average
N0P 0A0N0P 9Z9Ontario Average
N0R 0A0N0R 9Z9Ontario Average
N1C 0A0N1L 9Z9Guelph
N1P 0A0N1T 9Z9Cambridge
N2A 0A0N2H 9Z9Kitchener
N2J 0A0N2L 9Z9Waterloo
N2M 0A0N2R 9Z9Kitchener
N2T 0A0N2V 9Z9Waterloo
N3C 0A0N3H 9Z9Cambridge
N3P 0A0N3V 9Z9Brantford
N4K 0A0N4K 9Z9Owen Sound
N5V 0A0N6Z 9Z9London
N7S 0A0N7X 9Z9Sarnia
N8N 0A0N9J 9Z9Windsor
P0A 0A0P0C 9Z9Ontario Average
P0E 0E0P0E 9Z9Ontario Average
P0G 0A0P0H 9Z9Ontario Average
P0J 0A0P0M 9Z9Ontario Average
P0P 0A0P0P 9Z9Ontario Average
P0R 0A0P0T 9Z9Ontario Average
P0V 0B0P0Y 9Z9Ontario Average
P1A 0A0P1C 9Z9North Bay
P3A 0A0P3G 9Z9Sudbury
P4N 0A0P4R 9Z9Timmins
P6A 0A0P6C 9Z9Sault Ste. Marie
P7A 0A0P7G 9Z9Thunder Bay
R0A 0B0R0C 9Z9Manitoba Average
R0E 0A0R0E 9Z9Manitoba Average
R0G 0A0R0H 9Z9Manitoba Average
R0J 0A0R0M 9Z9Manitoba Average
R2A 0A0R3Z 9Z9Winnipeg
R7A 0A0R7B 9Z9Brandon
R8N 0A0R8N 9Z9Thompson
S0A 0A0S0C 9Z9Saskatchewan Average
S0E 0A0S0E 9Z9Saskatchewan Average
S0G 0A0S0H 9Z9Saskatchewan Average
S0J 0A0S0N 9Z9Saskatchewan Average
S0P 0A0S0P 9Z9Saskatchewan Average
S4N 0A0S4Z 9Z9Regina
S6H 0A0S6K 9Z9Moose Jaw
S6V 0A0S6V 9Z9Prince Albert
S7H 0A0S7Z 9Z9Saskatoon
S9A 0A0S9A 9Z9North Battleford
T0A 0A0T0C 9Z9Alberta Average
T0E 0A0T0E 9Z9Alberta Average
T0G 0A0T0H 9Z9Alberta Average
T0J 0A0T0M 9Z9Alberta Average
T0P 0B0T0P 9Z9Alberta Average
T1A 0A0T1C 9Z9Medicine Hat
T1H 0A0T1K 9Z9Lethbridge
T1Y 0A0T3Z 9Z9Calgary
T4N 0A0T4R 9Z9Red Deer
T5A 0A0T6Z 9Z9Edmonton
T8V 0A0T8X 9Z9Grande Prairie
V0A 0A0V0B 9Z9Cranbrook
V0C 0A0V0C 9Z9Prince George
V0E 0A0V0G 9Z9Kamloops
V0H 0A0V0H 9Z9Penticton
V0K 0A0V0K 9Z9Kamloops
V0L 0A0V0L 9Z9Prince George
V0N 0A0V0N 9Z9Vancouver
V0P 0A0V0P 9Z9Port Alberni
V0R 0A0V0R 9Z9Prince George
V1C 0A0V1C 9Z9Cranbrook
V1L 0A0V1L 9Z9Nelson
V1R 0A0V1R 9Z9Trail
V1S 0A0V1S 9Z9Kamloops
V1V 0A0V1Z 9Z9Kelowna
V2A 0A0V2A 9Z9Penticton
V2B 0A0V2E 9Z9Kamloops
V2H 0A0V2H 9Z9Kamloops
V2K 0A0V2N 9Z9Prince George
V5A 0A0V7Z 9Z9Vancouver
V8J 0A0V8J 9Z9Prince Rupert
V8N 0A0V9E 9Z9Victoria
V9R 0A0V9V 9Z9Nanaimo
V9Y 0A0V9Y 9Z9Port Alberni
X0A 0A0X0C 9Z9Nunavut Average
X0D 0A0X0G 9Z9Northwest Territories Average
X1A 0A0X1A 9Z9Yellowknife
Y0A 0A0Y0B 9Z9Whitehorse
Y1A 0A0Y1A 9Z9Whitehorse

