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Literature Review On Fuelless Generator – Price, Features, Specs & Types

Literature review on all you should know about the fuelless generator – Many questions like is it true that a fuelless generator exists? Have you been wondering if there are generating sets you can buy that wouldn’t need you using any kind of fuel in powering it? Then the answer is emphatic Yes!

There’s an advanced technology in place that you can generate electricity as an alternative source of power for your needs. This piece will furnish you with all the necessary information; you will need to know about the fuelless Generator set. Keep reading to get an insight into this set of generators.

What is a fuelless generator?

As the name implies “Fuelless generator”! A fuelless generator can be described or seen as a generator that does not create electricity through the use of fuel of any kind, be it diesel or petrol. It can’t be said to be an inverter, wind energy, or even a solar system.

By definition, a fuelless generator is a generator that generates electricity without using fuel, diesel, or any means. The fuelless generator has a DC motor which is powered by a 12volts 1000Amps and Above motor battery and recharges self while operating. Hence, generate light (energy) used for consumption.

It doesn’t even depend on nature either just like other generator brands that either depend on fuel or diesel in order to operate such as Sumec Firman brand, Lutian brand, Tiger brand, Elepaq brand, Elemax brand, Yamaha brand and so on.

It is built with some components which enable it to generate electricity on its own without the use of fuel (petrol) or diesel.

The fuelless generator uses more of batteries as its source of generating electricity. So simply put it is a device that creates power without conventional fuel.

Where to buy Fuelless Generator

Konga Nigeria – See Offers

Features Of Fuelless Generator Set

  • Uses battery to start: unless other generator that uses fuel to start, fuelless generator only needs a battery
  • It doesn’t produce smoke: this is one good thing about fuelless generators, they do not use or burn fuel or fossils so no smoke emanate from them
  • Less cost on generating power: When once install, it start running and there’s no need for power bill from any agencies
  • Low risk of running out of power: it provides power almost all the time
  • No pollution or vibration: it is smokeless so no smoke polluting the environment
  • No noise or electrical shock: it is always noiseless

How Does A Fuelless Generator Work?

The fuelless generator works more with the use of batteries as the main source of its power supply, it doesn’t use a regular engine that will burn fuel just like other regular generators. So it comes in the form of a charger, an inverter with a battery in a box.

That is to say, the fuelless generator works by driving mechanism of 1hp direct current motor, which is powered by a 12 volts 60 amps battery which spines the 0.95KW alternator to produce electricity (power supply).

To keep the fuel less generator running, the diode is required which is used in recharging the battery. The output should be 1Kva at most.

When it comes to its functionally, it functions just like the UPS unit, though the fuelless generator function is to provide more power on-demand than it being used for as a backup power source like the UPS.

Fuelless Generator Circuit Diagrams

The fuelless generator circuit diagrams is a simplified conventional graphical representation that shows the make-up on how the fuelless generator build and also it’s functioning using paper drawings or sketching.

Fuelless generator circuit diagrams do not show the physical arrangement of components but shows the paper drawing or sketches used in the physical working of a fuelless generator.

What are the components needed to build a fuelless generator?

Building a fuelless generator is very simple but there are certain components required which GenGuide is going to reveal the components below:

  • Battery: This is where the power to generate electricity is been originated and it advice that you use a minimum 12V 60 Amps battery at most.
  • Battery Cables: Two cables is needed to be used, one on the Positive (+) terminal and the other on the Negative (-) terminal.
  • 1hp D. C. Motor: This is used to generate power from the 12V battery that will turn the alternator.
  • 0.95kw Alternator: The alternator is where the coil is found, and after the above step, if the coil inside the alternator turns, then it will generate electricity through two red wires.
  • Capacitor: The capacitor is used to stabilize the voltage being generated to make it perfect and run smoothly.
  • Diode: Diode is used to charge the battery back as the system generates electricity.

Note: Knowing how to build a fuelless generator will save you the cost of buying fuel or diesel and also the cost of the high electricity bill for you may require no NEPA or PHCN in giving you electricity. The engine can also be replaced with an electromechanical device so that it can convert existing fuel generators into a fuel less generator.

Step By Step On How To Build A Fuelless Generator

The following steps can be used in making a fuelless generator

  • Step 1:  Fabricate a connecting rod
  • Step 2: Bore a reasonable hole on the connecting rod that will conveniently fit into the DC motor
  • Step 3: Make a threaded hole for bolting
  • Step 4: Insert now into it the crank casing of the alternator and next, fix the armature of the alternator to it.
  • Step 5: You can now, construct the frame to it for rigidity and support
  • Step 6: Connect the diode to the green cables, while connecting the capacitors to the yellow cable.
  • Step 7: Now, connect the terminal of the DC motor to the battery using red cables to the mains as output, and you are done.

