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6 Ways On How To Check Glo Number

It is obvious that many Glo subscribers don’t really know how to check glo number on their phone and many also happen not to know it off-hand which is why this topic seems to be very interested to write about how to check your glo number.

At this point, if you happen to be among those that ask questions like how to check my number on glo, code to check my glo number, how can I see my glo number or how to get my glo number? I will advise you to pay close attention as you read through.  

How to know glo number is pretty easy, this is because it’s one of largest network in Nigeria and its network covered a lot of cities as such there are thousands of subscribers using the network.

But just like other subscribers in other networks that might not have their mobile numbers off-hand, it isn’t an exception for Globacom subscribers.

If you are among those that always forget their Glo mobile number and will ask how I can know my glo number? You can always get your number easily using the following 4 ways:

How to check glo number

Listed below are the six (6) easy ways to check your glo number:

  1. Check Glo number using Glo Sim pack.
  2. Know your glo number by texting or dialing a friend’s number.
  3. 1244 is the short code to check glo number
  4. USSD code to get your Glo number
  5. Check Glo number via Glo App
  6. Get Glo number online

How to check my Glo number

6 ways on how to check glo number

Discuss below are the 6 quick ways to check your Glo mobile number on the go:

Check Glo number using Glo SIM pack

This seems to be the easiest way of checking for your Glo number. This is checking through the Glo SIM pack that came with your SIM.

So it is important you don’t throw away your SIM pack after removing your SIM card from it. Therefore, if you still have the pack with you, always look at the back of it where you always have the personal unlocking key otherwise known as the PUK code.

So check near the PUK code you would see the next numbers near it. That’s your Glo mobile number. So always refer to it when need be. To do this, check your Glo SIM pack i.e the pack that house your SIM card.

How to Check Glo number using USSD Code

You can check and retrieve your Glo mobile number by simply dialing a USSD code. So just pick your phone and dial *135*8# then tap on send.

Immediately you would have your Glo number on your phone screen been displayed and you will also get it as an SMS on your phone.

Attention: If checking your Glo number with the above mentioned USSD code don’t work out for you, consider using *777#. Just dial *777# > select option 4 which means “My Tarriff Plan” > then select option 3 meaning “My Number” and you’ll get it right.

Check your Glo mobile number by dialing 1244 on your phone

1244 is a short code to check glo number; you can also use this very easy method to check for your glo mobile number.

It is about making a dial to get your number read to you. So all you have to do is quickly pick your phone and dial on it 1244 and a voice will response by reading your number loudly to you.

So you can write/jot it down immediately, you can redial it if you didn’t get it the first time. So you can go ahead to memorize if you want to have it at your finger tips.

Checking for your Glo number either by calling or texting someone

This is another means you can try out when you need to know your Glo mobile number, especially if you have misplaced your SIM pack.

Once you have credit call unit, just pick up your phone with the Glo SIM on it and call or text your friend or anymore closer to you.

Let the person call out Glo your number to you or text it back to you. If not you can also use a second phone from anyone hereby and dial your Glo number.

You Glo number will appear on the second phone you can then copy it out now.

Check Glo Number via Glo App

Glo App gives you seamless service which checking your Glo number is one of it. As a Glo subscriber using the Glo mobile App with your Glo line been startup with it, you’ll get access to all Glo services including to check your Glo number.

To get the Glo app, visit app store, i.e google play store or apple store with you phone connected to the internet, on the search bar, type “my Glo café”, install and fill the registration form with your correct details. After this, you’ll be given access to your Glo number automatically.

How to Check Glo Number Online

Checking the Glo own self-care website, you will be able to view your Glo number online. Also have it in mind that you won’t be able to check your Glo mobile number online if your device is not an internet-enable device and that your Glo number must be in use.

How to check glo number online, see steps below:

  • Visit Glo official website
  • After it has successfully loaded, scroll down and you’ll be able to see your Glo phone number displayed visibly in the format Welcome, 080*******.
  • For those using PC, look at the right-hand side of your screen and you will see the number over there.


How to check Glo number is made simple with the above listed ways. If you are at a cross road about your glo mobile number you should be able to sort it out with this piece.

You don’t need to bother yourself about calling the customer care service.

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