Using the Canadian Postal Codes

Commercial Estimator uses Local Multipliers based on Postal Codes to localize expenses in most parts of Canada (see the Postal Code ranges listed below). Commercial Estimator, on the other hand, does not include Local Multipliers for all of Canada’s Postal Codes.

You can use one of the following standard Province and Territory Symbols to localize expenses using the Province or Territory average Local Multiplier in regions outside of the Postal Code ranges specified below:

  • AB Alberta
  • BC British Columbia
  • MB Manitoba
  • NB New Brunswick
  • NF Newfoundland
  • NS Nova Scotia
  • NU Nunavut
  • NT Northwest Territories
  • ON Ontario
  • PE Prince Edward Island
  • QC Quebec
  • SK Saskatchewan
  • YT Yukon

The Postal Code Ranges for Commercial Estimators as Local Multipliers in Canada are listed above in the table. Within a range, you can enter any Postal Code. You can enter A0A0A0, A0B6F2, or A0C9Z9 in the first range, for example.

You can use one of the Province/Territory Symbols indicated above if the building’s Postal Code is not in one of the ranges in the table above.

Canada postal code map

The Canadian postal district map tells a lots about the Postal code in Canada, the image below shows the map of Postal code in Canada:

canada postal code map

What is the zip code for Toronto, Canada?

Staying in Canada as opposed to the United States, they have postal codes as opposed to zip codes (more or less the same thing in their use), which use three letters and three numbers, (letter-number-letter number-letter-number) as opposed to five numbers in a zip code.

Because of Toronto’s size as a city and the size of the Greater Toronto Area, postal codes are often different regionally (if I recall correctly, the ‘letter-number-letter’ first half of the postal code is assigned based on proximity to a mail depot) and even within a relatively small chunk of ‘core Toronto.’ Sometimes, even though the difference is minimal, side-by-side neighbors will have two separate postal codes.

The short answer is that Toronto has no postal codes. The only thing the GTA’s postal codes have in common is that they all start with the letter ‘M’ (followed by the other five letters and numbers), which I assume was originally an arbitrary reference to ‘Metro’ (as in Metro Toronto) that meant nothing else, though I have no concrete evidence that this was the case.

In Toronto, there are around 150 forwarding Sortation Area codes, as defined by Canada Post. M4J, M6G, M6N, and M6S are the first three characters of the postal code, and those are the ones I’ve lived in.

The second set of three, numeric-alpha-numeric, refers to specific postal delivery zones and, depending on population density, can occasionally limit down a region to one single side or block of a street.

As others have pointed out, Canada’s system is a combination of letters and numbers that can be precise down to a single area in some situations.

One interesting fact is that you can tell if an address is in Toronto by looking at the postal code; all postal addresses in Toronto (and only in Toronto) begin with M, so if you see a postal code that begins with L or any other letter of the alphabet, you can be certain that the address is not within the formally defined City of Toronto boundaries.

Each side of a street has a different postal code, which changes every block. And everyone who receives more than a certain number of pieces of mail each day is assigned a code (I forget what that number is, but it’s low—-suffice it to say that many or most firms qualify). There are thousands of postal codes to choose from. (They all begin with “M” in Toronto.).

