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How To Convert MTN Pulse Points To Data

Have you heard about the MTN Pulse Points? Or ask what is MTN Pulse Points, how to get pulse points on MTN, how to use pulse points on MTN, how to check my MTN pulse points balance, what is the MTN pulse points code, how to earn Pulse points.

Here, we do not only show you how to convert MTN Pulse Points to data but related thought about the MTN pulse points in real-time. But before you get started, every MTN subscriber with a prepaid tariff plan can easily migrate to MTN Pulse using one of 4 methods that will be listed on this page.

If your search also includes; how much data can pulse points buy? How do I buy MTN airtime with points? How do I convert MTN airtime to data? How do I migrate MTN bonus to data? Be rest assured that you’ve come to the right page.

In this post, we’ll share with you how to convert MTN pulse points to data.

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What is MTN Pulse Point?

MTN Pulse Point is the point you get as an MTN subscriber on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. This is a reward you get as an MTN Pulse user when you do some certain activities on their phone.

If you’re an MTN Pulse subscriber, MTN Pulse offers exclusive benefits such night bundles, best data plans. In addition to having a flat calling rate of 11.25kb/s to all networks after the first minute of the day at 25.6kb/s.

The 750MB 3-day data package on MTN Pulse costs $300, and the 1.5GB weekly data bundle costs $500.

Regarding MTN Pulse Point, there are several uses for it, and depending on what you use it for. Also, note that the amount of pulse point that is deducted changes. In order to earn MTN Pulse Points, you must first be a member of the MTN Pulse.

You can join by downloading the myMTN app, purchasing or sharing data bundles (the more data bundles you share, the more MTN pulse points you’ll earn), recharging your phone, or subscribing to MTN Music Time.

How to migrate to MTN Pulse

If you ask how can I migrate to MTN Pulse plan, pay close attention here. You can migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan in 4 ways. They are as follows:

  1. Send a message with the MTN Pulse migration code 406 to 131.
  2. Dial an MTN Pulse code *406*1#.
  3. Dial a short code for MTN Pulse migration – *123*2*2#.
  4. When purchasing the Pulse Nightlife Bundle or the Special TikTok and Instagram Bundles.

Note that while migrating to MTN pulse using the number 4 method, you might be surprised to learn that switching to this MTN pulse tariff plan is completely free!

Also, you can migrate to it without difficulty once every thirty days for free. If this is your subsequent move, it will cost you only 102 Naira migrating to MTN Pulse.

MTN Pulse Point code

  • *406# – This code displays MTN Pulse migration option.
  • *406*1# – MTN pulse migration code.
  • *123*2*2# – MTN pulse migration short code.
  • *406*7# – This code shows MTN Pulse options like Redeem Data Bundles, Redeem Nightlife Bundles, IG & TIKTOK Bundles, Pulse Points Balance, and About Pulse Points.
  • *406*7*1# – to check Pulse points balance.

How To Convert MTN Pulse Points To Data

How To Convert MTN Pulse Points To Data
How To Convert MTN Pulse Points To Data

How to check how much MTN Pulse Point you have

Dial *406*7*1# to check how much MTN Pulse Point you have.

How to redeem your Pulse Point

To redeem your MTN Pulse Point is to make use of the Pulse Point. You can make use of your MTN pulse point for data bundles, nightlife bundles, and IG & TIKTOK bundles. To get started, just dial *406*7*2#.

You’ll see this below.

How To Redeem Your MTN Pulse Point
How To Redeem Your MTN Pulse Point

How to buy data bundle with MTN Pulse Points

To buy a data bundle with the MTN Pulse points, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *131#.
  • Select option 1 (Data Plans).
  • Select the types of data plan you want to buy (1 for daily, 2 for weekly, 3 for monthly, etc).
  • Select the amount of data you’ll want to buy.
  • Select whether Auto-Renew or One-Off
  • In the payment type, select Pulse Points (Option 2).

How to buy Nightlife Bundle with MTN Pulse Points

To buy Nightlife Bundle using your MTN Pulse Points, it will cost you 25 Points for 250MB and 50 points for 500MB. Follow the steps below:

  • Dial *406*7*2#.
  • Select option 1 (for 25 Points for 250MB Pulse Points).
  • Select 99 for the Next option.
  • Select option 2 (for 50 points for 500MB).

