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How To Apply EKEDC Prepaid Meter

If you want to know how to apply EKEDC Prepaid meter, please keep viewing this article. We’ve made the EKEDC Prepaid meter application process a very easy one.

Don’t worry about the steps on how to apply for the EKEDC Prepaid meter online or offline for its all highlight here.

Let’s get started!

EKEDC which initials stands for Eko Electricity Distribution Company is an electric utility company in Lagos. This electricity supplier company is responsible for the supply of electric prepaid meters to the southern part of Lagos and Agbara in Ogun state.

Their electric activities covers areas like Apapa, Festac, Ojo, Mushin, island, Agbara , Orile and Apapa. The company is located at number 25 Marina Road, Lagos island Lagos.

This piece is here to furnish you with all the details you need to know about Ekedc prepaid meter below.

How to Apply EKEDC Prepaid Meter

To get the Ekedc prepaid meter application done, then you’ll have to follow the below process:

Learn How To Apply EKEDC Prepaid Meter Online
  • Visit the official EKEDC websites through www.ekedp.com
  • Download and fill the prepaid meter form
  • Submit the EKEDC prepaid meter application form at the nearest Ekedc business unit
  • Then make your payment to any of the designated banks on the page
  • Then you are done.

Note, after you might have fill and submit EKEDC prepaid meter application forms, you’ll have to provide all stated supporting documents.  

After this, online confirmation of EKEDC customer debt profile and proposed settling/reconciliation will be applied based on the EKEDC Debt Recovery Policy.

And the ticket number will be generated upon completion of the online application process for the Eko Electricity Distribution Company.

When once the above has been completed, the customer is to proceed to MAP’s website to register with the ticket number and follows the process as laid down by the MAP for prepaid meter acquisition.

 Then, MAP will intimate the customer on the key steps as regards the installation process of the EKEDC new purchased prepaid meter.

How long will it take to receive my EKEDC Meter after Apply?

Know how long it will take you to get EKEDC prepaid meter after you might have finished the Eko electric prepaid meter application process during registering. 

After application process, prepaid meter shall be installed in any EKEDC customers premises within 10 business working days after payment is made. 

EKEDC Prepaid Meter Price

The cost price for the EKEDC prepaid meter is fairly expensive. EKEDC prepaid meter costs N36,991.30 for Single-phase while Three-phase goes for N67,055.85. Also, note that these prices are exclusive of VAT.

Can Someone Pay EKEDC Prepaid Meter Installment?  

To know what is the payment structure for EKEDC customers who choose to pay installments, see guide below: 

  • The said EKEDC customers are expected to clear all outstanding bills or agree on a settlement plan with Eko Electricity Distribution Company before the acquisition of meters under the MAP framework.
  • The Eko prepaid meters can also be acquired for those who cannot make full payment at the beginning of the EKEDC application process.

Note: The various options outline for financing are available on the MAP platform during the Eko electric prepaid meter application process, so customers can view and decide which best suits them.

What will I do if my EKEDC develop fault?

As a customer when your EKEDC prepaid meter develop a fault, you’re expect to contact Eko Electricity Distribution Company through the web portal, by doing this, it will be tabled and also reflect on the MAP platform for necessary action.

Then, to know how long will it take for EKEDC prepaid meter under MAP to be repaired or replaced, this can be done within two (2) working days upon early notification.

Many will ask? Who will now bears the cost for repairs or replacements EKEDC prepaid meter?

Well EKEDC customer’s prepaid meter shall be repaired or replaced at no additional cost within the amortization period of the asset unless the damage was as a result of the willful action of the said customer. 


Here, we have outlined the process for getting EKEDC prepaid meter under the new MAP scheme. Using this step-by-step guide will enable you to apply EKEDC meter and get it done within 10 business working days.

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