Fuelless Generator KVA Specifications

The fueless generator set comes in different kvas. The kvas are

  • 1kva
  • 5kva
  • 7.5kva
  • 15kva
  • 20kva
  • 40kva
  • 50kva
  • 250kva and above

Types Of Fuelless Generator Set

The outstanding brands for this type of generators include:

  • Godtime fuelless generator ltd
  • Tesla fuelless generator
  • Ecotech fuelless generator
  • Korean fuelless generator
  • Tritech fuelless generator

Planing to buy a fuelless generator? See more reviews on the types and best fuelless generator to buy for your home, office, or small business place.

Advantages of Fuelless Generator

The good about fuelless generator is that it has more advantage over it disadvantage. Some of the advantages of a fuel less generator include:

  • They can operate/run for hours without the use of fuel.
  • The fuelless generator is said to be environmentally friendly as it produces no noise (i.e noiseless and quiet operation), smokeless (don’t generate exhaust fumes).
  • In fact, this generator is possible to be kept indoors while in use.
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • The fuelless generator set is easy to build
  • They are self-dependent: it is not dependent on a power generating body to function, so you will hardly have to pay for maintenance of repairs (i.e Very low maintenance cost).
  • The fuelless generator set is said to be self-charging: they are charging as they are being in use
  • They are fuelless and smokeless generators: it doesn’t use fuel and doesn’t smoke too
  • They do not depend on fuel: No need of buying fuel or its equivalent.
  • Fuelless generator set are noiseless: You can use it without any kind of noise
  • They are good at generating power

Disadvantages of Fuelless Generator

Looking for disadvantages of the Fuelless generator, we have it right here. One of the biggest disadvantages of the fuelless generator is that they make use of the battery in generating electricity.

So once the battery is dead or discharged, the generator stops working immediately the same as a generator that uses fuel or diesel and it get finished.

But in this case, no putting in or adding fuel to keep it running. Hence, they require AC power (diode) to recharge them. See other disadvantages of the fuelless generator below:

  • It can get damaged easily especially if soaks in water
  • Its efficacy can be affected by overtime
  • It doesn’t run for a long period of time without breaks

What Can Fuelless Generator Power

The load that fuel less generator can carry or power depends on the capacity in which the fuelless generator is been built of, fuelless generator built with minimum of 12volts 60mps can power a single bedroom will available appliances (such as 1 television, fan, sound system, bolbs, dvd).

While fuelless generator with 240volts 11000mps can power your home, office or shop with the following appliances Hp Air conditioners, refrigerators, Electric cooker, Electric iron, Microwave, Television sets and Audio sound systems and more.

Therefore, since the fuelless generator power is a good source of power that is free, efficient and safe then it can be used at home, offices, shops, schools etc. it can be used to power gadgets and appliances like the refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave, television sets, electric cooker, audio systems and lots more but this will be more depended on the KVAs level.

Where can I get fuelless generator for sale

The fuelless generator sets can be bought both online and offline. For online stores, the fuelless generator set can be bought from www.Jumia.com.ng    (i.e fuelless generator on jumia), olist.ng, www.jiji.ng, www.kongo.com then offline you can get at a generating set store or the nearest distribution or dealer centre close to you.

Fuelless Generator Price In Nigeria

Looking for a fuelless generator prince in Nigeria, the price for the fuelless generator sets in Nigeria varies according to their brands, kva capacity, and lot more. For the latest price, Click Here.

From our research, the price for a fuelless generator set in Nigeria ranges from 45,000NGN – 800,000NGN and might even be above depending on the features and specs it has.


All over the world today, most people live with the idea that it’s necessary to burn fuel or diesel in order to produce power (electricity) that we can use.

But the fact is that they don’t need to burn fuel to get the energy. With the help of a fuelless generator, we can generate our own electric power supply.

The fuelless generator is a device that is understood to function without the need for fuel, diesel, or a wired power source.

The fuelless generator is the simplest and most efficient way of producing your own energy without the need for burning fuel (petrol), diesel, or any order means of getting power source.

Fuelless generator draws its energy from the environment and provides us with a mechanical power supply. The components needed to construct fuel less generator are easy to obtain, available, and can be sourced with ease.

The fuelless generator can be built to any capacity, depending on the capacity of the load we want it to carry and do not require any mechanical service or maintenance.

Shopping the Fuelless Generator

Konga Nigeria – See Offers


In order not to overuse and overheat your fuelless generator, it’s advised to switch it off up to 4hours after using it for 20hours so you can continue enjoying your safe, noiseless, and fuelless power supply with ease.

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