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Etisalat Internet Configuration Settings Manually and Automatically

The Etisalat network is the most reliable carrier in the country, in terms of internet provision. The network has high-end equipment that will enable surfing the internet with it quite smooth and in a breeze.

The truth is that Etisalat is one network with incredible data plans for all its users, all these come with its subscription and codes. But the snag is that for all these great plans to work on your phone or mobile you need to have the correct Etisalat internet settings on your phone.

So with the numerous changes on the network, it might not be possible for everyone to get the 9mobile configuration settings automatically sent to their phone.

So if you are faced with this issue, you don’t need to keep waiting for the Etisalat network. This guide is here to lead you by hand to know how you can configure your Etisalat internet settings on your mobile device or any other devices that require the 9mobile internet settings.

How to do Etisalat Configuration Settings

To do the Etisalat internet settings, there are two ways of doing this on the Etisalat network. It can either be automatic settings or manual settings. It is always advisable to try out the automatic setting first since it simpler and straightforward to perform.

etisalat internet configuration for android and iPhone

Etisalat Internet Automatic Settings

This is a setting that is always sent directly to a user phone when it is requested for via a shortcode. The Etisalat internet settings code that it will be sent to is 790 and when once the SMS arrives the user is expected to save the information. This is usually the best way since it will save one a lot of energy and time.

To do the 9mobile internet settings using code, you need to know the Etisalat configuration settings code which is 790.

Steps to 9mobile Automatic Settings Guide

Now, to get this configuration automatically pushed to your phone by Etisalat, all you need to do is to go to your SMS menu, open and type SETTINGS, then send to 790. Wait for few seconds for the arrival of the SMS with the configuration settings.

When it arrived open the message, save it and then select activate all. You are done and you can connect to the internet to start surfing the internet on a go.

Pros of Using the Etisalat Automatic Configuration Settings

See the following for advantages of 9mobile internet automatic configuration settings:

  • It is easy to perform
  • It comes directly from the network
  • It will surely work, since it’s from the direct source (the network)
  • It a straightforward operation

Con of Using the 9mobile Automatic Configuration Setting

Below denote the disadvantages of using the Etisalat automatic internet settins:

  • It may not arrive as requested

Etisalat Manual Settings Guide

The manual configuration is mostly used if the automatic settings isn’t working (especially an old model phones), then you can manually set it up.

Sometimes you might request for the setting as stated above, but network might delay the settings or it might not just arrive at all.

It could be because of one reason or the other. So this means you will need to key in the needed data for each field as requested in the setting menu.

All you would need at this point, is the below information to input into the field as needed. So to configure your Etisalat internet settings yourself manually, you do the following:

Go to your phone setting, then to your mobile network settings, locate your wireless and networks open it. Move and click on networks but if you can’t find networks on your phone, you should see “more” which is under the wireless and networks then click on it  and key in the following:

  • On the profile /Access point name: type in Etisalat
  • On the APN/Access point: type Etisalat
  • On the space for username/login: leave this space blank
  • On the password space: leave it blank
  • The IP/Proxy: key in the following numbers
  • Port:  type in 8080

Note, always remember to leave your username and password options empty, no need filling them as requested by the network.

Pros of Etisalat Manual Configuration Settings

The following are the advantages of 9mobile internet manual configurations settings on your device:

  • It wills still works just like the automatic configuration setting
  • It is straightforward and doesn’t need a pre-knowledge
  • You can do without the network assistance
  • It is easy to perform

Cons of 9mobile Internet Manual Configuration Settings

The list below shows the disadvantages of Etisalat manual configuration settings:

  • It takes more time than the automatic setting
  • It needs one to know the right information to input
  • It may needs one doing a little research to get the computing right

Etisalat Internet Configuration Settings for 4G Network

If you want to or you are using the Etisalat 4G Network which is the fourth generation of cellular communication, so that you get a faster speeds when surfing the internet, then you have to configure your Etisalat internet settings to suit or accommodate this. 

So just like the earlier settings configuration discussed here, you will have to locate the Add new APN on your phone which you will find under wireless and network, then you can key in the following data:

  • Where you have Name: type Etisalat NG
  • For APN : Type Etisalat
  • Proxy: leave the space blank
  • Port: leave this blank
  • Username: leave it blank
  • Password; leave it blank
  • Server: leave this empty
  • MMSC : http//
  • MMS port – 8080
  • MMC -61
  • MNC -60
  • Authentication – leave it blank
  • APN type :  type default ,supi,mms
  • For APN protocol – ipv4
  • And APN roaming protocol – ipv4

Now if you only needed a configuration to enable you only surf the internet, then you are good with the above configuration settings but if you need to be sending and receiving files, then you need to configure your MMS as well.

Etisalat MMS Configuration Settings

MMS is an acronym for multimedia messaging service, this service is created just like the SMS, and this service allows users to send multimedia content.

Unlike sms which is only for text messages, multimedia can be used to send pictures, audio, video files and phone contacts. So to configure this setting on you device, you should key in the following data into the space provided:

  • Profile/Access point name: type Etisalat
  • APN/Access point: type in Etisalat
  • Username/ login :  leave it blank
  • Password: leave the space blank
  • The IP/Proxy :
  • The port: 8080
  • The Gateway IP server//URL/Home: key in


The truth remains that having internet access is like taking air now. It can be frustrating that you have your phone and your network intact but you can’t access the internet.

At this point, all you need do is to configure your settings to enable you to connect to the internet. So if you are on the Etisalat network, the above guide will be your best bet in getting your Etisalat configuration settings right.

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