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Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Prepaid Meter Token Online In Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian? Searching for the top 10 best sites to buy prepaid meter tokens online in Nigeria? You’re on the right page.  

With the advancement of technology, a lot of things can be done from the confines of our homes. Buying prepaid meter tokens online is one of them. Those in Nigeria can now comfortably and conveniently purchase their prepaid meter token online.

There are a lot of sites out there that this can be done. So this piece has been put together to bring to your knowledge these different sites.

You wouldn’t need to waste your effort any longer to get your prepaid meter token at any business center or disco office. Just login into any of these sites and get yours today.

10 Best Sites To Buy Prepaid Meter Token Online

The following listed below are top 10 best sites to buy prepaid meter token online anywhere in Nigeria. Let’s get started.


buy prepaid meter token online from buypower

BuyPower is a utility payment platform that you can buy your prepaid meter token from. This platform is situated in Abuja. You just need your debit or credit card to buy your meter token from them.

To complete your transaction on the site you do the following:

Head to www.buypower.ng, Key in your phone number on the site and click to buy electricity, Fill in your location, your meter number, and how much electricity you want to recharge, then Move further to the payment information.

Select your preferred option for your payment via either your card or bank and make payment. Though there are different payments you can use.

When once your payment is successful, you would see the electricity token appears on your phone.

Instant Energy

If you want to get your prepaid meter token as a Nigerian. You can get to Instant Energy on your browser. The good thing is that you can buy your token at any time of the day.

Just get your card ready and make your payment and your token will be generated for you within minutes.

To buy an electricity token with Instant Energy, visit www.instantenergy.com, just create an account to buy your prepaid token. You can use your debit or credit card for payment.

VT pass

This is another great site you can use to get your prepaid meter token online in Nigeria. This platform is accessible 24/7 and customer care is on hands all the time to take orders.

To buy your token with VT Pass, log in to the site at www.vtpass.com and click on your company to buy your token. The site accepts both debit and credit cards.

So just make your payment and get your generated token via a SMS.


This is another safe and secured site you can buy your electricity token online from. You would need to sign up on the site at: www.irecharge.com.ng before proceeding to buy.

So head to www.irecharge.com.ng to sign up, then log in and click on the electricity menu to buy your prepaid token online with them.


Quickteller is another popular site you can quickly and conveniently buy your electric prepaid meter token online within Nigeria. Just visit www.quickteller.com, fill in your information on the form provided on the site, fill in your card details.

Confirm payment. When once your payment is successful, you would receive your token to input into your prepaid meter.

Bank Online Sites

The different banks of Nigeria have their different platform that they sell a different kind of service and electric token sale is one of such.

So you can log in to your own bank online site, choose your electric company, make payments and your token will be sent to your phone directly.


You can also purchase your prepaid meter token online from the official page of PHCN. So you head to www.phcnpins.com, then choose your electricity supplier, make payment, enter your OTP send to your phone to confirm payment and you have your token generated and send to your phone.


JumiaPay is a site that can be used to purchase a prepaid meter token online in a very convenience way. You wouldn’t be asked to pay any convenience fee or service charge like other sites.

So whenever you are buying a token here, you are saving at least #100 which would have been a charge for their service.

So do the following to buy your token from JumiaPay. Head over to www.pay.jumia.com.ng to sign up or log in using your registered email and password.

Click on electricity from the list of services. Pick your contract type – Prepaid or Postpaid. Choose location. Next, enter the meter number and the amount you wish to top-up.

Lastly, complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account on your secure payment platform. You are done.


To buy your prepaid token via this site, you would need to do the following: Head to www.nepa.ng. Select your electric company from the list of electricity companies displayed, Move further to the next page and key in your details: your meter number, the worth of electric unit you need to recharge, your phone number, and email.

Next, you can review your order summary, and then select your preferred mode of payment. Now, click on pay via bank transfer to bank from your bank or click on pay via credit to add your card details.

This will enable you pay via your ATM card. Immediately you would get your token on your phone, you need to end them in your meter and you are done.

Power 24.co.za

This is another secured site that you buy your prepaid meter token from. You need to log in to www.power24.co.za.  You make your payment for the exact tokens you need.

When once your payment is confirmed, then your token will be generated and sent to your sms number you had earlier provided.

You can now input it into your prepaid meter. The generation of the token might take up to 10 minutes, so you can wait a little if you don’t get it immediately via sms.


This list on top 10 best sites to buy prepaid meter token online is arrange in no order of seniority for all are good depending on one that salves you better.

With the help on generating electric token online, life is a lot easy now since there’s provision of a lot of services online, just like we have it good offline.

So if you need to purchase your prepaid token, you just need to use any of the above listed sites. You wouldn’t have to leave your location.

Just get online to these different sites and you would have being done with the exercises in no time.

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