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All Airtel Data Bundles 2021, Price, Activation & Subscription Codes

Whatever might be your data needs, Airtel stands by you as they always have a plan for you, the Airtel data bundles are fast, affordable, and are reliable as well. With Airtel data plans, the internet experience will keep you connected anytime and anywhere.

To get started in buying Airtel data bundles, Dial *141#

Note: The USSD code for checking your Airtel data balance is *140#.

Airtel data bundles are the cheapest one can ever dream of buying at an affordable rate. All Airtel data bundles are great irrespective of their price. Airtel has the following data plans to choose from whenever you’re thinking of buying any data bundles with your Airtel SIM card:

  • Airtel Daily/Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Airlet Plans
  • Airtel Mega Plans
  • Airtel Social Plans
  • Instagram Bundles
  • Facebook data bundles
  • Whatsapp Bundles
  • Opera Bundles
  • SmartTRYBE Plan
  • Router Plans
  • Top Up Bundles (Postpaid plans)
  • PAY AS You Use (PAYU)

Airtel as one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Nigeria features the above data plans. This company is popular because it has a large number of attractive data plan offers alongside internet services for its users.

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Airtel Cheap Data Plans

Are you in search of Airtel cheap data plans to buy, I call it Airtel data cheat. This is the Airtel own data cheat for her subscribers. To get started with the Airtel cheap data plans as know as Airtel data cheat, do the following:

  • Dial the code *141#
  • Select option one (1) that says “My Offer”

There you’ll see all cheap data plans Airtel has for you such as;

  • Airtel data cheat for 1GB for N300 daily
  • Airtel cheap data plan for 2GB for N500 daily
  • 1.5GB Airtel data cheat for N200 7days
  • Cheap Airtel data plan for 6GB for N1,500 7days
  • Cheat for Airtel data plan for 750MB for N500 14days
  • Airtel cheap data plan 1.5GB for N1,000 monthly
  • Airtel data cheat 2GB for N1,200 Monthly
  • 3GB Airtel data cheat for N1,500 Monthly

This is not a cheat found by some gurus but the Airtel own data cheat. Therefore, note that these might vary from individual SMS card, also the Airtel tariff you’re into.

How to buy All Airtel data plans

In today’s world, it is very difficult to imagine life without the use of an internet connection. That is why Airtel provides a lot of options to choose from as stated above.

So if you are a new user or an existing user struggling to buy Airtel data plans suitable for your need, we are here to help you out. Simply Dial *141# and follow the screen prompt.

List of All Airtel Data Plans

All Airtel Data Bundles

If you’re looking for the best Airtel data plan to subscribe, legit airtel data plan cheat, airtel double data code, daily airtel data bundles, airtel weekly data plan, and airtel 4g data plan in Nigeria. Here you’ll find all of them.

Let’s get started as soon as possible.

Airtel Daily Data Plans

If you’re looking for low-cost data plans designed by airtel for your entire internet needs, the airtel daily plans are the solution to your problem.

These data subscription plans are small and cheap. They are valid for only 24 hours. They are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N5040 MB*141*50#
N100100 MB*141*100#
N3001 GB*141*354#

Two Days Airtel Data Plan

Unlike the airtel daily plans, this plan is valid for 48 hours (which is two days). For now, there is only one subscription package under this category:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N5002 GB*141*504#

Three (3) Days Airtel Data Plan

This plan is valid for 72 hours (3 days). For now, there is only one subscription package under this category:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N200200 MB*141*200#

Airtel Weekly Data Plans

As the name suggests, these Airtel data plans are valid for a period of 7 days only. For now, there are only three data plans in this category. They are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N300350 MB*141*300#
N5001 GB*141*502#
N15006 GB*141*1504#

Bi-weekly / 2 weeks Plans

As the name suggests, these Airtel data bundles are valid for a period of 14 days only. For now, there is only one (1) data plan in this category. Its details are:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N500750 MB*141*500#

Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

These Airtel data plans are for smartphone users who prefer subscribing for a longer period. The monthly data plans designed by Airtel for all your internet needs. The plans are available and valid for 30 days only. They are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceUSSD Code
N10001.5 GB*141*1000#
N12002 GB*141*1200#
N15003 GB*141*1500#
N20004.5 GB*141*2000#
N25006 GB*141*2500#
N300010 GB*141*3000#
N400011 GB*141*4000#

