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Complete Review On All You Need To Know About Microtek Inverter – Prices, Specs & Features

These article contains reviews on all the information you intended knowing about the Microtek Inverter and all its details such as prices of the Microtek inverter, features & specifications, offices in Nigeria, Microtek inverter series, it uses in different places like home, office and industries.

We’ll also go further to give you insight about it batteries & prices review, solar panels and prices review alongside the best type to buy for your home, office, and small business.

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Microtek Inverter reviews, Prices, Specs & Features

Microtek inverter is a product that is manufactured by Microtek international Inc. The company is a Taiwan based multinational manufacturer of consumer electronics and other digital imaging products.

Microtek inverter can be said to be used for the supply of an uninterrupted 220V AC or 110V AC which this depends solely on the line voltage of a particular country.

Microtek inverter gives a constant AC Voltage at its output socket when the AC mains power supply isn’t available.

Where to Buy Microtek Inverter

Konga Nigeria – See Offers


A typical Microtek inverter in the Nigerian market comes with the following features:

  • It is usually built with micro-controlled based intelligent control design
  • Produces pure sine wave output
  • It has no humming noise from inductive loads like fans
  • Microtek inverter supports a wide range of batteries
  • It gives a safe, efficient, and noiseless performance
  • It comes with a voltage range selection switch
  • It comes with a 2 years warranty when purchased directly from the company


A good Microtek inverter has the following specs, see below:

  • Input voltage i.e. standard range between 100-300 voltage
  • Charging current 10Amps
  • Output power 760watts
  • Rated capacity 950VA
  • Narrow voltage range 180V-260V
  • efficiency battery mode >80%

Office in Nigeria

If you’re searching for the Microtek inverter offices in Nigeria, the following offices offer Microtek inverters in Nigeria:

  • Solar Bank Africa: Ralph Shodehinde Street, Abuja, FCT. Nigeria
  • Protex Power and Energy: 113, Ramat Crescent Ogudu Lagos, Nigeria
  • Netsat Communications: 9, Jagunmolu Street, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Arhur Energy Technology: 71 Okota Road Isolo, Lagos Nigeria
  • Joepascal Electrical: 1, Location Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
  • Solar energy: 182 Aba road ,Waterlines, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
  • Lumos: 1 Adeola Odeku street, Victoria island Lagos, Nigeria
  • M.P.Infrastructure: 25.Bisola Durosmi Etti Drive , Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria.

Microtek  Inverter Prices in Nigeria

The prices for Microtek inverter in Nigeria vary and as such you need to check out the one you need with its price. The prices of Microtek inverter are of the following prices in naira:

  • Microtek 2300VA (2.3KVA) Inverter – ₦78,000
  • Microtek Inverter 3.6kva – ₦192,000
  • Microtek Solar 3.6KVA Power Inverter – ₦205,000
  • Microtek Min Power Inverter 5.5kva – ₦371,000
  • Microtek Power 5.5 KVA Inverter – ₦430,000
  • Microtek UPS Hybrid HB 725VA Sine Wave inverter – ₦19,398
  • Microtek M-SUN SOLAR PCU 2335N/24V – ₦53600
  • Microtek M-SUN SOLAR PCU 2035N/24V – ₦50, 026
  • Microtek M-SUN SOLAR PCU 1435N/12V – ₦43,390
  • Microtek M-SUN SOLAR PCU 1235N/12V – ₦36,243
  • Microtek Inverter UPS EB 1200 (1100VA) 850 Watts Digital Inverter – ₦23,205
  • Microtek inverter UPS EB 1200 (850 watts digital inverter) – ₦20,500

For latest price, Click Here

Note that other heavy duty types from our findings range between NGN 400,000 – 600,000NGN

Battery Types

Microtek inverter batteries

There various types of Microtek inverter batteries in the market. They include:

  • Microtek EB 1700 140Ah inverter battery
  • Microtek EB 3024 100AH Tubular battery
  • Microtek inverter batteries EB-1900
  • Microtek 160 AH JUMBO Tubular battery
  • Microtek  Digi power inverter battery, 12V MODEL No. 30m Rh 540
  • Lead acid microtek inverter and battery combo
  • Microtek Mteck power inverter battery 150AH
  • 100% Hadi Tubular technology microtek inverter battery capacity 140Ah
  • 150Ah Microtek Tubular inverter battery

Solar Panel

These are solar panels produced by the Microtek brand. This panel helps in providing access to free sources of solar energy to the battery. The solar panels are manufactured in state-of-the-art automatic. It brings super-fast charging and more battery life

Solar panel price

  • 40 watt – $2400
  • 50 watt – $2800
  • 75watt – $4200
  • 100 watt – $5400
  • 250 watt – $12,000
  • 315 watt – $14,000

See the latest prices here

Microtek Inverter Series

Microtek inverter comes in different series depending on its KVA. The following makes up its series

  • 3.5 kva Series
  • 2kva Series
  • 1.6kva Series
  • 2.5kva Series
  • 2.3kva Series
  • 1.5kva Series

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 List of best Microtek inverter to buy for home

The best Microtek inverter to buy for your home includes:

Microtex –UPS 24×7 HB 725 VA

This is the best Microtek inverter for small home needs. It comes with adequate protection features. It can be used to power lights, mixers, grinders and small fans

Microtek inverter UPS SEBz 1100 VA

 This is great for a big home; it has a capacity of 1100VA and comes with a 2 year warranty. It can be used to power refrigerators, lights and computers

Microtek UPS Sebz 1100VA pure sine wave inverter

This is another inverter that is ideal for big homes. It can be used for electrical appliances such as lights, computers, fans and others

Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950 VA Hybrid Sine Wave inverter

This is a lovely home use inverter produced by Microtex. It has a 950 VA capacity. This inverter can be used to power computer, lights, few fans, television and other home gadgets.

List of best Microtek inverter to buy for office use

The following inverters can be great for office use

Microtex sine wave UPS SEBz 1100VA

This is the inverter that is created for office use. It is noiseless and comes with a LED display that works on CCTV technology. It can be used with desktops, air conditioners and television.

Microtek UPS E2Plus 925VA inverter

 This is another high inverter produced for office use; it can be used for office gadgets like desktop, scanner, laptop, air cooler, television etc.

List of best Microtek inverter to buy for home industrial use

Microtek industrial inverter, rated capacity: 500Va -100Kva

This is one of the best industrial inverter you can get from Microtex that can serve your industrial power need better. It has a rated capacity of 500VA-100Kva with a single phase. You can get this between 900,00-1,200,000NGN depending on where you buy from.

It has the capacity to power industrial machine, equipment and gadget. If you are looking for high output and frequency same with an uninterrupted power supply then going for this inverter should be your best bet.

2Ka 24v Microtek inverter

Another good Microtek uses inverter for your industrial power needs. This goes for about #80,000. It is a 2KVA 24V pure sine wave model inverter with visual indicators. It has control panel with battery charging indicator as well.

It is protection overload and has very low noise level. It comes with a 2 years warranty. You are sure of uninterrupted power for your industrial equipment and gadgets.


Microtek inverter is an outstanding brand that offers the best only for power solution. The brand is user friendly and supply only best products that will satisfy their customers. You can go check out their inverters.

Contact Us or use the comment box below to message us regarding any information/questions about Microtek inverter and we’ll answer you ASAP.

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