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Review on Luminous Inverters- Price, product line-up, Specification & Features

Luminous is the leading power technologies brand in India that specialized in power inverter, inverter batteries, UPS, solar applications, and other home electrical appliances such as Fans, Wires and Switches.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing on the Luminous Inverters as one of the products offers by Luminous Power Technologies.

Luminous Power Inverters

Luminous is a global brand of power technologies and as such, their power inverters seems to be among the best inverter in Nigeria. Luminous Power Technologies has been building inverters that have a long-lasting reputation for quality power inverters to overcome the fear of unstable power supply before the lights go out to the grid.

These inverters have fast charging technology that is compatible with the intermittent power supply. These mean that with a few hours of PHCN supply, you can easily charge your luminous inverter batteries to full capacity.

Luminous inverters have a capacity performance that ranges 600 VA to 3.5KVA for low power applications, 10 KVA for commercial applications, and offer 3 phase inverters up to 150 KVA. While 850VA for high powered applications.

Luminous Inverter review, price, features and specs

Where to buy luminous inverter

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Luminous Inverters product Line-up & Series

Luminous inverters products line up comes three (3) series and this make up the types of luminous inverters. They are as follows:

  • Low capacity inverters
  • High capacity inverters
  • Solar inverters
  • Regalia 1.5KVA/48V

Luminous Low capacity inverters

In this series, luminous inverters come in two types, they are; EcoVolt and Zelio low capacity luminous inverters. The luminous low capacity inverters have a capacity from 600 VA up to 3.5KVA for powering low applications.

Luminous High capacity inverters

Find in the luminous high capacity inverter is the Cruze UPS/inverters. This inverter can run sensitively and power heavy load equipment in addition to meeting regular lighting requirements.

Cruze inverter comes in model ranging from 2.5KVA, 3.5KVA, 5.5KVA, 7.5KVA, and 10KVA in-line with the following capacities 2500VA/36V, 3500VA/48V, 5500VA/96V, 7500VA/120V, and 10000VA/180V in respect to their KVA.

Luminous Solar inverters

The Luminous Solar Inverters is a hybrid inverter that supports both charging the batteries using Solar panels and main electricity sources. It comes in two models which are the Solar NXG 875 and Solar NXG 1.5KVA with a capacity of 875VA and 1.5KVA respectively. See review for more information you may wish to know about luminous solar inverters.

Luminous Regalia 1.5KVA/48V

This is a portable smart power luminous inverter that is wifi and app-enabled. It is ideal for home and office use. To know more about the Luminous Regalia 1.5KVA/48V, See review.

Types of Luminous Inverter

  • Luminous Eco Volt Inverters
  • Luminous Zelio Inverters
  • Luminous Cruze 2.5KVA – 10KVA Inverter
  • Luminous Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • Luminous Pro 3 Phase Inverter
  • Luminous Regalia 1.5KVA/48V Inverter

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Luminous inverter prices in Nigeria

The capacity, voltage and price of the luminous inverter are stated below for clear understanding on luminous inverter price in Nigeria:

  • 900VA / 12V (Zelio) – ₦57,500
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Zelio) – ₦81,500
  • 1KVA / 12V (ECOVOLT) – ₦59,500
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (ECOVOLT) – ₦77,500
  • 850VA / 12V (Solar Hybrid) – ₦60,500
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Solar Hybrid) – ₦90,500
  • 3.5KVA / 48V (Cruze) – ₦235,000
  • 4KVA / 48V (Cruze) – ₦253,000
  • 5KVA / 48V (Cruze) – ₦528,000
  • 7.5KVA / 120V (Cruze) – ₦684,000
  • 10KVA / 180V (3 Phase) – ₦990,000
  • 15KVA / 240V (3 Phase) – ₦1,365,000
  • 20KVA / 240V (3 Phase) – ₦1,578,500
  • 2.5KVA / 48V – 152,400 Naira
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Intelligent Inverter ) – 85,000 NGN

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Luminous Inverter Battery Prices

  • 12V / 200 AH SMF Battery cost from the range of 122,000 Naira to 140,000 Naira
  • 12V / 150 AH SMF Battery price is between 90,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira
  • 150VA /12V (Wet Cell) cost between ₦99,000 to ₦120,000
  • 220 VA / 12V (Wet Cell) cost from ₦132,000 to ₦158,000

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Luminous Inverter Types by KVA specs

  • Luminous Cruze inverter 2.5kva
  • Luminous Cruze 3.5 kva inverter
  • 5.5KVA luminous Cruze inverter
  • Cruze 7.5KVA luminous inverter
  • Luminous Cruze inverter 10KVA
  • 1.5kva luminous inverter
  • Luminous 7.5kva inverter
  • Luminous 1.5kva solar hybrid inverter
  • 5kva luminous inverter

Luminous solar panel price in Nigeria

Luminous 300W /24V Poly Solar Panel cost at ₦63,250.00

Types of luminous solar panel

  • Luminous solar panel 200 watt
  • Luminous solar panel 320 watt
  • Luminous solar panel 150 watt
  • Luminous solar panel 3kw
  • Luminous solar panel 2kw
  • Luminous solar panel 165 watt
  • Luminous solar panel 105 watt
  • luminous solar panel 5kw

Luminous Solar Panel Features & Specifications


  • Features an advanced EVA encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • It is best in class conversion efficiency
  • They have anti reflective coating for more light absorption
  • Luminous solar panels are optically, mechanically & electrically tested
  • The features high strength aluminum frame design to offer high torsion resistance
  • They are compliance to IEC standards.

Luminous inverter office in Nigeria

To find luminous inverter offices near you, see below for their office address in Nigeria:

Luminous Inverter Office in Lagos

Simba Group of Companies 77/79 Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos.

Luminous Inverter Office Ikeja Branch

52 Morrison Crescent, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos

Luminous Inverter Office Oregun Branch

31 Ize Iyamu Street, Off Billings Way, Oregun, Lagos.

Luminous Inverter Office in Abuja (FCT)

107 Adetokunbo Ademola Crst, Opp. A.P. Plaza, Wuse II Abuja.

For more information, you can reach them via call on +234 700 111 22 33


The popularity of the Luminous Inverter has increased, perhaps due to its affordable prices, but also its availability and service in the region like Nigeria, Africa, and India.

It is possible to sell luminous inverters individually or with a battery and other accessories.

Luminous inverters deliver pure sine wave from your gadgets that lead to no humming sounds. It charges your battery two times faster as well. Its built-in UPS means that both an inverter and a UPS are available, saving space and cash.

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