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Everything About Airtel Family And Friends

I strongly believe you have got to know about Airtel family and friends featured by Airtel Nigeria, one of the most popular telecommunication network in Nigeria but if you don’t, then this article is right here to help you!

Airtel Nigeria is one network with mouth-watery offers for its subscribers. This is one reason why a lot of people love the telecommunication network. It surprises its users all the time with new and appealing features and one of such feature is the Airtel family and friends feature.

So if you are new to this feature, you don’t need to worry, this piece I brought to you is to provide you with all the information you needed to know about the Airtel Family and friends feature alongside it related services.

Should in case you’re searching for how to add family and friends on Airtel, Airtel family and friends code, how to register family and friends on airtel, how to migrate to airtel family and friends, or how to add number to family and friends on Airtel network, we have it all covered here.

Time is no longer on our side, let’s get started!

What is Airtel family and friends

Airtel family and friends plan was introduced by the Airtel Nigeria network; it is made accessible to all the prepaid subscribers on the network. It is an offer that the principal reason is to help users save cost on calls to their family and friends.

It will enable users have more talk time with their loved ones at a reduced cost. But the snag is just that only the numbers included (added) in the Airtel family and friends list that you can enjoy this with.

It is only about 5 numbers per Airtel mobile number for free, but if you’ll want to add more people to the family and friends list on Airtel, you will be charged a token of #50 per number.

So it will make more sense to go mostly for people your frequently call, that’s if you do not want to stuff your list with too many unnecessary numbers.

How does Airtel family and friends work?

Airtel Nigeria knows that a lot of people would love to be closer to their dear ones through phone calls. So they believe they should be given such numbers the privilege of talking for a long time. With this effect, they slash the call rate for such numbers when they are added to the FAF list.

A subscriber with the mobile Airtel number is given the opportunity of adding loved ones that are also on the Airtel network up to 5 people to enjoy a discounted call rate. This is mostly enjoyed by users that are on the Airtel smart connect plan.

The good thing is that the Airtel smart connect plan is the default plan that comes with the new Airtel SIM. So the feature can be enjoyed even as a new subscriber to the network. The network plan also offers its user an 8000% bonus on any recharge that will made on the SIM card subsequently.

So if you need to be on Airtel smart connect, you can just need to buy a new Airtel SIM, register it and recharge it with an airtime or buy a data bundle. You have activated your Airtel smart connect plan.

Airtel family and friends code

To use the family and friend feature on Airtel network is very easy, you just need to add the numbers you needed to your family and friend list on the Airtel SIM you’re using.

The code for Airtel family and friends is *311*2*number#. In achieving this on your own, pay attention. If you family and friends Airtel number is 08099765456, all you need to do is to dial *311*2*08099765456#.

The number will automatically be added to the list on Airtel FAF and you would receive a successful message on your phone. Remember that you are only permitted to add only 5 numbers at a time. So you can call those added numbers at a reduced rate any time you decide to call any of them on the list.

Benefits of Airtel family and friends

The following are some of the benefit you’ll enjoy when using Airtel FAF:

  • Low call rate
  • Long discussion with family and friends during call

How to Remove or delete family and friends number on Airtel Network

You might decide at a point for whatever reason to either remove or delete any number from your list on the Airtel family and friends.

This shouldn’t come with any hassle, it can easily be done. You just have to use this code. Dial *311*3*number#. Example if you want to get out 08099065416.

You simply dial *311*3*08099065416# and you will immediately receive a system message that the number has been removed from family and friends on Airtel FAF list.

You can repeat same with the rest of the other numbers you want to remove or delete from Airtel family and friends.

To View the added numbers on your family and friends list on Airtel

You might want to know or see all the numbers you might have added to your FAF list. You still need to use a code. The current code to view registered numbers on Airtel FAF is *311*4#.

You would be presented with all the numbers of the family and friends’ mobile numbers that you had added already Airtel family and friends list.

Airtel family and friends call rate

As earlier stated this is a list for your mobile numbers that you can make calls at a reduced rate. So this simply means that the call rate here will be different from the other numbers in your entire phone book.

So you should expect the difference on only these numbers. When it comes to the Airtel tariff for family and friends calls, it is only applicable to those on the smartconnect tariff plans on Airtel.

You might need to be on this Airtel plan to enjoy this. From Sunday to Monday for the peak period which is always from 6am-9.59pm, the rate is 25 kobo per second.

Then, for the off-peaks periods when the network is less engaged which is always between 10pm to 5.59pm the rate is 21 kobo per second.

But if you are using the smartconnect bonus, the call rate will be 40 kobo per second. This has nothing to do with the time of the day. It’s a uniform rate for all the time.


It is always good to take advantage of good deals offers by brands or businesses. Airtel Nigeria isn’t left out of this bonanza.

They know their users deserve better and are always looking out for ways to appreciate their patronage. So it is up to users now to make the best of these offers.

The Airtel family and friends isn’t for some subscribers it is for everyone that wants to opt in to the deal to enjoy it. So what are you waiting for?

If you are not already enjoying the feature, maybe you just come across it now. You can opt in now. Just dial *311*2*number and start making the calls at a reduced rate.

FAQ About Airtel Family And Friends

Find below frequently asked questions about Airtel FAF:

How to register airtel family and friends?

To activate and register FAF on Airtel netework, follow the steps below:

First, you’ll need the Airtel family and friends registration code which is *141*2* then an Airtel mobile number. It should look something like this *141*2*AIRTEL NUMBER#. This is the steps on how to register Airtel family and friends *141*2*08099065416#.  After this, the Airtel number will be registered.

What is the code for Airtel family and friends?

The code for family and friends on Airtel is *141*2* followed by the NUMBER then #

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