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A Complete Review On Renewable Energy – Fact, Uses, Sources, Benefit & Types

Renewable energy is of great benefit to the world since it produces no greenhouse gas emissions when it generates its energy. This generation isn’t from fossil fuels which help in the reduction of some air pollution.

The carbon-neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat makes up the renewable energy

Renewable energy is of economic and environment benefit to humanity. This post will enlighten you more about renewable energy and all it has to offer. So keep reading on.

What is a Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy can be described as a clean energy that comes from natural processes or sources.  As the name implies, it can be replenished and can as well be gotten from carbon-neutral sources.

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These sources include: geothermal heat, wind, rain, waves and tides. The energy is been collected from the renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.

How Renewable Energy Works

The fact remains that Renewable energy is gotten from naturally occurring sources that are replenish from its source like the wind, solar and hydro.

It an energy generation that is in connection with green energy and environment. Since it is generated through clean natural resources then it has been the focus around the world now.

So Renewable energy works as the most cost efficient energy sources. Almost all the Renewable energy sources has a huge potential example is the sun; the energy produce from it alone is about thousands of times greater than the needs of the earth.


The following are main types of renewable energy:

  • Solar Energy: This is energy generated from the sun, which is the most outstanding type of renewable energy.
  • Wind Energy: This is another good source of renewable energy
  • Geothermal Energy: This has to do with energy from the natural heat of the earth’s core to generate power.
  • Hydro Energy: This energy involves harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water to turn the turbines which will enable the production of electricity.
  • Biomass Energy: This is about burning wood in a fireplace to harness heat


  • It brings about less global warming
  • Improves public health
  • It helps promote clean energy technologies
  • They are generated with no associated air pollution emissions
  • Renewable energy produces inexhaustible energy
  • It brings about jobs and other economic benefits. The Renewable energy industry is labor intensive so it needs more hands to help maintain things. So this leads to more employment and a better standard of living.
  • The benefit of stable energy prices with Renewable energy can’t be underrated, as these sources provide affordable electricity and goes further to stabilize energy prices in the future.
  • There’s reliability and resilience with renewable energy, these sources are mostly less prone to any large scale failure. So it brings about reliability


  • Renewable energy create more jobs than fossil fuels
  • Portugal uses only Renewable energy for all their power needs
  • A single win turbine can supply light to thousands of home
  • The country of china builds two turbines every hour


The following are the sources of renewable energy

  • Hydroelectric power: This is the largest source of renewable energy
  • Wind power:  This is about harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind currents, it about the wind power
  • Solar power: the solar power entails the use of light and heat manufactured by the sun
  • Biomass: This is another source of Renewable energy; it can be described as the oldest of them all. This common source of Renewable energy is about the burning of biomass. Examples are burning wood for heating the home, burning the plants to produce biofuels, and maybe biogas to have an option for natural gas.
  • Geothermal power: This is another source that can generate power by harnessing the natural heat via the earth’s core to manufacture power.

Disadvantages and Advantages

The advantages and disadvantages of Renewable energy are:


  • With Renewable energy, there’s no pollution
  • It needs limited maintenance
  • It is really inexpensive to construct
  • Renewable energy can be used without interruption
  • It is in abundance, as it can be replenished
  • Renewable energy reduces methane emissions


  • With harnessing energy from the wind, there might be no energy when the wind isn’t blowing
  • It can be harmful to flying birds
  • With biomass power it might seasonal as it compete with food production


  • It is used for the generation of electricity
  • Used for lighting the homes
  • Renewable energy is good for heating the home
  • It also used for hot water heating
  • It is also used for solar cooling
  • It also great for industrial and commercial uses
  • Renewable energy helps in diversifying energy supply
  • Renewable energy is used in reducing dependence on imported fuels
  • Its recycling reduces landfills

How efficient is renewable energy

Renewable energy is really efficient, though non-renewable energy sources are efficient but one has to pay for their fuel but for Renewable energy sources, there’s no payment for such.

The outstanding thing is that the winds will still blow same as the sun shining whether anyone capture it or not. Moreover Renewable energy comes from free and natural sources which will be more efficient.

What can a renewable energy power

Renewable energy can be used to power our gadgets, appliances at home, equipment in the office, workplace and during field work, it can also be used to power industrial and commercial machineries as well.


Want to know why renewable energyisimportant.It plays important roles such as the following:

  • It helps in the reduction of the demand and prices for natural gas and coal
  • It importance bring about competition and diversification of energy supplies
  • Renewable energy reduces over dependence on fossil fuel as a clean form of energy generation
  • With less dependence on fossil fuel, there will less fuel prices spike.
  • It has less environmental impact on earth
  • It can never be in limited wants as it is naturally extracted
  • It is always available for use as an economically viable energy source.


With the benefits derived from Renewable energy sources, there will continue to be a need for clean and resilient technologies to help in the inexhaustible supply of energy worldwide. What other better way can we have unlimited energy or the power supply than going the route of natural supply which renewable energy is the way to go.

All the information you may wish to know about renewable energy are contained in this article, if there is any question regarding this topic, we’re always available to hear from you and respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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