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Complete Review on All You Should Know About Sukam Inverter – Prices, Specs & Features

Do you want to know more about SuKam inverters such as price, specifications, features, Su-Kam inverter series, batteries capacity/price, SuKam solar panels/prices, list of best Su-Kam inverters to use at the home, office, and industries. You’re in the right place.

Contain here are all you should know about the Su-Kam inverter. This review covers everything you intend to know about the Sukam inverter ranging from its price, features, and specs.

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Where to buy Sukam Inverter

Konga Nigeria – See Offers


sukam inverter review, price, features and specifications

Sukam inverter is a product manufactured by Sukam power systems ltd, an Indian based company across 90 countries, and a leading international brand for backup power solution mainly for businesses and homes. Sukam inverter can be described as pure sine wave inverters with UPS.

The Sukam inverter comes with an output power that ranges from 800VA to 50,000VA. It can be used to power appliances and gadgets both in the home and in the office like ceiling fans, energy bulbs, home theater, desktop, air cooler, television etc alongside heavy-duty equipment.


Sukam inverter has the following features:

  • Su-kam inverter are sine wave models inverter                                                  
  • They deliver clean power free of harmonics
  •  It comes with built-in UPS
  • Some Su-kam inverter series are solar ready (hybrid inverter) which enable charging the inverter with solar panels
  • Sukam inverter also comes with a solar charge controller line for regular inverters, if need be for an upgrade for solar energy.
  • The inverter is the popular used sukam falcons inverter series


A typical Sukam power inverter will have the following specifications:

  • Voltage: 200v
  • Output power: 0.9KVA above
  • Waveform: square wave or pure sine wave
  • Operating temperature: 0 Celsius to 45 Celsius
  • Humidity : 0.95
  • Protection:  short circuit protection, low battery cut off and over load protection
  • Recharge time : 0- 10 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Color: variant colors

Office in Nigeria

Sukam power systems Nigeria limited has its office located at 1 Olornfunmi Street, Off Oregun Road, Ojota, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The official website is

Prices in Nigeria

The Sukam inverter prices in Nigeria vary and from findings, you can have a good Sukam inverter ranging from 59,000 Naira to 5.5 million Naira. The prices for these inverters depend mainly on the rated power output, whether the battery is inclusive or not, the level of sophistication, the location to buy from, and its bundled accessories.

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Sukam inverter prices

The following are the prices for various KVAs of Sukam inverter:

  • Su-Kam power inverter with 1100VA cost at 99500NGN
  • Sukam 1.6KVA inverter 79,000
  • Portable Sukam 2.5KVA Inverter 200,000
  • 5.0KVA Su-Kam power inverter NGN 415,000
  • Sukam Power Inverter 10KVA 920,000
  • Su Kam 15KVA Inverter 1,438,000
  • 25KVA Sukam Inverter 2,173,000
  • Sukam 30KVA Power Inverter 2,633,000
  • 40KVA Su-Kam Solar Inverter 3,438,000
  • Su-Kam 50KVA Solar Inverter 5, 640,500   

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Sukam Inverter Battery

Sukam inverter battery and prices

Getting a Sukam inverter battery for your inverter might be just what you need to prolong your inverter life. You can get this brand inverter battery either online or office. Its prices range from 40,000 Naira – 100,000 Naira depending on your location and size. See Latest price here.

Solar Panel

The Sukam inverter solar panel is produced by the Su-kam power system a leading solar retail brand, they are made of the best silicon cells which are gear towards giving higher performance.

The Su-kam inverter powered solar panel comes from 40 watts – 320 watts in polycrystalline technology. It gives up to 16% cell conversion efficiency.

The Su kam inverter solar panel comes in 30, 60, and 72 cells. This solar panel is very reliable and can last up to 25 years depending on usage.

Watt and Price

These are the SuKam solar panel in respect with its watt and its prices:

  • Su kam solar panel with 40 watt: $ 2300
  • Sukam 75 watt solar panel: $4000
  • Sukam 100 watt panel: $4300
  • Sukam solar panel with 150 watt: $6500
  • Sukam 250 watt inverter solar panel: $11,500
  • Sukam inverter solar panel with 320 watt: $11,900

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Sukam Inverter Series

  • The Brainy Inverter Series: This is one of the series of Su kam inverter that are pure sine wave models. They are mainly home use and you will be sure of getting pure clean power from them.
  • The Colossal Series: These are DSP sine wave inverters that produces super silent solution to power needs. They are powered with efficiently regulated, reliable and stabilized pure sine wave output. These series of inverter is used for big organization.
  • Sukam Falcons Inverter Series: This is another series of sukam inverter that is quite reliable and dependable.

List of best Su-kam Inverter to buy for home use

The following are best Sukam inverter to buy for your home use:

Sukam 5KVA inverter

This is one of the best home use Sukam pure sine ware inverter you will enjoy. It is a high quality 5KVA 48 volts sukam inverter. This inverter is very easy to install at home and cost 1,013,000NGN.

It is ideal for the home and can be used to power energy bulbs, television, and refrigerator. You will have constant, uninterrupted voltage and frequency, user friendly and display with this inverter.

Sukam 2.5KVA Inverter

The Sukam 2.5KVA Inverter is a great 48 volts inverter that you can use to power appliances and gadgets at home. It will be the best bet for you if you are thinking about an uninterrupted power for your home.

You can use the recommended 200Ah battery with it, to get the best off it. You can power lights, ceiling fans, phones and other accessories at home with it.

List of best Su-kam Inverter to buy for office use

Sukam pure Sine ware inverter 25KVA

This is powerful heavy gauge power inverter that is from the sukam colosasal series. This giant inverter is very good for firms and commercial use. It can power banks gadgets, shopping malls, petrol pumps, hospital gadgets etc. it comes with a LCD panel for both input and output frequency same with input and output voltage

Sukam 10KVA inverter

This inverter will set you back at 2,853,000NGN but you will get the best benefit for your office power need. This inverter comes with factory 15200AH batteries, a rack with free installation. You will be sure of getting your office equipment power by it.

List of best Sukam Inverter to buy for industrial use

Sukam pure sinewave inverter 50KVA

The Sukam pure sine wave inverter 5KVA is made available for industrial needs of your organization. You can use it for lights, lifts, elevators, air conditioners and other industrial equipment available where you are.

This inverter supplies clean power which can’t be compared to what is obtainable from the power grid. So you can run the most sensitive and technically complex equipment with it with no issues.

Sukam 15kva Inverter

This is another powerful Sukam inverter for your industrial needs. It is a 15KVA super inverter that has all the qualities of a high demanding inverter for industrial use. It comes with an auto self test on LCD panel and can power industrial equipment and gadgets on a go.


If you are looking to buy an inverter then you should try out the Sukam inverter. You have here all the information to help you make a better choice of your inverter need. Should in case you have any questions regarding this brand of an inverter, please feel free to Contact Us or use the comment box below. We will get in touch with you ASAP.

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