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A Complete Review On The Korean DOOSAN Fuelless Generator – Key Features, Specs, And Price

Technology is constantly moving forward, breaking new grounds as people are coming up with inventions and innovations. The age of generators that are powered by fuel is gradually fading away and giving rise to the fuelless generators.

Lack of electrical power is undeniably a factor that affects the functionality of homes, workplaces, and the macroeconomy as a whole. The reason for this is that there are a lot of factors that depend on the use of electricity to carry out their daily tasks.

Fuel generators have been around for a long, you must have seen them on the streets of Nigeria powering up home appliances, in small commercial businesses, powering up small equipment, in our place of worship powering up sound equipment and light bulbs, and in big companies powering up heavy-duty machines.

The amount of power all the machines, tools, equipment, gadgets, and devices use is what determines the amount of the kilovolt-amperes of the generator to buy.

Fuel generators have been known to pollute the air and numerous studies have shown that it gives off carbon monoxide which depletes the ozone layer, and causes other harmful things to the health of living things.

Scientists and inventors sought out to fix this problem, to find a solution, i.e an alternative to fuel generators and one of the solutions is the fuelless generator.

A fuelless generator is a kind of generator that does not require any kind of fuel in any form. It does not need a combustion engine because it is not running on any kind of ignitable liquid; instead, it uses a battery and a charger.

Please take note that the fuelless generator is not the same as an inverter, hydro-electrical generator, or solar inverter. Battery-powered inverters convert battery voltage into conventional household Alternating Current (AC) voltage and let the user use his/her electronic devices when power is not available.

Korean brand DOOSAN fuelless generator

A solar inverter is mainly used to change Direct Current (DC) through a switching process, while the fuelless generator’s only source of power is Direct Current (DC). The fuelless generator has a motor torque for rotation in it that sets the alternator in rotation, and in turn, converts direct current to alternating current.

As you can see, fuelless generators are on the rise, gradually improving, and breaking new grounds. One product that seems to be in front of this movement and delivering good results is the Korean brand DOOSAN fuelless generator.

Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator

The DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator is manufactured in South Korea. This generator is build with sophisticated standard materials in giving you the best when it comes in fuelless generator.

The key features, advantages, disadvantages, design, price and availability were discussed all through in detail in this article. Let’s get started.

Key Features

The following below are the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator:

  • Instead of a combustion engine that consumes gas, petrol or diesel, the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator is powered by 12 volts 100 Amps which is very good and delivers efficiency and effectiveness that can be seen during performance.
  • The motor battery used on the DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator recharges itself while working.
  • There are multiple inlets in DOOSAN fuel-less generator set to allow air in to cool the generator while performing, and outlets to ensure that the generator performs maximally.
  • It has a big composite impedance muffler that effectively reduces noise from the generator.
  • It has an effective internal high–performance rubber shock element, and other light elements that efficiently reduce vibration.
  • DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator does not make any sound generally because of the absence of a combustion engine.
  •  The body of the generator has been coated with one of the best powder coating to ensure that it does not rust, and it is corrosion resistant.
  • Nice quality appearance with reliable quality.
  • Hinges that is well-designed and made from steel.
  • DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator can work in any weather condition i.e. the generator is all-weather operateable.
  • DOOSAN fuelless generator also has a coating that prevents it from easily being affected by fire.
  • It also has effective insulation that helps to reduce the humming sound of the generator.
  • An emergency stop button is located outside the generator to assist you to easily stop operations in case of any emergency.
  • There is an access door attached to the generator where you can easily check on the battery.
  • A cooling fan is also present in the generator, and it is fully automated.
  • The DOOSAN 375kva generator has an exhaust system installed in it.
  • The door of the DOOSAN 375kva generator is detachable for easy access to the parts in case of repairs.
  • The DOOSAN 375kva 300kw has an awesome control feature.


The DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator has a cool design to meet up to standards. The body of the generator is coupled with its looks connotes power. One look at it will make you know this machine is very powerful.

The bore and stroke of the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator is 123 × 155 mm. The front view of the generator has the control panel where the functions of the generator and its operations can be controlled.

On the front side of the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator, you’ll find the emergency stop button and circuit breaker panel not far from each other. The Cable Connecting Position is also located in the front view of the generator.

Now, let us talk about the back view of the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator. On the back view of this generator, you’ll find the 40mm thickness super silent materials that help to reduce the humming sound the generator makes. 

You’ll also find air vents that allows cool air into the generator, and prevents it from overheating when it is working.  The side view of the DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator has only the air outlets to allow hot air to flow out of the generator when it is operating.

Advantages of DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator

There are a lot of advantages of the Korean DOOSAN fuelless generator but the mentioned few below are the most important ones:

  • They can work for hours without using even a drop of fuel, or any other combustion liquid.
  • Since they do not use fuel, it means that they do not produce carbon monoxide which is harmful to the environment.
  • The generator can be kept indoors, but it is not advisable to do so since research has shown that high electrical waves can cause cancer.
  • The cost of maintenance of this machine is not quite expensive as that of the fuel generator.
  • They are quite easy to take apart and rebuild.
  • Since the generator charges itself while working, it makes it quite easy to charge.
  • It is cost-efficient as you don’t need to purchase fuel for it.
  • The DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator is noiseless and do not disturb the serenity of the environment.
  • They are a good source of power.

Disadvantages of DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator

The Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator too has disadvantages. But what matters most is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantage. Here are the few disadvantages of the DOOSAN generator:

  • The batteries will eventually run out at some point, and then you’ll need an external source of power to charge the batteries again.
  • The generator can get damaged just as easily as normal fuel generators if it is soaked with water. So the DOOSAN 375kva 300kw should be placed away from water or rainfall.
  • We all have a general view that machines are supposed to run forever. Well, the DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator cannot run for more than 24 hours without having a break. If you keep running it, it’ll either shutdown on its own or it will be damaged due to the heat and overworking.

Price and Availability

The Korean DOOSAN fuelless generators have different pricing ranging from 100,000 to about 3,000,000 depending on the Kilovolt ampere (KVA) you want, the specs and the shipment fee.

The DOOSAN fuelless generator can be purchased online or offline. You can get it online from their official site, or you can get it on other credible online stores like konga, jiji, jumia and others. You can also find it offline in electronic stores where inverters and generators are being sold.


The article reviewed the Korean DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuelless generator that is manufactured in South Korea. The key features, specs, advantages, disadvantages, design, price, and availability were discussed in detail. It also aims to enlighten you about the importance of fuelless generators to the society and to the economy as a whole.

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    I really love new Innovation and when technology is been taking to next level. That’s why I wanted the fueless , noiseless generator. I can’t wait to see and have one.

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    I need the fuel less and noiseless generator that can carry upto 5 split unit air-condition, 1 deep freezer and 1 refrigerator
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    What will be the capacity of the fuel less generator and the cost

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    How can I get the fuelless generators for supply what are the capacity the prices please intimate me for a good business. I wait to hear from you.

    • Apology please, we do not sell Fuelless generators, we only wrote reviews about them but working hard to establish relationship with top dealers. Please be careful there’re many scammers in that fuelless generator area.

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    Can you direct me to an authorized dealer, so far ive been approached by many that are located in kaduna and don’t have any outlet to inspect the working generator. No way to validate their claims

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    Check out echotech generators on Facebook and Instagram or online

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