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Comprehensive Review on Genus Inverter – Prices, Specs & Features

Genus Inverter Review – Looking for the best quality, smart, and portable power solar inverter for your home, office, industrial, or any, the Genus inverter is the best bet for you. Contain in this guide is everything you should know about the Genus solar inverter.

Let’s get started.

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Where to Buy Genus power inverter

Konga Nigeria – See Offers


The Genus inverter is a brand of inverter that is of high quality. They are sine wave inverters that are built with advanced ASIC technology.  This inverter is produced by Genus innovation, a part of the Kailash group.

You can be sure of getting the same quality of power with the mains. This will bring the needed safety in power to your office and home gadgets, equipment and appliances.

You can power your small energy bulbs, fans, laptops, desktop, Refrigerator and other rechargeable stuff with this inverter. This brand of inverter is cost effective too.


See below for Genus inverter features:

  • Genus inverter are smartly designed and are cost effective
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They are dependable and advance grade DSP technology
  • It produces pure sine wave output in a regulated manner
  • It can be used to run heavy machinery, ACs, lights and fans which cut across homes, industrial spaces and commercial spaces
  • They are Cold start inverters
  • They are Generator compatible
  •  It runs Auto self test on LCD
  • Noise free performance
  • Helps to ensure longer battery life.
  • This inverter is really great for security systems, bank ATMs, data centers and medical diagnostic systems.
Everything you should know about genus inverter such as price, features, and specs


A typical Genus inverter comes with the following specs:

  • In form, it’s pure sine wave inverter
  • A state of the art IGBT based PMW technology
  • AC Motors and fans quiet operation
  • 4 batteries of 200AH/12V
  • Low battery indication and cut out

Genus Inverter Office in Nigeria

The contact address for Genus office is 77/79 Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos. Nigeria and their contact email is

Genus Inverter Prices in Nigeria

The Genus inverter prices in Nigeria vary and from our research, you can have a good Genus inverter ranging from 70,000 Naira – 790 million Naira.

The prices for these inverters depends mainly on whether battery is inclusive or not,  the rated power output, the level of sophistication, the location to buy from and its bundled accessories.

See Genus Inverter Prices

  • 10kva/120v Genus power inverter – N869,675,000
  • 10kva/180v Genus inverter – N790,125,00
  • 15KVA/240V Genus solar inverter – N1,614,650.00
  • Genus Inverter with 2.0kva/24v – N102,125.00
  • 20kva/360v Genus powered inverter – N1,986,000
  • Genus 3.5kva/12v power Inverter – N250,475.00
  • Portable Genus solar inverter 3.5kva/48v – N273,050.00
  • Genus power Inverter 7.5kva/120v – N720, 250.00

For Current Price, Click Here

Genus inverter battery

Genus Inverter Battery 12V 200V price, features and specs

The Genus inverter battery with 12V/200AH supplies high performance, zero maintenance batteries ideal for use with UPS and Inverters. Genus batteries are reliable, compactable & economical for all types of inverters that are used for a variety of domestic and office applications.

Genus inverter batteries are especially designed to support long & frequent power cuts. It’s loaded with various advanced features, Genus batteries ensure a tension-free, nonstop life. The plates are engineered to last longer than other Smf Vrla Batteries.

Shopping Genus Inverter Battery

Konga Nigeria – See Offers

They are really efficient while maximizing battery. It has a deep discharge, which means it can recover very fast after been drained in a short period of time. They have also been designed to support heavy duty applications.

Genus inverter batteries are also manufactured with Selenium low antimonial alloy which helps dry cell inverter batteries in areas with low and unstable power. They have corrosion resistant with applications capable of wide range use, from Homes, Hospitals, Offices, Schools etc. And also loaded with various advanced features.

Genus Batteries Features & Specs

  • 12V 200AH
  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Long-Lasting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Deep discharge
  • Support heavy duty appliances.
  • Reliable, compactable & economical for all inverter types

Genus Inverter battery Price

  • Genus Inverter Battery 12V/200AH ₦115,000.00 – ₦138,000.00
  • Genus 220AH 12v Tubular Wet Cell ₦ 133,000 – ₦ 143,000
  • Genus Inverter Battery 150ah/12V Smf ₦ 80,000 – ₦ 95,000

See the latest price for Genus inverter battery, Click Here

Genus Inverter Solar Panel

Genus inverter solar panel is produced by the Genus brand as well. It is an on-Grid and off-Grid rooftop solution. The solar panel is eco-friendly and has versatile applications. It is very easy to use in which energy efficiency is really high.  It has superior design quality, gives a top-notch performance and of course, its outstanding feature is that it is really affordable.

Genus inverter solar panel has the following price

  • Genus invomax tall panel 220ah tubular – N120,000
  • Genus luminous tall panel 220ah tubular – N120,000

See the latest price for Genus inverter battery, Click Here

List of best genus inverter to buy for home use

 The following Genus inverter is best for your home;

Genus 875VA/12V Inverter with digital display

This is a good inverter that you can use to beat the power shortage in your home. This inverter is affordable with 46,000NGN; you can have this for keeps. This inverter will help keep your expensive appliances at home very safe. You will get a noise –free performance with this inverter and it comes with a three stage battery charger.

Genus 3.5Kva/48V Inverter

This is one of the best Genus inverter you can buy for your home appliances ranging from ceiling fans, lights, air coolers and rechargeable gadgets.

It gives virtually noiseless operation, it gives maximum protection to equipment, provides deep discharge battery charging. You can be sure of having quiet operation for both your fans and AC motors. It is generally a pure sine wave inverter.

List of best Genus inverter to buy for office use

If you are looking to get the best of genus inverter for your office you can pick any of these below:

Genus 1500VA/24V pure sine wave inverter

You will have peace of mind using this inverter for your office power need. This inverter has high surge withstand capability up to 300%, it has a battery state monitoring.

It also provides clean quality power supply which helps keep your expensive office equipment 100% safe and it is also generator compatible.

Genus 10kva/180V inverter

This is another good Genus inverter for your office use. It is a pure sine wave inverter which is designed of IGBT technology. It has an extended backup and battery life.

You will be sure of getting maximum protection to your office equipment. It has a user friendly LCD display and has a deep discharge battery charging. With N548,000 you can get this for office easy use.

List of best Genus inverter to buy for industrial use

Genus 5Kva/48v inverter

This is one of the best Genus inverters for industrial use in the market today. It is also a pure sine wave inverter. This inverter gets your industrial power needs covered. It has a low battery indication with good battery life.

It is noiseless and very user friendly. You can get it a lot cheaper now because it has been reduced from its initial price of 478,000 to N342,500.00. So it more affordable now.

Genus 5KVA/96V Inverter+ 8 units of 12V/200AH Batteries

Another outstanding industrial use Genus inverter is this Genus 5KVA/96V Inverter + 8 unit of 12V/200AH Batteries. It comes with low battery protection for enhanced battery life.

It has smart thermal management with protection for all industrial equipment. It has a user-friendly LCD as well, for status. It is a good power-saving inverter with a compact design. There is a slash in its price now; it has been reduced from N1,410,000.00 to N1, 410, 000, 00. So you can go get yours.


 Here you have it, all the information you needed about Genus inverter. This review will help you to take an informed decision when you decide to go for a good brand of inverter.

If you have been thinking about cutting down on your electric power and consuming less energy then go for Genus inverter, its battery, and solar panel. It has enhanced specs and features.

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