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Fact You Should Know About Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Its Properties & Benefits

Review on Pure Sine Wave Inverter – As you know an inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current to alternating current in order to supply power as an alternative backup when the power supply from the grid isn’t available.

So one of such is the pure sine wave inverter, in this post you will be furnish with the right information about this kind of inverter, what it entails, its features and attributes. You will be equipped with the fact, so that you can make or take an informed decision in case you decide to buy it.

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I know many will ask “What’s really a Pure Sine Wave Inverter”. Here is it. A pure sine wave inverter is an inverter that produces power which is better or equal to power produced in the home. This inverter is built with the use of sophisticated technology which will aid in the protection of electronics, most especially the sensitive ones.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter review, prices, features, specs, benefit, fact and properties

It can be used to power electronics equipment like laptops, radios, television, fridges etc. The fact is that this inverter can specially power any heavy duty appliances like ACs, refrigerators, pumping machines, washing machines and more without the fear of any damage or risk of getting bad.

How does it work?

To know how pure sine wave inverter works,it does go through three (3) stages the oscillator stage, the amplifier stage and the output transfer stage. See below for more reviews on how pure sine wave inverter work:

Oscillator Stage

This is the stage by which the inverter generates oscillating pulses via the IC circuit. The Alternate positive and negative voltage is generated at this stage but they are so weak to power up any high current output transformer so it is pushed to the amplifier stage.

Amplifier Stage

In this stage, the alternate voltage generated by the inverter oscillator will be amplified to high current. This amplified power is still in the AC form though which it voltage can still be said to be on the battery supply level. So to raise the voltage to meet with the voltage demands for electrical appliances then it must pass through the out transfer stage or transformer.

Output Transfer Stage

This is the final stage; here the power supply will be first reduced to lower specified AC levels. This will be via the magnetic induction of the transformer’s two windings.

Now the low-level AC power from the amplifier stage of the inverter is applied to the secondary windings of the transformer in the output transformer stage. So with this, the cycle is complete and voltage is increased which can now be used to power AC appliances.

What can it power?

The pure sine wave inverter can be used to power televisions, laptops, digital microwave, even fridges and other electronic equipments. They are the best in powering industrial equipments, commercial equipments alongside heavy duties equipments like deep freezers, air conditions, pumping machines etc

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Price In Nigeria

The following are pure sine wave inverter in Nigerian market and their prices:

  • Power inverter pure sine wave inverter NGN 13,830NGN
  • Felicity solar 7.5kva pure sine wave inverter NGN 430,100NGN
  • SS 2.5kva 24volt pure sine wave inverter NGN 144,000NGN
  • Xtrapower xtrapower pure sine wave inverter NGN 180,000NGN

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Generally, the pure sine wave inverter prices in Nigeria varies and from our findings, you can have a good pure sine wave inverter from the range of NGN 10,000 to 2 million  Naira.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The following are advantages of pure sine wave inverter:

  • Appliances and equipment run cooler and are more efficient
  • Telecommunication equipment run with less noise with it
  • Sensitive equipment are compatible with pure sine wave inverter 


See below for the disadvantages of pure sine wave inverter before buying:

  • there are a little costly than others
  • it mostly used as portable backup power

 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Benefits

They are numerous benefits you will derive from using pure sine wave inverter. These benefits include:

  • They are preferred inverters for almost all electronics
  • Pure sine wave inverter are always needed for a grid tie system
  • They are the best inverters for newly bought light bulbs, LED television, clocks, audio equipment and inductive loads like brushes motors
  • Pure sine wave inverters equipments hardly get damaged

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Vs Square Wave Inverter

Pure sine wave inverters are more efficient than the square wave inverter. It converts DC to AC easily unlike the latter. With this alone one’s electric doesn’t go up which is a great benefit to users.  

What is the difference between a pure sine wave AC Inverter?

The outstanding difference between them is cost and efficiency, though the modified one can manifest some interference which brings about less than pure current but in the same vein, they tend to be less costly than the rest of its pure sine counterparts.

How Efficient Are Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure sine wave inverter are really efficient because they start by giving clean power, they consumes less power too. They also maintain voltage and current at all safer levels. They are good because they are noiseless and they are almost faultless.

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter

To know which of this inverter is the best, the best pure sine wave inverter will depend on your needs but you need to consider the overload protection, USB ports for charging, if it has a good display to track current DC voltages and other features. So you check them out and go for what suits you.

Features and Specifications


The features of pure sine wave inverterinclude:

  • High stability
  • There’s improved protection function of over-voltage
  • It has protection for over-heating, under-voltage or short circuit
  • There’s stability when it comes to power supply.
  • pure sine wave inverter are efficient and practically noiseless
  • You will be sure of the safety of your equipment and appliances as it maintains voltage and it’s current at safe levels.


A typical pure sine wave inverter has the following specs:

  • Output – >90%
  • Protection: Automatic shutdown
  • Output voltage: (DC battery mode) 220/230/240
  • Output frequency:  (DC battery mode) 60/50HZ+1%
  • Transfer time: built-in AC bypass replay (<4ms)
  • Output frequency: (AC mains mode) automatic tracing from AC input


If you need a pure AC that resembles the one from power stations, then you don’t need to look further. Pure sine wave inverter might just be the perfect fit for you. You will enjoy this inverter because it is almost flawless to use.

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