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Review On Peace Mass Transit Price List

Do you want to know Peace Mass Transit Price List before travelling with them? Well, you have it here.

You would have probably heard the proverb; that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The same can be said about Peace Mass Transit also known as PMT.

Founded in 1995 in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria, Peace Mass Transit has gone ahead to establish herself as a major player in the Nigeria Road Transport Industry.

It is indeed hardly possible to discuss the road transport industry in Nigeria without mentioning Peace Mass Transportation Company. As she occupies an important position in the industry.

What’s more, Peace Mass Transit is renowned for its affordable cost of transportation. This is brought into perspective when you consider the quality of their services and the cost they charge for these services.

When you consider this, you realize just how much a bargain they offer travelers.

Little wonder their mission is to provide an affordable and reliable transport system for our People.

Aside transportation, Peace Mass Transit as a business group also includes other businesses. They include the following:

  • PMT – Logistics.
  • PMT – E-commerce.
  • PMT – Petroleum.
  • PMT – Chemicals.
  • PMT – Printing Press.

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Peace Mass Transit Price List

Peace Mass Transit  Price List

In this article, we will be discussing the price list of Peace Mass Transit. In other words, we will be seeing the cost of traveling from a Peace Mass Transit bus terminal to the various routes covered by their buses. Let’s begin already!

VERY IMPORTANT: See our guide on How To Book Peace Mass Transit Online.

Below is the price list for traveling from the various Peace Mass Transit terminals across the country:

Peace Mass Transit Price List For Afikpo, Ebonyi State Terminal

Afikpo is the second largest urban center in Ebonyi state, second only to Abakaliki. It is the Local Government headquarters of Afikpo North Local Government Area. It is located in the southern part of Ebonyi state.

Peace mass Transit offers her transportation services from Afikpo to several parts of the country. Find below the price list of Peace Mass Transit from Afikpo to other parts of Nigeria:

Terminal (Afikpo to…?)Price (₦)
Port Harcourt₦2,050

Peace Mass Price List Lagos Terminal

Lagos is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It was initially the federal capital territory of Nigeria, until 1991 when Abuja was made the federal capital territory.

At the moment, Lagos state is the commercial capital of Nigeria, as it plays host to most of the businesses in Nigeria. The majority of the big businesses in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos.

As a result, Lagos has remained an attractive place for many Nigerians in search of greener pastures. It is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria.

Peace Mass Transit has several terminals in Lagos State, from which she renders her transport services. Find below the price list of traveling from any of PMT’s terminals in Lagos:

Ajah Terminal: Price
Ajah – Port Harcourt₦7,750
Ajah – Enugu₦7,750
Ajah – Owerri₦6,750
Ajah – Onitsha₦7,750
Ajegunle Terminal: Price
Ajegunle – Enugu₦6,750
Ajegunle – Umuahia₦6,750
Ajegunle – Abakaliki₦6,750
Ajegunle – Aba₦6,750
Ejigbo Terminal: Price
Ejigbo – Enugu₦6,750
Ejigbo – ObolloAfor₦6,750
Ejigbo – Onitsha₦5,750
Ikorodu Terminal: Price
Ikorodu – Port Harcourt₦7,250
Ikorodu – Abuja₦7,750
Jibowu Terminal: Price
Jibowu – Enugu₦8,250
Jibowu – Abuja₦10,250
Jibowu – Aba₦8,750
Jibowu – Kaduna₦11,250
Ojuelegba Terminal: Price
Ojuelegba – Owerri₦7,050
Ojuelegba – Kaduna₦10,750
Ojuelegba – Uyo₦8,750

Aba, Abia State Terminal Peace Mass Price List.

Peace Mass has a bus terminal in Aba, Abia state. Abia state is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Although Umuahia is the capital of Abia State, Aba is the commercial hub of Abia state, boasting several renowned markets such as the Ariaria market, etc.

Find below PMT’s price list for travelling from Aba to other parts of the country:

Aba Terminal: Price
Aba – Nnewi₦1,350
Aba – Ibadan₦5,750
Aba – Enugu₦1,550
Aba – Calabar₦2,150
Aba – Yenegoa₦1,650
Aba – Onitsha₦1,450
Aba to Abuja₦6,450

Ibadan, Oyo State Peas Mass Terminal Price List

Ibadan, often touted as the largest city in West Africa, is the capital of Oyo state. Oyo state is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is one of the large states in Nigeria.

Ibadan is a historically rich city, and it is the third most populated city in Nigeria, just behind Lagos and Kano.

Peace Mass transit has a terminal in Ibadan, from which they provided their transport services to the residents of the city.

Please find below the price list for traveling from Ibadan to other parts of the country covered by Peace Mass Transit.

Ibadan Terminal: Price
Ibadan – Onitsha₦8,550
Ibadan – Aba₦9,550
Ibadan – Abuja₦11,250

Peace Mass Transit Preice List Abuja

Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. According to the map of Nigeria, it is literally located in the center of the country. It is bordered by Lokoja (Kogi State), Suleja (Niger State), and Nasarawa State.

Abuja became the Federal Capital of Nigeria in 1991, when the Military Head-of-State,Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida announced it as the new Federal Capital Territory.

Peace Mass Transit has two terminals strategically located in the city. Please find below the price list for traveling from Abuja to other parts of the country covered by PMT:

Gwagwalada Terminal: Price
Gwagwalada – Lagos₦10,250
Gwagwalada – Aba₦7,750
Gwagwalada – Onitsha₦6,950
Gwagwalada – Enugu₦7,450
Gwagwalada – Nsukka₦6,050
Jabi Terminal:Price
Jabi – Lagos₦9,250
Jabi – Aba₦6,750
Jabi – Onitsha₦6,550
Jabi – Enugu₦8,450
Jabi – Nsukka₦6,950
Zuba (Madala) Terminal:Price
Jabi – Lagos₦9,950
Jabi – Aba₦6,500
Jabi – Onitsha₦6,500
Jabi – Enugu₦8,150
Mararaba Terminal: Price
Mararaba – Lagos₦10,750
Mararaba – Enugu₦8,950
Mararaba – Nsukka₦7,950
Mararaba – Jos₦3,550

Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Peace Mass Transport Price List

Yenagoa is the capital of Bayelsa state. It is located in the southern part of Nigeria. This state is known as the home of the Ijaws, as they are the major ethnic group in the state.

Peace Mass Transit has a terminal located in Yenagoa, from which she provides her transport services to the residents of the state.

Find below the price list for traveling from Yenagoa to other locations covered by Peace Mass Transit:

Yenagoa Terminal: Price
Yenagoa – Lagos₦5,150
Yenagoa – Benin₦1,550


So here you go! These are the price list for Peace Mass Transit to all their terminals located around the country. These prices are however subject to adjustments if there is a reasonable ground to do so.

I sincerely hope this article has been very helpful to you. If you have any questions from this article, do well to drop them in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can visit, the official website of Peace Mass Transit. You will find the answers to your questions there. Here also you’ll get an updated Peace Mass Transit Price List.

Wishing you a safe trip as you travel with PMT!

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