How to buy IG and TikTok bundle with Pulse Points

To buy IG and TikTok bundle, it will cost you 100 Pulse points to get you 350MB and 200 points give 1GB. See the steps below:

  • Dial *406*7#.
  • Select option 3 (IG & TIKTOK Bundles).
  • N100 Pulse Points for 350MB IG & TIKTOK Bundle, select option 1 (this option valid for 1 day).
  • N200 Pulse Points for 1GB IG & TIKTOK Bundle, select option 2 (this option valid for 7 days).

Top 10 benefits of MTN Pulse

If you want to know the top 10 benefits of using MTN pulse, here are the primary benefits every MTN Pulse subscribers receives when migrating to the new tariff plan:

  1. You can call other members in the MTN Pulse tariff at low prices. It will cost you only 11.26 kobo per second.
  2. You can call any local network in Nigeria after spending N15.36K.
  3. The MTN pulse tariff plan provides its subscribers with a 750MB 3-day data plan at ₦300.
  4. MTN pulse offers a 1.5GB weekly data plan at ₦500.
  5. You get an instant data bonus amounting to 10MB on the first recharge of the month.
  6. You can earn MTN pulse points by activating a specific data bundle.
  7. MTN pulse subscribers can use their points to get free data.
  8. MTN provides Pulse Nightlife Bundles with data allowances of up to 2GB (250MB bundle for N25 and 500MB bundle for N50).
  9. You can get special Instagram and TikTok bundles: 350MB IG & TikTok for ₦100 and 1GB IG & TikTok for ₦200.
  10.  And lastly, other life-enriching products and services from MTN.

What do you need to take advantage of the MTN Pulse tariff plan?

To take advantage of the MTN pulse tariff plan’s benefits, you must first migrate to it by dialing a code for MTN Pulse migration (*406*1# or text 406 to 131). When your total call spend reaches 15.36K, then the cost of calls to all national numbers will be reduced to 11.26 kobo per second.

All MTN Pulse subscribers can get a discount rate of 11.26kobo/sec all day until 11:59 PM that day. If you switch to another prepaid tariff plan without spending the daily fee, your entire accumulated spend will be cleared.

When you decide to switch back to MTN Pulse, the system will start accumulating your spending again from the beginning. If you made calls worth more than 15.36K while on another tariff plan before switching to MTN Pulse, those calls would not count towards meeting the determined threshold.

What does a subscriber get after migration to MTN Pulse?

When you migrate to MTN Pulse for the first time, there will be no additional or hidden fees. You must pay N102 for any subsequent migration within 30 days. If you purchase a new number, you will receive an N500 activation bonus after activating and registering it.

It will be available once you have completed a chargeable activity from your account (this includes; calls and SMS). You can migrate to the new MTN pulse plan with no problems. Simply dial *406*1#, *123*2*2#, or text 406 to the number 131.

Extra benefits on MTN Pulse

MTN pulse is the only tariff plan that allows users to use the Nightlife Bundle. This bundle will be for you if you want to spend the entire night talking with your friends.

As Pulse subscriber, you can subscribe to the 250MB and 500MB bundles multiple times per day but not more than 2GB. You can use it from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Using the MTN Pulse is the best way to stay in touch with family and friends. Furthermore, it enables subscribers to increase their productivity by learning and sharing information using its advantageous data bundles.


If you newly migrating to MTN Pulse, you will receive Pulse points and this happens once. Also, if you migrate out of MTN pulse, you will lose your pulse points and will have to start from scratch earning Pulse points if you migrate back.

MTN Pulse points usually come in handy when you want to do a quick night bundle, IG & Tiktok bundle, or daily, weekly or monthly bundle.

However, the number of points needed for a substantial monthly bundle is on the high side considering how long it will take you to earn those Pulse points that will be used for MTN monthly pulse points subscription.

Also, note that your Pulse Points will expire after a year and it can’t be shared or used to purchase data for a third party.

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