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How To Get 10GB Free Data From MTN – 100% Working

Are you an MTN subscriber looking forward to knowing how to get free MTN data in Nigeria, or do ask how can I get free data on MTN, this post contains how to get 10GB free data from MTN. To get started, one must first upgrade to the MTN 4G SIM type.

If you have been looking for an MTN data cheat, then you’re lucky to be here. Here, you will get to know the MTN free data cheat without compromising the network. These MTN free browsing cheat will freely work on your MTN SIM if a 4G, LTE, or 4G+ while old SIM will need you to upgrade your MTN SIM card.

Whichever be the causes, don’t panic you are covered. In this review, I will be sharing with you how to get free data on MTN without recharging.

How to Get Free 10GB Data On MTN

How to get free 10GB data on MTN is 100% working, the easiest way to get your 10GB data from MTN is by checking eligible status, as an MTN subscriber, you are entitled to the free 10GB data from MTN.

The free 10GB data from MTN is not a trick or cheat; this is 100% legit from MTN. Also, there are other benefits to enjoy that include doubling of your data when you opt-in, it can be done after you must have finished the free 10GB data.

It is not limited to any MTN user, therefore, so long as you’re an MTN user, you are prompt to enjoy this offer any time and the good news is the offer will never get blocked so don’t border.

How to get 10GB free data on MTN? Following the MTN guideline, to start enjoying the free 10GB data from MTN, you need to first upgrade your MTN SIM to 4G.  After this, you start to enjoy free 10GB data when you upgrade your SIM to 4G. These also come with data bonus you’ll get to enjoy for 3 months.

How To Upgrade Your MTN SIM To 4G To Get Free 10GB Data From MTN

To upgrade your MTN SIM card to 4G is pretty simple, to get started, just follow this step by step guide below:

  • Visit any MTN office or the nearest Agent shop
  • Request that you want to upgrade your SIM to 4G or request that you want to do a SIM upgrade.
  • Go along with you; Valid Identity card such as National ID card, Voters Card, Drivers License, International Passport, or School ID card whichever you have.
  • Lastly, let them register your SIM for the upgrading process. Please, don’t forget to carry your old MTN SIM and its pack with you.

After that, you’re good to go, proceed on how to get free 10GB data:

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How To Get 10gb Free Data From MTN

How To Get 10gb Free Data From MTN

How To Get Free 10GB Data After Upgrading Your MTN SIM To 4G Network

If you are done with the completion of the upgrading process, just insert the upgraded 4G MTN SIM card into a 4G enabled phone and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the text message session; send an SMS with the word 4G to 131.
  • Your newly 4G MTN SIM card/line will be credited with the free 10GB data. Note that you’ll also get 100 percent data (double data) deal whenever you successfully subscribe to any MTN data plans.

Note: MTN free 10GB data lasts for one month. To check your free 10GB data balance, dial *131*4#.

Things You Must Know About The Free 10GB MTN Data Offer

  • Free MTN 10GB data offer can only be done and use on a 4G MTN SIM and device (phone)
  • The data offer will be enabled on your MTN 4GB SIM for the next 3 months.
  • If obtain the free MTN 10GB data offer, it can be use on all type of device 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G device.

According to MTN, they said apart from the much better data experience, you will also enjoy the 4G upgrade offers. These offers will be available to all newly customers who upgraded their MTN 4G/LTE SIM card, newly activated, or already using the 4G/LTE SIMs.

Comparing MTN 4G Data with Normal MTN Data

PriceNormal Data Volume4G Upgrade VolumeValidityUSSD Activation Code
N5002GB4GB1 day*131*154#
N50075MB1.5GB7 days*131*103#
N10001.5GB3GB30 days*131*106#
N12002GB4GB30 days*131*130#
N20003.5GB7GB30 days*131*110#
N35006.5GB13GB30 days*131*107#
N500011GB22GB30 days*131*116#

Important Points To Note About 4G Free Data Plans

  • Free 4GB upon upgrade to 4G SIM will valid for 7 days
  • 100 percent data bonus will be given to you on every N500 to N5000 data bundles purchased from one month to three months after upgrading to 4G SIM.
  • You will also get 25% data bonus on all data bundles purchased from 4 months to 6 months after upgrading to 4G.
  • The newly activated and existing 4G MTN customers will enjoy only 25 percent data bonus for 6 months.

Expected Benefits You Will Enjoy From The MTN 4G+

Thinking of faster uploads, downloads, web browsing, better video viewing experience, or accessing more apps across the internet.

As a subscriber with the MTN 4G+ will make you manage your life online on the go like a breeze. The expected benefits you will get to enjoy from 4G+ include:

  • Downloading your games even faster with just 200Mbps.
  • You will get enriched and more interactive web pages that guarantee an increased level of user experience.
  • Instantly post a photo to social media site such as Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • Better experience when streaming HD and 4K videos online.
  • Seamlessly stream music.

How To Check Your MTN 4G Upgrade Balance

Check your MTN 4G upgraded data balance by simply sending 2 to 131 as SMS or dial *131*4# on your phone.

If you have upgrade to MTN 4G, below in the comment box explain what you enjoy and what the MTN 4GB data bonus offer you.

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