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Guide On How To Do MTN SIM Swap

To learn how to do MTN SIM Swap with MTN telecommunication is pretty easy and this is because MTN is one of Nigeria’s largest leading telecommunications service providers. If your SIM card gets stolen, damaged or lost, connecting back with this service provider is very easy.

For a stolen or lost SIM, you should contact their help centre or customer care line to block the line. This makes it difficult for an unauthorized person to have access to that line. Once you’re ready, then you go for MTN welcome back.

MTN SIM swap can only be done in any of their certified MTN shops and also you must have the basic requirements before you can do a SIM swap or welcome back.

Many people don’t know how to do a MTN welcome back or SIM swap and I also understand how difficult it can be to replace or swap your MTN SIM.

In respect to this, I have made it quite simple by providing some steps to follow in order to do a MTN SIM swap or welcome back.

In this article, I will be giving or providing an up to date requirement needed for MTN SIM swap and also how to do a MTN SIM swap or welcome back as the case may be.

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Requirements for MTN SIM Swap

Below are the necessary things needed for a MTN SIM swap or welcome back. Note that you should come in person or provide the following information about the SIM you wish to Swap:

  • The phone number you want to be retrieved (Swap) must be registered or active on the network before the swap request
  • Provide 3-5 frequently dialled numbers
  • You must come with your NIN (National identification number) and your NIN will be verified.
  • You shall attest and consent to the use your NIN details as SIM registration information
  • Your live image should match with your NIN image
  • The 2-in-1 form given to you in the shop or store must be filled and then signed (with NIN clearly written on the form).
  • Ensure you provide CORRECT responses to Key personal details below such as date of Birth, mother’s maiden name, state of origin, last recharge date, last recharged amount, four (4) frequently dialled numbers

Please it should be noted that an Affidavit is no longer mandatory or necessary for retrieving a lost, stolen or damaged SIM card or SIM swap (welcome back).

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How to do MTN SIM swap

It is no longer news that MTN allows customers to replace lost, damaged or stolen SIM cards, you just need to have the required information needed for a SIM swap or welcome back and you can easily swap your SIM on a go.

Below are the guidelines to follow for MTN SIM swap or welcome back:

  • Visit any MTN retail stores or service centres that is close to you.
  • Purchase a new SIM card, where the phone number of the old SIM card would be transferred.
  • Complete the SIM welcome back form
  • Wait till your information is verified and get your new SIM afterwards.

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It is good news that you can replace your MTN SIM that was stolen, lost or damaged and still retrieve that line by doing MTN welcome back.

I have explained and provided all the information needed to swap your MTN SIM or do a MTN SIM welcome back and also provided are step by step guide on how to do your MTN SIM swap.

Read carefully and follow the guidelines which I have highlighted in this article on how to do a MTN SIM swap and also the requirements needed for MTN SIM welcome back.


Here I have answered some of the frequently asked questions about MTN SIM Swaping. I hope you will find them helpful which is why I decided to include them here.

Why SIM Swap?

Situations where you might need to swap your MTN SIM card includes:

  • If the SIM card is faulty
  • If it’s stolen, damaged, or lost
  • When the MTN SIM is outdated i.e eligible for replacement or an upgrade.

NB: You might have any other genuine reason or situation apart from those above why your MTN SIM needs to be Swap.

What should I do when planning to do MTN SIM Swap?

  • You’ll be required to purchase a new MTN SIM Card, where the phone number of the old MTN SIM Card would be transferred to.
  • Next, you’re also required to complete the SIM REPLACEMENT (Welcome Back or Swap) FORM and provide all the necessary information needed.

How Can I do my MTN SIM Swap?

Visit any of MTN shops closest to you with your purchased new MTN SIM Card, collect and fill the form correctly with the above mentioned details.

How long does it take before my SIM Swap will be activated?

How to do MTN Prepaid SIM swap?

MTN prepaid SIM Swap gives you access to use the MTN SIM swap USSD code by dialling *135# to activate the new purchase SIM card and using the old SIM, SMS “Swap” to 44770.

How to Check SIM Swap Status?

With the help on myMTNApp, you’ll able to know how to check and confirm your SIM swap status.

To learn more, visit

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