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Review About EKEDC Prepaid Meter

Are you here to know more about the EKEDC Prepaid Meter? The acronym EKEDC which initials stands for Eko Electricity Distribution Company is an electric utility company in Lagos.

EKEDC electricity supplier is responsible for the supply of electric prepaid meters to the southern part of Lagos and Agbara in Ogun state.

Their electric activities covers areas like Apapa, Festac, ojo, Mushin, island, Agbara , Orile and Apapa. The company is located at 25 Marina Rd, Lagos island Lagos, Nigeria.

This piece is here to furnish you with all the details you need to know about EKEDC prepaid meter. Let’s get started.

To get the EKEDC prepaid meter, How does it work?

To get the EKEDC electric prepaid meter, then you have to follow the below process:

  • Visit the official EKEDC websites through www.ekedp.com
  • Download and fill the prepaid meter form (better still you can fill online).
  • Submit the EKEDC prepaid meter application form at the nearest Ekedc business unit
  • Then make your payment to any of the designated bank on the page
  • Then you are done,

How to bypass EKEDC prepaid meter

There are two possible ways by which you can bypass EKEDC electric prepaid meter. You just need to try any out and go for any that works better for you. See the following steps below:

Bypass EKEDC electric meter, Method 1

You would need to put a jumper in your meter terminal so that the connection is bypassed and the energy consumption isn’t registered.

Bypass EKEDC prepaid meter, Method 2

You can remove the external potential copper on the terminal. Such that you can have legal service but the meter cannot record the consumption for your bypass load.

Note, bypassing your EKEDC electric meter is against the law, and if caught in such act will pay the sum of N450,000 as a fine.

This became official in 2017 when Punch News reported that the Federal Government-backed Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) bypass issued on any electric vendor. Obey the law, please! Instead, see our guide on The PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat: How to Make Prepaid Meter Read Slowly.

ekedc prepaid meter general review

To recharge EKEDC prepaid meter online

Recharging your EKEDC prepaid meter online can be done in seconds. You just need to have few requirements needed to complete the online data and you are done.

The following are what you would need to recharge your EKEDC electric prepaid meter successfully:

  • EKEDC own prepaid meter number (you can copy it from the body of your meter or card)
  • Your mobile phone number (your token will be sent here after buying)
  • Email address (you’ll also receive your token here as well)
  • You would need an internet-enabled device. i.e Smartphone or PC
  • Lastly, your ATM card details (when can be verve, visa or master card)

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Steps to recharge EKEDC meter using nepa.ng now

  • Using any of your internet-enabled devices, open your browser and go to www.nepa.ng
  • Next, you would notice different DISCOs listed on the site. You can press EKEDC (Eko electricity distribution company and enter all needed information. These include electricity units, meter number, phone number, and your email, then hit the submit button.
  • Now, it’s time to review and submit your order summary, after this, you need to choose your preferred mode of payment whether by credit card or bank transfer
  • If you had correctly inputted your payment details, you would be taken to the final stage which is a page. On the page, you would be shown that your order has been confirmed. At this point, your email address and mobile number will receive the tokens instantly,
  • You would now enter your token correctly into your EKEDC prepaid meter; your meter will be automatically credited.

EKEDC Prepaid Meter Activation

To activate the Ekedc electric prepaid meter, you do the following:

  • After installing your EKEDC meter, you need to activate it by buying your token which will be given in two pairs and each contains 20 digits.
  • You will get your token on your phone number, you had earlier supplied
  • Key in the first 20 numbers on your meter and press enter
  • Your meter will display succeed, if carefully inputted
  • Then key in the last 20 digits and press enter, the meter will display succeed the second time
  • Then you are done. Your EKEDC meter has been successfully activated.

EKEDC prepaid meter error codes (problems)

The following are the errors associated with EKEDC electric meter

  • Old Error:  This is when credit token was loaded before the bonus token
  • Link Error:  This will display when the customer interface unit is not having a strong communication link with the prepaid meter
  • Reject Error: This shows that the EKEDC meter tariff is different from what the meter number had programmed.

How to install EKEDC prepaid meter

To get a EKEDC meter installed, you need to first apply for it by following the below steps:

  • You need to visit the Ekedc platform through ekedp.com. You would have to download and fill the prepaid meter form
  • Then you submit the prepaid meter application form at the nearest Ekedc prepaid meter business unit
  • Then you make payment to any of the authorized banks that is listed on the site
  • When payment has been confirmed, the team will come and installed it at your residence. This always happen within 10 working days.

How to buy EKEDC prepaid meter electricity online

Buying of Ekedc prepaid units online can be done in these steps below:

  • Login to www.nepa,ng
  • Choose the electricity company (Eko)
  • Enter your meter number
  • Enter the value of electricity credits you want in naria
  • Type in your email and phone number and press submit
  • Enter your card details
  • Confirm the order summary
  • You have bought your electric units

Another simple step to take if you need fast and easy online payment for your units is via jumiapay.  This step can be used when you want to purchase via jumiapay. So you can easily top up your prepaid meter using the below steps,


  • You need to sign up on their official site online
  • Then log in when done (you would need a password and your email used for signing up)
  • Next, choose electricity from the listed services
  • Now, choose your contract type whether postpaid or prepaid
  • Tap on EKO
  • If you had chosen prepaid, then you need to enter your meter number and the amount of money you want to top it up. But if you are about postpaid, you would only need to enter your account number and then the amount you want to pay
  • You can complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account on the site ( i.e. jumiapay)

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EKEDC prepaid meter price

The approved price for EKEDC prepaid meter is #67,055.85 for its three-phase prepaid meter and VAT isn’t inclusive here but for single phase it is #36,991.85. These prices are under the MAP (meter asset provider) scheme.


Here you have it, all the information you needed to know about EKEDC prepaid meter and its related services. Hope you found what you’re looking for and also enjoy reading this article. Please, share to help others as well.

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