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Different Ways On How To Recharge EKEDC Prepaid Meter Online

Are you in search of how to recharge EKEDC prepaid meter online? Your search ends now. In this post is a step-by-step guide to recharge EKEDC prepaid meter online without stress.

Note, this is a simple guide that’ll walk you through the correct steps to take so as to make your Eko Electricity (EKEDC) prepaid meter online payment, generate a token for EKEDC electric prepaid meter, as well as get your Eko Electricity prepaid meter recharged successfully one time without delay.

Let’s get started!

Who Own’s EKEDC Prepaid Meter?

EKEDC prepaid meter which stands for Eko Electricity Distribution Company prepaid meter is the Eko owned prepaid meter that operates under the issuance of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company.

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) is among one of the eleven (11) major electricity distribution companies in Nigeria or DISCOs with the license to generate, distribute, and also market electricity to some households in Lagos state, mainland, Nigeria.

Service areas of the Eko Electric Distribution Company (EKEDC) include Agbara, Ojo, Apapa, Lekki, Ibeju, Festac, Orile, Mushin, and Island.

how to recharge ekedc prepaid meter online

EKEDC Contact Care Number and Address

In search of the EKEDC contact care number alongside address, see the following information below:

EKEDC Head Office Address: 24/25 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Tel: Customer care +23470-8065-5555

Email: customercare@ekedp.com

How to Recharge EKEDC Prepaid Meter

EKEDC Prepaid Meter can be recharge through several means, either you recharge EKEDC electric prepaid meter using your smart meter card or recharge via online at the comfort of your home. Whatever is the case?

Before we dive in on the different process to recharge the EKEDC prepaid meter, let’s discuss the requirement needed to recharge your EKEDC prepaid meter first.

Requirements needed to recharge EKEDC prepaid meter online

EKEDC tokens for your Eko Electric prepaid meters can be bought online without any stress out but before that, requirements needed for you to recharge your EKEDC prepaid meter online will be ask of you.

As the management of Eko Electricity Distribution Company have made buying EKEDC electricity token simpler by adopting online payment platforms that make it possible to pay bills once you have the following requirements:

  • EKEDC prepaid meter number (This is usually engraved in the body of your EKEDC meter).
  • Telephone number (This is where you’ll receive your token when sent).
  • Email address (You’ll also receive your meter token here aside the phone number once provide)
  • Internet-enabled device (It can be either PC, or Smartphones).
  • ATM card details (This can be Master/Visa/Verve cards issued from your bank).

Once you have the all the following information above handy, let’s quickly proceed to different processes on how you can recharge your Eko prepaid meter online in simple steps using the following methods:

Before we start, I want to let you know that you can also get you EKEDC recharge offline aside the online process which we’re discussing right now.

Recharge your EKEDC Prepaid Meter by going to any of their office close to you

To do this, visit any EKEDC office nearest to you and make a request on the recharge amount you want to buy. Here you’ll be ask to provide your smart meter card and also using short codes to check your EKEDC meter account balance.

This process might take time especially when there is much people for that same purpose. As earlier said, it involves visiting any of the EKEDC business hubs around your area.

Make EKEDC Electricity Payment Online using EKEDC website

Aside visiting any of the EKEDC office nearest to you, you can still make you Eko Electricity payment online using its own official website.

To do this,

  • Just visit www.ekedp.com/payment/option
  • Select what you’re paying for (Buy Token, Pay Bill, or Order ID).
  • Since we’re paying “Token/Bill”, select either “Buy Token or Pay Bill” option
  • Enter your meter number and click on next
  • Fill the details correctly such as phone number, meter number, email address, amount and others.
  • In the method of payment, and select credit card
  • Input your card details correctly
  • A “One Time Password (OTP)” will be sent to you, enter to proceed
  • Once successful, your EKEDC meter token will be sent to your phone number or via email address.
  • Go to where your EKEDC prepaid meter is been install and key it in that’s all.

