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How To Get Started On MTN Do Not Disturb Service

Have you heard about the MTN Do Not Disturb Service? If YES, I will lecture you more on this, and if NO, then I will have to teach you everything about the service all the way.

If you have been receiving promotional (Spam) messages or calls from the MTN network and seriously wish to stop such service, enabling the MTN Do Not Disturb mode will cut you off from all of these spam calls and texts coming from MTN.

Therefore, the Do Not Disturb (DND) service allows MTN customers to opt-out of receiving promotional SMS for 3rd Party services such as Bulk SMS, VAS promos, and more.

Once you’ve successfully opt-out from this service will no longer receive spam texts (SMS) or calls that make you feel the waiting bank alert has entered or see a call that makes you think the precious appointment applied for has clicked.

Here, I will be outlining everything you may need to know about the MTN Do Not Disturb Service starting with how to activate Do Not Disturb on MTN, deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb alongside the MTN DND code.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started in full detail on how to remove/add your MTN number from Do Not Disturb!

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So, if you’re looking for how to get started on MTN Do Not Disturb Service, let’s start now…

But first, I will like to ask the question below:

What is MTN Do Not Disturb?

Also known as DND, this allows you to unsubscribe from promotional services such as the Value Added Service, Bulk SMS, and others on the MTN mobile network by making it easier to cancel DND on MTN as a customer.

Receiving this text and calls at all times becomes very annoying to many including me. However, in stopping it, simply deactivate the MTN DND mode (Do not disturb mode) and you’ll become free from this annoyance feelings.

MTN Do Not Disturb Service

As the calls or texts get many annoyed, so as it gets many updated about the MTN services especially to those that run business offered by MTN Nigeria.

Such people find the Do Not Disturb MTN updates helpful. Those are the types that activate MTN DND service on their MTN line.

To Get Started On MTN Do Not Disturb Service

How to get started with the MTN DND service can be either activating or deactivating the Do Not Disturb on the MTN network.

Here is how it works!

You can activate MTN Do Not Disturb using the Fully Blocked mode or Partially Blocked mode.

The Fully Blocked mode allows you to opt-out totally from receiving any promotional messages via SMS and IVR. While the Partially Blocked mode allows you to filter service categories for promotional messages you wish to receive.

Therefore, any category not selected will be automatically blocked.

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How to Activate MTN Do Not Disturb

Are you among those asking how can I activate DND on MTN, get it right from this section? So, to activate MTN DND (Do not disturb) mode, simply text STOP to the MTN DND code 2442.

Once you’ve sent it and it has been received, the system will insert your number in the MTN DO NOT DISTURB database, and apply the full blocking option to it.

In the completion of the MTN DND opt-in process, you will receive an SMS notification containing the DND web portal link alongside other SMS options.

According to MTN, you will receive SMS regarding DND service:

“You have successfully activated the Do-Not-Disturb service on your line. Please visit or SMS HELP to 2442 to see more filtering options. You can also opt-out at any time by sending ALL SMS to 2442”

You ever choose to stop all MTN promotional SMS/Text (apply Full Blocking Mode), it is pretty easy as you will further receive this SMS below:

“The Do-Not-Disturb service is active on your line in FULL Blocking mode. Please visit for more options. You can also opt-out at any time by sending ALLOW to 2442. Thank you”

How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb on MTN

To deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb service, simply text HELP to the DND code for MTN 2442. Immediately, this will cut you off from the service.

By texting HELP to 2442, you will get the following options to choose from:

  • Text STOP: To stop all SMS
  • Text ALLOW: To receive all SMS
  • SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products SMS
  • SMS 2: To receive Real Estate SMS
  • SMS 3: To receive Education SMS
  • SMS 4: Health SMS
  • SMS 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS,
  • SMS6: Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
  • SMS 7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS
  • SMS 8: To receive Sport SMS

Note: Selecting any of the above and sending it to 2442 will activate it

What MTN DND Code Performed

With the Do Not Disturb Code on MTN, MTN subscribers will be able to perform the following DND activities sending SMS to 2442:

  • View your status by texting “STATUS” to 2442
  • Activate full blocking DND service by texting “STOP” to 2442
  • Activate partial blocking Do Not Disturb on MTN by texting “SMS X” to 2442. Where X is the service category to be allowed/whitelisted, as listed above.
  • Opt out from MTN Do Not Disturb by texting “ALLOW” to 2442

You can also register MTN Do Not Disturb service online by visiting the official DND MTN website/web portal at

Using Do Not Disturb on MTN web portal, you will be able to carry out the following view status, activate full blocking, activate partial blocking, modify partial blocking and opt out of DND service.

Customers will be able to whitelist or blacklist words or phone numbers via the portal.

Via DND portal, you’ll still be able to receive promotional messages from any category(s) you whitelists.

Also, to cut off the Do Not Disturb service, simply send the word “ALLOW” as an SMS to the short code 2442. Opting-out is free.

To check your status on the MTN Do Not Disturb, text the word “STATUS” to 2442, immediately your status will display.

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Here you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to get started on MTN Do Not Disturb Service. You can see that also provides the step to step guide on how to activate/deactivate MTN DND mode (Do not disturb mode) alongside how to do other things using the service.

If I have help on this guide, do help others also, and if you have any questions/contributions, do well to drop them in the comment box below we’ll get back to you in a short time.

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