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A Complete Review You Should Know About Luminous Power Technologies

Searching for the best power backup (inverters), solar appliances, inverter batteries, and home electrical appliances company, consider Luminous Power Technologies to be the first in your mind.

Contain here are all the information you should know about Luminous Power Technologies, its products and services, partners and more.

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About Luminous Power Technologies

Luminous Power Technologies is one of the leading home electrical company/specialists in India with a vast collection of power back up solutions ranging from power inverters, UPS, inverter batteries, solar applications alongside electrical appliances such as fans, wires, and switches etc.

It was Founded in 1988, has its headquarters located in New Delhi, India, and the parent organization is Schneider Electric with a subsidiary of Tritronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

here are all the information you should know about Luminous Power Technologies, its products and services, partners

It is a completely owned subsidiary of the $25 billion Schneider Electric Group. Luminous Power Technologies headquarters are in India, the reason is that is where it enjoys the leading share in the power inverter industry, and also from where its products is been exported to over 36 countries in the world.

Luminous Power Technologies has 7 manufacturing units, with more than 28 sales offices in India and distribute to over 36 countries worldwide, it employs 6000 employees that serve millions of customers and has more than 60,000 channel partners.

Their motto has always been “Customer Delight through Innovation and Passion with focus on Execution and Team-work”.

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Luminous Power Technologies in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Luminous Power Technologies is the leading brand of inverters and online UPS systems that is marketed, distributed and serviced by Wandel International, part of the Simba Group of Companies.

Luminous Power Technologies has won multiple awards including ‘Best Inverter Brand’ conferred by the Institute of Brand Management in Nigeria, the International Brand Management Association and the African Institute of Brand Management.

Internationally, the brand has been deemed a ‘Superbrand’ and been recognized by Frost and Sullivan for the technology it employs.

Luminous Power Technologies and Wandel International

Wandel International is a part of the Simba Group, they are the sole distributor of Luminous products in Nigeria, and also enjoy the leading market share in the country.

Wandel International helps Luminous Power Technologies operates a network of eight branches, ensuring the availability of its products and services throughout Nigeria, with its reach extending to the remotest corners of the country.

The Simba Group was found in Nigeria in 1988, is a conglomerate with operations across Nigeria’s most dynamic economic sectors. The Group commands leadership positions in all five of its companies that share a simple, yet effective, vision which is “providing the customer with unparalleled satisfaction before, during, and after the sales process”.

This Group has businesses operating in a number of sectors critical to Nigeria’s sustained development such as agriculture, alternative energy, backup power supply systems, ICT infrastructure development, and commercial vehicle sales and servicing, networking, and data transmission.


The following below are products offers by Luminous Power Technologies:

  • Low capacity inverters (Eco Volt and Zelio)
  • High Capacity inverters (Cruze Series)
  • Regalia
  • Solar Hybrid UPS
  • Luminous Delite
  • Batteries


Looking for services offered by Luminous Power Technologies, see it below:

  • Inspection and Load Estimation: Their technical team will work with you to determine what kind of service that is best for your product you need, and offer service based on that.

They can also arrange for a site inspection and load estimation, which will help you to better determine the kind of service you need depending on their product which you’re using.

  • Delivery and Installation: They provide a delivery services if required. They also recommend that you always use a Simba Service approved installer for your installation. For their installers will help you understand how their product you’re using works, and also under what conditions it should operate.
  • Premium Service and Support: They have a premium service support that will guide you all time when you needed by support.
  • A dedicated service portal for customers: Customers looking for the service of products that is been marketed by Simba, click here to get more information from their dedicated customer service site.


By joining the ever-growing network of Luminous Power Technologies channel partners, you benefit from a host of value-adding services like:

  • Their partnership unites you with the market leader of the ever-growing Inverters and Online UPS Industry in Nigeria and helps you take advantage of invaluable opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Partners have an unparalleled competitive advantage with market visibility and preferential pricing, in addition to enjoying lucrative trade promotion schemes, like all expense to be paid foreign trips.
  • Partners enjoy extensive marketing, technical and warranty support which empowers you to sell more and also earn more.
  • Partners also enjoy 24×7 access to our award-winning customer service network – the Simba Service.

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