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How To Get Started With The MTN BackUp For Beginners

The importance of MTN BackUp becomes relevant when one loses or misplaces their phone; this is a terrible and unfortunate experience that can happen to anyone.

If this happens, it results in loss of phone contacts. For these reasons, MTN Back-Up comes as a savior to such a situation as a permanent solution to those questions on how do I retrieve my contacts from MTN backup?

A token of N100 will be debited from your account after a successful backup on the first session.

MTN, on the other hand, will automatically back up your contacts every 14 days to ensure that newly added contacts are saved, for a cost of N50.

In this post, I will be sharing the following things; How do I activate MTN backup? How to restore your Backed-up Contacts? How do I recover My MTN Contacts?

To proceed with the subject matter stated “How To Get Started With The MTN Back Up Service”, I like you understand what this service is all about. Permit me to start by asking you these questions below:

What is MTN BackUp?

This is a service that provides you a simple way to keep your phone contact also your SIM contacts safe on a secure MTN online account.

It allows MTN subscribers to store their mobile phone contacts on a secure MTN online account.

This service provides a safe option because one can easily retrieve them whenever they need them. Very interesting to know that this option works for both SIM and phone contacts.

How To Get Started With The MTN BackUp Service

How many Phone and SIM contact can I store using MTN Back-Up Service?

Presently, MTN subscribers can backup about 200 SIM contacts and about 5000 phone contacts.

Who uses this Service?

MTN Backup is offered to all MTN subscribers on all phone kinds with the compatibility of MTN 128k SIM.

MTN Backup Requirements

You’ll need either a new MTN Backup SIM or a compatible data-enabled phone within MTN’s data coverage or both as started by MTN.

Also note that if your SIM card was purchased in 2010 or later, you do not need to purchase a backup SIM card.

This service is said to be compatible with more than 400 different mobile phones.

BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Tecno, Nokia, Apple, Alcatel, Gionee, Huawei, and Infinix are among the manufacturers whose phones are supported.

How To Activate MTN backup?

To register for MTN Backup, there are 2 ways on how to register/activate the MTN Back-Up service.

Here’s the first method you will need to follow and get your phone and SIM contact backup.

  • Go to your phone menu.
  • Tap “MTN Services.”
  • Then, click “MTN Backup”.
  • Next, tap the “Backup SIM contacts”.
  • You’ll get a pop-up notification saying “Do you want to save your SIM phonebook” or Synchronize? Select “OK”, and the backup process will begin immediately.

Another way to register for this service is using the MTN backup code or registering for MTN Backup via the MTN Backup online website.

To activate the backup service on the MTN network using the MTN backup code, just send SMS with the word “START” to “307” or “7013”. Then, follow the onscreen prompts to complete the backup process.

Also, note that this will give you the option to choose the One Off or Auto-renewal service.

How to restore MTN Backup contacts

To restore your contacts via MTN Backup, there are about 3 ways to achieve this and they are as follows:

  • The MTN Services option on your phone. Also note that this option may sometime appear as SIM Services on other phones.
  • Through MTN backup online portal.
  • Lastly, using the MTN backup code.

How To Restore Backup Contacts using MTN Services option on your phone

To get back your backup contacts using the MTN Services/SIM Services option on your phone, do the following:

Go to your phone menu >> tap “MTN Services >> then, click “MTN Backup” >> next, tap the “Backup SIM Contacts”. At this point, you’ll get a pop-up notification saying “Do you want to save your SIM phonebook” or Synchronize? Choose “OK”, and the backup process will begin immediately.

How To Restore Backup Contact through the MTN BackUp Online Portal

You can complete the process if you are a subscriber on the MTN Backup portal. And this has to do with internet-enabled phones (smartphone).

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

  • Enable your phone data connection.
  • Open/load your phone’s browser.
  • Visit the MTN Backup Online Page.
  • Log in with your phone number and password.
  • Once you have successfully logged into the account, do proceed to the dashboard and check your backup session under “devices” to determine when you did the last backup.
  • Here, you’re to choose the device you want to retrieve the contacts to and ensure the device matches the one you have presently.
  • Carry on by pressing “Sync now” to start the process.
  • Shortly after that, you’ll get a message to notify you that the MTN server is about to perform synchronization.
  • Click “Continue” and the process will start right away. On this, the provider will notify you that synchronization is in progress through a text message.
  • Finally, you will receive one last message telling you that your contacts have been successfully restored.

How to retrieve my phones and SIM Contact using the MTN BackUp Code

MTN backup restore code makes it easier for you to retrieve phone/SIM contact just by sending SMS with the word “START” to 307 or 7013. And then, follow the prompts to complete the backup process.

While using the MTN Backup restore code, you’ll get an option to choose the One Off or Auto-renewal service.

The General Ways to Restore your Backed-up Contacts Without Internet Connection

After a SIM swop, mending a malfunctioning phone, or even accidentally deleting your contacts or lost, restoring your backed-up contacts is the best option to retrieve your contacts on your MTN SIM or mobile.

To recover your backed-up contact, all you have to do is follow these three steps, whether you have a high-end smartphone or a basic cellphone.

  1. Insert the MTN SIM in a device and tap MTN Services
  2. Touch MTN Backup

Please, do ensure you have N50 in your account balance as you will be billed N50 to restore contact successfully.

  • Lastly, tap Restore

You see to restore a backed-up contact using this method, no internet connection is required. It’s simple to get to on any given day and at any given hour!

How to backup MTN contacts using the MTN Backup App

In using the MTN Back-Up App on your phone to back-up your contacts, here’s a detailed process on how to go about it:

  • Open the MTN App.
  • Scroll down to “MTN Services” on the menu.
  • Tapping “MTN Services” opens the “MTN Backup” option.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Backup SIM Contacts“.
  • At this point, a pop-up message will appear asking you if you want to save your SIM phonebook or synchronize it. Reply by choosing “OK” to complete the backup process.

How much does MTN Backup Cost?

You’ll be charged N100 on your first MTN Backup session, and future sessions will cost N50. The fee is the same regardless of how many contacts are backed up.

It will cost you N50 to have access to your saved contacts when wanting to retrieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions on MTN Backup

The following are questions you may likely ask about the MTN Back-Up Service:

Which Password will I use to Login on the MTN Backup Page?

The password used when creating the MTN Back-Up account.

What if you do not remember my MTN Back Up password?

Visit the MTN Back-Up Online Portal, and click the “Forgot your password” option below the “Login” button to reset the password.

Does MTN backup only backup contacts stored on your SIM?

No! It’s worth noting that MTN backup not only backs up contacts on your SIM, but it may also back up contacts on your phone up to 5000 contacts.

Still have more questions about the MTN Back-Up Service, text STATUS to 307 or 7013 to verify the status of the MTN Backup service or SMS HELP to 307 or 7013 to obtain further support for the MTN Backup service.


Know how to retrieve your MTN Backup mobile contact numbers today and never have the fear of losing your contacts when your phone, SIM, or both get lost.

With this review, should be able to know how to recover phone contact numbers with MTN backup service and restore your backed-up contacts without need wasting much time going to do MTN Welcome Back.

I believe you’ve learned everything you need to know about MTN Backup and how to restore your backup contacts.

Was this article useful to you? If YES, do share to help others also. Thanks for reading through, see you in the next update.

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