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How To Check MTN Number 2021

Are you searching to know the different ways on how to check MTN number? I will highlight up to 6 different ways you can use to check your MTN number.

Yes! Any seems not to know their MTN mobile number off hand reasons because they may tend to own many numbers from the same network provider or others and as such, memorizing them all seems difficult.

Following this, the quick development of mobile networks across Nigeria makes millions of users to take advantage of multiple mobile operators. This also means that you can sometimes easily forget your phone number.

There are times you might forget your phone number, this happens mostly when you get a new SIM card or when you change your mobile network service provider and change a SIM.

In this article, I would like to remind you asking how to check my MTN number and also show you the different methods you can use to check your MTN number without any issues.

How To Check MTN Number

If you’ve ever asked or thought of how to know my MTN number, here are the different ways by which you can check your MTN mobile number:

How To Check MTN Number

Code to Check MTN Phone Number

MTN network provider provides you with code to check your MTN phone number easily on a go. Using this short USSD code, you’ll be able to get your MTN mobile number from the network’s database.

Here are code to check your MTN number *123#, *123*1*1#, and *663#. By dialling any of this code, will be able to retrieve your MTN phone number and forward it to you free of charge.

Don’t get started yet!

I will give a detailed explanation on how to check your MTN mobile number with those short USSD codes I have mentioned above.

This code was made readily available by MTN to help you get information on various things like data management, tariff plans migration etc.

But I will be focusing on how to use this USSD code to check MTN number only.

How to check your MTN number with code *123#

  • Simply dial *123# to display menu and then follow the next instructions below.
  • Select option 1 “My Tools or Account Information” options and send
  • Next, select option 1 again to request “My Number”.

If done correctly, your MTN phone number will be displayed on your phone’s screen. Also, it will be sent to you via SMS from 131 as well.

Other Code to check MTN Phone Number

Here is the full USSD code you have to dial and another option to use to get my MTN number:

  • *123*1*1#: Your MTN number will be displayed on your screen. This step is recommended if you can check your MTN number using the above method. It is direct and easy. Thus, sometimes you end up getting an error message.
  • *663#: Your MTN mobile number will be displayed on the phone’s screen which you dialled the code.

How to get my MTN number using Self-Service

You can as well check MTN phone number using the MTN self-service. See steps below:

  • When you have connected to an MTN service network, you can now through SMS, text a short message ‘Care’ to 5018.
  • You will receive an SMS with a link that leads you to download an application which is called MyMTN App.
  • Once download, install the application and use it to check all kinds of information about your account including your MTN number.

This method is highly recommended for smartphone users with internet-enabled, and not for local-buttons phones.

Check MTN Number Using Request Call back Method

The mobile service operator offers a Call me Back feature. You can through SMS text such message to your friend and see your phone number. You can use the USSD code *133# to perform this action, It is also free of charge.

Use MTN customer care service

With the help of MTN customer care service support, the question of how do I check my MTN number will be solved.

This is one of the best ways you can get your MTN number. You can visit MTN’s website and find their customer care number.

Then you can call it and ask for your MTN number. Note, they might ask you some question regarding that before giving you the number.

Call your friends

This is also a very easy method to check MTN number.  Just call anyone from your contact list and ask the person to tell you your phone number which is always displayed when a person is calling.

How to check MTN Number on Android Phone

If you’re an Android phone user, how to check MTN number is never a problem. Just simply go to Settings > Dual SIM Settings, there you’ll find your MTN phone number.

On this topic “2021 Methods On How To Check MTN Number”, if you’re still confused on how to go about knowing your MTN number, the final process to get your MTN number is by calling MTN customer care service on 181 or 180.

This is an automation voice you’ll have to respond to by activating the right command to that issue.

Here, you have to look for options of speaking to any MTN agent which will now provide you with clarify information about checking MTN number.


This article on the different ways on how to check MTN number is very useful to new customers who can’t have time to remember their MTN mobile number, or those who along the line forget their MTN number.

There is nothing to worry about as there are so many ways to know your MTN phone number in Nigeria.

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