Canada Random Postal Codes

  • J6K 2Z9
  • A1W 3A9
  • L1P 1M1
  • E2M 6H7
  • J6J 3S9
  • J7G 0A4
  • J0E 2E0
  • S7V 0B5
  • K1P 5J9
  • N0P 1C0
  • N8Y 2L8
  • V5X 1K5
  • J8T 0C7
  • K4A 0P6
  • A0L 1K0
  • G5Y 5E9
  • H7L 2K1
  • T0H 0W5
  • J0S 1K0
  • E6G 2L2
  • V6R 4L1
  • N8A 4N9
  • G9X 1C2
  • J9X 7H3
  • G8Y 5X5
  • M6K 2M4
  • J7J 1L8
  • P3A 3Y3
  • E1B 2V8
  • K0A 2H0
  • H2Y 2V4
  • T5B 3B4
  • P7E 1S1
  • L4J 4H5
  • R5A 0A6
  • J3B 7P4
  • B2Y 2M3
  • G1N 3B2
  • J9J 0R6
  • H9X 3X5
  • H1L 2E1
  • J0E 1Y0
  • G3A 0B1
  • V7C 4C9
  • J5Y 3R6
  • J1J 4E2
  • J8R 2M6
  • V4W 3K9
  • T5T 0C8
  • V2G 4P8
  • J8L 3Z6
  • V3C 3Z9
  • J8M 1Z8
  • J0K 1A0
  • J8C 1W1
  • L9X 0E6
  • J0Y 1A0
  • J6X 2T3
  • V2G 4X5
  • J0L 2B0
  • K8V 5B5
  • B4A 3R4
  • J0V 1P0
  • G0R 3G0
  • G5V 0H3
  • G1Y 1V2
  • N2A 4G1
  • N3S 6M5
  • L1R 1T1

Canadian City postal zones

The numbered postal zones in Canada were first used in Toronto in 1925. Mail to a Toronto address in zone 5 would be addressed in this format:

37 Bloor Street West

Toronto 5, Ontario

As of 1943, Toronto in Canada was divided into 14 zones, numbered from 1 to 15, except that 7 and 11 were unused, and there was a 2B zone. The Canadian city Postal zones were implemented in Montreal in 1944.

By the early 1960s, other cities in Canada State had been divided into postal zones, including Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Vancouver as well as Toronto and Montreal. For example, an address in Vancouver would be addressed as:

804 Robson Street,

Vancouver 1, B.C.

Starting in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in the late 1960s, the Post Office began implementing a three-digit zone number scheme to replace existing one- and two-digit zone numbers. For example, in Metropolitan Toronto, an address would be written as:

1253 Bay Street

Toronto 185, Ontario

The renumbering of Toronto began on May 1, 1969, and was followed by an advertising campaign with the tagline “Your number is up.”

With the upcoming implementation of a national postal code system, Postmaster General Eric Kierans declared that the new three-digit city zone system would be phased out.

Companies changed their mail addresses at their own expense, only to discover that the new zoning was only temporary.

Does Toronto have zip codes?

The city of Toronto in the province of Ontario is home to postal codes beginning with M (excluding M0R and M7R). The forward sort field is represented by only the first three characters. Many manufacturers also market validation tools that help clients match addresses and postal codes accurately.

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Wrap up on What is the ZIP code of Canada?

Canada’s postal codes, like those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands, are alphanumeric. They are written in the format A1A 1A1, with a space between the third and fourth characters. In general, a Canadian postal code designates one “block face,” or one side of a one-block-long street.

When mailing mail outside the United States, a “zip code” is not required; the country name is sufficient. However, in huge countries like Canada, you will almost always need to include their postal code, whatever its local moniker is.

Canada has its own postal system, which is referred to as postal codes. It’s remarkably similar to the British system and far more versatile than (read: superior to) zip codes. Zip codes have a limit of 100,000 addresses, however postal codes have millions.

The postal codes in Canada are alphanumeric. They are in the format A1A 1A1, which is a six-character string that is part of a Canadian postal address, with A being a letter and 1 being a numeral. When writing a letter, the postal code is written after the abbreviation for the province or area.


Here are questions people also ask about Canadian zip code:

Are all Canadian ZIP codes 6 digits?

The postal codes in Canada have a 6-digit structure with two 3-digit alphanumeric portions. The FSA (forward station area) is the first segment, while the LDU is the second (local delivery unit). These numbers stand for the following: Axx xxx: The first letter is addressed to a certain postal area.

What is Canada’s postal code?

Some people wonder what Canada’s ZIP code is. In Canada, however, there are no ZIP codes. The postal code system is an alternative to the United States’ ZIP-code system.

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