Airtel Mega Data Bundles

Airtel Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user out there. With these plans, you’ll enjoy streaming, downloads etc especially those who use it across several devices. The validity period of these data bundles ranges from 30 days to a year (365 days). They are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD Code
N5,00020 GB30*141*5000#
N8,00025 GB30*141*8000#
N10,00040 GB30*141*10000#
N15,00075 GB30*141*15000#
N20,000120 GB30*141*20000#
N30,000200 GB30*141*30000#
N36,000280 GB30*141*36000#
N50,000400 GB90*141*50000#
N60,000500 GB120*141*60000#
N100,0001 TB (TERABYTE)365*141*100000#

Airtel Social Bundles

Are you in search of Airtel social bundles like Airtel WhatsApp plans, Airtel Facebook data plans, Airtel  Twitter plans, Airtel Instagram data plans etc. This section is really for you.

These plans listed below are for accessing only social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. They are inexpensive and their validity varies with each plan. Airtel social plans are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD CodeDescription
2525 MB1 Day*948*4#WhatsApp Chats only
5040 MB1 Day*991*4#For WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter only.
100200 MB5 Days*688*3#
300700 MB25 Days*688*1#
Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD CodeDescription
100250 MB1 Day*141*105#These plans are for Instagram only.
2001 GB1 Day*141*205#
25100 MB1 Day*141*254#FB + WA Daily
50200 MB7 Days*141*54#FB +WA Weekly
100500 MB30 Days*141*104#FB + WA Monthly

Airtel Opera Mini Bundles.

These Airtel data bundles work only on Opera Mini browsers and News Apps on Smartphones. They cannot be used for downloads or streaming videos. The bundles are as follows:

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD CodeDescription
2025 MB1 Day*141*253#Opera Daily
50100 MB7 Days*141*53#Opera Weekly
100300 MB30 Days*141*103#Opera Monthly

Other Airtel Cool Plans

See other Airtel cool plans

Airtel SmartTRYBE Plan

The Airtel SmartTRYBE plan is only available to existing customers on Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 and Smart Talk 2.0.

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD Code
N5001.5 GB1 Day*141*505#

Airtel “My Offer”

One other data plan that varies from SIM to SIM is the Airtel my offer. Each Airtel SIM card is given special data deals from time to time, by the network.

You can check the special data offer for your SIM card by dialing *141#, and then selecting one (1), when the screen prompts is displayed.

Airtel Router Plans

Airtel has special data subscription packages for Routers. Airtel Router bundles are special data plans designed specifically for routers to deliver superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage. The bundles are locked to Airtel Router on 4G network, meaning that the data cannot be consumed outside of Airtel 4G-coverage area.

The router data packages are in the following categories:

  • Unlimited Ultra Plans.
  • Ultra Plans.
  • Regular Router Plans.
  • Router Booster Plans

Since these are special plans, there codes are not readily available. If you are interested in subscribing for any these plans, visit, for directives.

Top Up Bundles (Postpaid)

Top Up Bundles are Airtel data plans that allow postpaid customers stay connected for the rest of the month, after their monthly Data bundle is exhausted.

Data Plan Price (NGN)Data AllowanceValidity (days)USSD Code
N5001GBMonth End*141*11*9#
N1,0002GBMonth End*141*11*10#
N2,0004GBMonth End*141*11*11#
N5,00010GBMonth End*141*11*12#

PAY As You Use

With the Airtel “Pay As You Use”, you can still stay connected online even without subscribing to any Airtel Data bundle. Using the Airtel PAYU, you can surf the net for a minimal fee of N3/MB. To use the Airtel PAYU service, just dial *400#.


Most data users seek for cost effective data packages that will meet their need. This article has tried to provide you with all the data plans available on the Airtel network, to help you select the package that will be most suitable.

For this reason, it is necessary to define how much data you will need per month/time, and then select whichever plan that comes close to meeting that data need, within your budget. Thanks for reading through.

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