How To Make EKEDC Electricity Payment Online using nepa.ng

Nepa.ng makes it possible for you to recharge your EKEDC prepaid meter online anytime and anywhere you want.

Here, you don’t need to leave your comfort zone or current location at all as nepa.ng allows you to enjoy simple and fast online payment for your Eko electricity bill right where you are.

Nepa.ng platform helps you save that precious time, cost, and energy. As it allows you to top-up your EKEDC prepaid meter online in a few easy steps. I call this stress free.

Recharge your EKEDC prepaid meter online using nepa.ng, see steps below:

  • Ensure you’ve internet-enabled device, as mentioned in the requirements section above.
  • Load/Open your browser on the device you’re using
  • Enter www.nepa.ng
  • At this point, you would see different DISCOs listed on the nepa.ng platform. Ensure you click on the Eko Electricity Distribution Company.
  • Enter the necessary details such as EKEDC meter number, phone number, email address, and amount.
  • Then, click the “submit” button.
  • Check to confirm your order summary, and then select your preferred mode of payment (i.e. Bank transfer or via credit card).
  • For EKEDC online payment, enter your credit card details appropriately.
  • Once entered correctly, the system accepts your payment details and then takes you to the final page which shows you that your order has been confirmed successfully.
  • Lastly, your EKEDC meter token is sent to your mobile number and email address immediately.

Now, you can proceed to where you Eko electric meter is installed and enter this token been sent you correctly on your EKEDC prepaid meter, then you’ll have it credited automatically.

Isn’t the process a very easy one? As it saves your precious time, energy and cost of transportation and stress going to the nearest bank or electricity distribution company for that same purpose.

How To Make EKEDC Electricity Payment Online using Jumia Pay

How To Make EKEDC Electricity Payment Online using Jumia Pay

With Jumia Pay, you’ll enjoy fast and easy payment of your EKEDC electricity bill from wherever you are in the world. JumiaPay is one platform that offers individual 24/7 instant online payment when it comes to electricity bill at zero service charge.

JumiaPay offers easy and fast payment for both EKEDC prepaid and postpaid electricity online. As you can top-up your EKEDC prepaid meter as well as pay your postpaid electricity bill in a few simple steps.

Paying your EKEDC electricity bill payment online using JumiaPay, see a few easy steps below:

  • If you don’t have an account with them, you’ve to Sign up for one but if you already have, log in using your email address and password you choose during sign up.
  • Ensure you select Electricity from the list of services
  • Make sure you select your contract type (i.e prepaid or postpaid).
  • Select Eko (As you distribution company).
  • If it’s prepaid, enter your meter number and the amount you wish to top-up.
  • Once successful, the EKEDC token will be displayed right away, proceed to your prepaid meter to enter it and that’s all.

How to pay EEDC electricity bill online using BuyPower.Ng

How to pay EEDC electricity bill online using BuyPower.Ng

With BuyPower.ng, you can purchase electricity for EKEDC prepaid meter online easy and fast without time wasting, cost or energy.

With these steps am going to share right now, you’ll be able to pay your electricity bills online if you are under Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC)

To do this, pay attention.

  • Just visit https://buypower.ng/discos/ekedc
  • Input your phone number on the BuyPower platform and click “buy electricity for EKEDC”.
  • Fill in your state (Lagos-EKO), meter number, and the amount of electricity you want to buy. Then, click proceed
  • Continue by proceeding to payment information (There are various payment options for you to use).
  • Here, you’re to choose your preferred payment (i.e through your bank or card)
  • Remember we are paying online so you’re to select card.
  • Immediately after a successful payment, your electricity token appears on your screen.
  • Lastly, proceed to the place where your EKEDC meter is been install and key-in the token number. And that’s it.


If you’re looking forward in knowing how to recharge EKEDC prepaid meter online, here you have it all.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the different ways (not just different but most used method) on how you can get your EKEDC prepaid meter recharge online so as to save time, cost, and energy.

Enjoy your EKEDC electricity recharge at the comfort of your home without stress.

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