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How To Book Peace Mass Transit Online

Are you looking forward to knowing how to book Peace Mass Transit Online? Your search ends now. Booking Peace Mass transportation online can be done using two (2) methods. In this guide, we’re going to cover them all.

Long story short, let’s get started!

A few years ago in Nigeria, it was unthinkable to book any transport online, let alone road transport. We had just started Exam Registrationonline, and it was fraught with challenges here and there.

However, as access to the internet increased because of the increase in the availability of Smartphones, transport companies started warming up to the idea of offering users the opportunity to book online.

Airline companies took the lead in this regard. They were the first to offer users the option of booking online. In a bid not to be left behind, and to offer customers better services, road transport companies joined in this new trend.

Today, nearly every transport company in Nigeria offers their customers the option to book online. Peace Mass Transit has not been left out in this revolution.

How to Book Peace Mass Transport

How to Book Peace Mass Transport

It has two options for booking Peace Mass Transport online and they are as follows:

  • Through Peace Mass official website.
  • Or via PMT App (Peace Mass Transit App).

This article will be guiding you on how to book your traveling ticket on Peace Mass Transit. Let’s go already!

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How to Book Peace Mass Transit Online via the Official Website

Here is how to book your traveling ticket via the Peace Mass official website. To book your Peace Mass Transit traveling ticket online, get a reliable internet connection for your device (Smartphone or computer), and visit

Allow the page to open completely before you start the booking process. When this page opens completely, you will find a form that requires important travel details such as;

  • Traveling from: Select where you are traveling from (that is where your journey begins).
  • Traveling To: Select where you are traveling to or your destination.
  • Departure date: Select the date you will be traveling.
  • The number of passengers: Are you traveling alone or you are going with a few persons? Provide the number of persons traveling in this section.

After providing this information, click on the search button at the bottom right hand of the page to take you to the next page.

Select Schedule

The next page is the “select schedule” page. On this page, you will find the available buses on that route on your selected departure date, the time duration for that trip, etc.

You can select any of the available buses that are in line with your preferred departure time.

After selecting the options you are comfortable with, click the button at the bottom right hand of the page, and you will be directed to the next page.

Select a Seat

On this page, the available seats in the bus you selected will be displayed. You can select any available seat for your trip. Seats that are available for selection are colored white, to help you easily identify them. Only seats that have not been booked will be available for selection!

 As you can expect, your most preferred seat may not be available if you do not book early. It is, therefore, necessary to book early, if you have a most preferred seat.

After selecting your most preferred seat, click on the button at the bottom right part of your screen to be directed to the next page.


The next page you will be led to is the login page, if you are not loggedin. To login, if you are already a registered user on the website, simply provide your email and password.

After providing these and clicking the login button, you will be taken to the final page in the booking process.

However, if you are not registered on the website, you will be required to do that before you can continue with your booking. See steps on how to register below:

How To Register With Peace Mass Transit Before Booking

To register on Peace Mass official website, simply click on the register button, below the login button. A form will popup. This form will require the following details:

  • Your Surname.
  • Your other name.
  • Gender.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • Password.

After providing these details, tick the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box, by clicking on it. After doing this, click on the Register button below the form. Your details will be saved on her website so that you will only need to login next time.

After registering, you will be directed to the final page in the booking process – Make payment.

Make payment

On this page, you can make your payments for seats using your ATM card. You will be required to provide relevant details of your ATM card on a form in the payment section.

After filling the form, click on the Payment button and you will be notified if the transaction is successful.

The ticket will be emailed to you if you selected that option or you can print directly from the website.

Booking Peace Mass Transit Via App

Peace Mass Transit also offers the option to book your trip via her mobile application (PMT App). To book via her app, simply visit Google Playstore for Android devices or Apple store for IOS devices to download Peace Mass Transit mobile app.

After downloading and installing the app, launch it. Register your details, and then you can go ahead to book your trip.

Booking your trip via Peace Mass Transit mobile application follows the same steps as the website booking.Therefore, there is no need to repeat the whole process again as stated above.

Furthermore, the mobile application contains several options that may not be readily available on the website.

If you are tech-savvy, you may want to download the app, since it’s easier to navigate with it. However, if you are not an app enthusiast, the website option will just be fine for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About PMT

Here are a few questions some Peace Mass Transit users ask. We hope you will find them useful:

What is a non-amendable ticket?

A non-amendableticket is a ticket that the date and/or departure time cannot be changed.

What can I do if I purchase the wrong ticket?

If you purchased the wrong ticket, you can correct this situation by re-booking it. This can be done by exchanging it for a voucher code of the same price.

What is a non-refundable ticket?

It is a ticket fee that cannot be paid back to the person or traveler who ordered it.


This article has tried to provide you with guidelines on how to book your trip on Peace Mass Transit. We sincerely hope that you found it helpful.

If you need further guidance on how to book your trip on Peace Mass Transit, please visit, for a brief video on how to do so via web and or mobile app.

Wishing you success as you proceed to book your trip and a safe trip as you travel!

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