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Beginners Guide On How To Do MTN Welcome Back For Stolen, Lost Or Damage MTN SIM

Are you looking forward to knowing the step-by-step guide on how to do your MTN welcome back? Well, you’re on the right page. Read through.

With the chaotic way, life is, it’s possible to misplaced your mobile phone or get robbed in broad daylight as well as disasters that may lead to damage of your SIM card.

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Well, you should only worry about replacing your phone because it is possible now to still have your previous MTN number via the MTN welcome back.

The MTN welcome back is a service that enables previous MTN SIM users to retrieve their stolen, damaged or lost SIM cards. You can do this in two ways, so you would have to choose your preferred option.


How To Do MTN Welcome Back

mtn welcome back

To do MTN Welcome Back, the following are possible two ways of doing your MTN welcome back:

  1. Performing at the MTN work in Centre or Offices
  2. Performing it Online

Step 1: Performing at the MTN work in centre or any registered MTN shop

You are likely to be asked for the following requirements. So you should have them handy before proceeding.

A valid form of photo identification

It could be your voters’ card, your international passport, a driver’s license, your national identification card or any vilid ID card.

Note the following.

  • The previous SIM you want to succeed must have been registered
  • You need to provide 3 frequently dialed numbers
  • Provide details of your last recharge activities
  • Provide a SIM pack or provide another evidence of ownership or direct purchase.  But if you do not have the SIM pack, then a sworn affidavit attesting to the ownership of the loss SIM should suffice.

Now, in the case of a third party, where you are not available to do it yourself, it is still possible to get back your line. But the person performing on your behalf need to present the following:

  • A copy of your identification
  • A valid photo of your representative that is being authorized by you
  • Then a sworn Affidavit by you with the details why you need a replacement of your number, same with reasons why you can’t perform the exercise personally. MTN

You will be mandated to purchase a new Sim card, where the number of the old SIM card you are requesting for will be transferred to.

So when you are sure of the above requirement, you can proceed to any MTN dealer shop nearest to you.  You will be welcomed by a customer care representative and handed a short form to fill in registration details. 

Fill in your details and provide all the valid documents requested for verification. You would be asked to provide at least 3 numbers you had previously dialed as stated before, then customer care will attends to you according to the information you have on your form and that’s it.  

When once you are verified, you will then be handed a fresh new SIM, You can wait for few minutes before slotting in the card into your phone and you will be welcome back with a bunch of notifications from the network confirming your Successful SIM completion.

Step 2: Performing it online

You can also do your welcome back exercise online without hassle

First thing is to visit

Click on the welcome back registration form and fill it in

Provide the following information:

  • The title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Birthday
  • Alternative number
  • Information on old line

In the Stolen, Lost or Damage Section, answer the questions that follows like was your MTN line stolen? Lost? Damaged?

  • Input the phone number of the stolen/lost /damaged line
  • Line ownership verification ( customers need to answer two questions correctly)

How much credit did you load when you last recharged? Which 3 phone numbers do you frequently call? Please input the full numbers. Information on the new MTN line you intend to use is required.

Provide the GSM number of the new line or the kit number that is on the pack of the new prepaid welcome back, the one you bought for the welcome back exercise (this is the new phone number which should start with 0806 or 0803, 0813, 0816, 0703 or 0706.

You should have bought a new SIM before now but you don’t need to insert it into your phone until you are done with the registration online.

The importance of performing a MTN Welcome back

A lot of people prefer to buy new SIMs when their old SIMs gets stolen, lost or damaged. Well, it might just be the excuse of convenience to avoid the hassle of going through the welcome back process or could just be the case of pure ignorance.

But it is pertinent to always do a welcome back for your SIM that might have been misplaced because of the following outstanding reasons:

To Keep Criminal Activities at Bay

 You know your previous sim was registered in your name and if it falls into the wrong names can be used for criminal activities. So it will be advisable to retrieve it to render the other copy useless with whoever is in possession of it.

To Still Keep In Touch With Others:

It will be a lot easier to still be in touch with your loved ones, family and friends. Because your retrieved line can and would still be reached by them, without you having to go through the hassle of distributing your new line to all of them again.

Also, you might not be able to reach some people you might not have back up their contacts.

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Save Your Yourself A Whole Lot Of Stress

I believe this is like the most point, especially if a lot of important things are associated with this number like your bank BVN, School contact number, office phone contact etc.

Getting to change this to insert the new phone number will be very strenuous, so save yourself such stress.

MTN SIM Welcome Back FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about the MTN SIM welcome back:

What do I need to do MTN Welcome back?

  • The MTN phone number you want to do welcome back must be registered.
  • You must provide the SIM pack or any other evidence of direct purchase/ownership
  • 3 frequently dialed numbers are needed.
  • You are to provide the last details of your recharge activities
  • A valid ID such as a National ID card, Voters card, Driving licenses and others


The MTN welcome back is a welcome development especially at a time like this, where technology is helping to ease a lot of things for humans. So it isn’t a difficult thing any longer to have a SIM card number for life.

When once it is misplaced, damaged, or stolen getting it back is a breeze. It can be done online or one simply walks into any MTN office nearest to them and it is done.

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