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2021 Review On UBA Mobile App

Yes, it’s known that UBA has two ways of banking online, using UBA mobile app or UBA internet banking. With this, it’s said that the UBA app is another great way to do your online banking.

The reasons, why UBA mobile banking app is considered great, are because of its flexibility, control, and support. All these are made for you ensuring that everything to make your life easier.

The only difference between UBA mobile app banking with its opponent UBA online banking is that you’ll have to download an app for the UBA mobile banking while Udirect is banking directing with the help of a browser on your device.

Learn more on UBA internet banking here.

Therefore, aside from UBA internet banking, another great way you can perform your transactions online is using UBA internet mobile app.

And in this review, I will be sharing with you everything you needed to know about UBA mobile app starting from point A to point Z.

Yes! Let’s dive in!

Here is all you should know about UBA mobile app 2021.

What is UBA Mobile App?

The UBA mobile banking app is a mobile banking element that enables UBA account holders to carry out transactions easily instead of visiting any UBA bank branch.

Review On UBA Mobile App

With it the mobile device and UBA app having been download and installed, all banking transactions are now at our fingertips.

Therefore, you might never have to visit the bank again once you’ve gotten this app installed on your smartphone.

Where to download UBA Mobile Banking App

Are you among those asking “How do I download UBA mobile banking app?”, you’ll find the answer here. Is very interesting to let you know that you can download UBA mobile app in several ways.

Android phone users can download UBA Mobile Banking Apps on Google Play while iOS phone users can get UBA app download on App Store (Apple Store).

After you might have successfully download UBA mobile app, the next step is to get it to install on your device. The section below will guide you on that.

UBA APK Download Link

To download UBA mobile app APK. Here you’ll get U-mobile UBA bank app APK Download for Android while this gives you UMobile UBA bank app iOS Download for iPhone, IPad etc.

How to install UBA mobile app

Getting UBA mobile banking app installed on your device is pretty easy once you’ve downloaded it.

Upon downloading the UBA app, you’ll be prompt to install it strength away. To do this, simply click the “Install” button and the installation will begin.

Another way to install UBA mobile app after downloading it is going to the device Menu > navigate to File Manager > Locate and open Apps > Click on downloaded UBA mobile banking app to start the installation.

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the UBA bank app, it’s time to get it activated and register with the UBA account you own.

How to open an account with the UBA Mobile banking app

After you’re done downloading and installing the UBA bank mobile banking app on your Android or iOS mobile device, follow the steps below to open an account using the UBA mobile banking app:

  • Launch the app and click on open an account at the bottom of the launch screen
  • Select your country and then select the UBA account option that best suit your needs.
  • Fill in the require details as requested
  • Lastly, click the submit button and after this, you should be able to get your UBA bank account setup that fast.

NB: The interesting part of the story is that you can even open a UBA account without having a BVN. You can as well customize it to suit choose likes.

How to Activate my UBA mobile app

You must register U-Mobile App so as to activate UBA mobile banking enabling you to carry out transactions like mobile money transfer, Cable TV subscriptions, and start paying your bills online.

Follow the simple steps below to activate your UBA bank app after downloading and installing it on your device:

  • UBA bank gives different procedures to register it mobile app, you’ll need to choose between registering UBA mobile app with your UBA account + Secure Pass, UBA debit card, Prepaid Card or Activate with UBA USSD code *919#.
  • With the mobile phone number use to create your UBA account, text UMOBILE to 20220
  • Read the bank’s terms and conditions then accept it to continue
  • Here, you’re to select how you want your UBA mobile app to be registered, select either to register with Debut Card, Prepaid Card, Account Number + Secure Pass or register with the UBA USSD code
  • Fill in the required details as requested then submit
  • Lastly, you’ll get an automatically generated PIN sent to the mobile number you registered your UBA bank account with.

NB: You can as well visit any UBA bank branch for a Branch Activation code for branch sign up.

To Login to my UBA Mobile banking app

If you’re a returning customer, launch the UBA app and use the bright login button to access all the features in your UBA bank account using her mobile app. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Launch the UBA bank app on your mobile device
  • Select the country and fill in the details if you are a return UBA customer
  • After that, you should be able to gain access to the UBA account dashboard with your valid login details.
  • You can as well enable biometric login feature if want, so as to use your finger print for subsequence logins to your UBA bank account.

How to delete saved login for mobile banking

How to link UBA Prepaid Card to the UBA Mobile App

If you want to link your UBA prepaid card to the UBA mobile banking app, in this section, I will be talking about some special reasons why you should link your UBA prepaid card to your mobile banking app.

It’s so easy, let’s get started!

By now, you might have known how to download the UBA mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store as discussed above. Then, follow these steps below to get it to link to your UBA Bank prepaid card:

  • Open the UBA mobile banking app and click on enroll
  • Select your country and select Prepaid Card
  • Fill in the empty fields such as phone number, date of birth, prepaid card number, customer identification number then click on validate
  • Ensure you confirm the information displayed are correct and click on check the mobile phone number
  • Enter the code that will be sent by SMS then submit
  • Next, create your PIN code and also create your password
  • Lastly, click on start using mobile banking. That’s all you now start using the app to buy airtime, transfer money, request your UBA account statement, locate UBA ATMs and Branches etc.


  • To unlink your UBA account or card from UBA mobile app, simply click on the DELETE PIN button once you login then click the OK button to confirm.
  • To add a new UBA account or card on the UBA mobile banking app, simply click plus (+) button, select the element to add and follow the onscreen process.

Method to increase your transfer limit

Are you looking for steps on how to increase your transfer limit on the new UBA mobile app? Let’s get started.

  • Login to the UBA mobile banking app and click more
  • Go to settings
  • Click on modify transfer limit
  • Enter your preferred transfer limit
  • Agree to Terms & Conditions
  • Authorise using Secure Pass (you can download the UBA Secure Pass from your Mobile App Store like Google Play Store or App Store.
  • That’s Successful

Thinking of how much can I transfer with my UBA mobile app, The UBA mobile banking app transfer limit is 1 million naira.

According to UBA, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has approved a daily limit of N1,000,000.00/10,000,000.00 for online financial transfers (with Secure Pass) for accounts managed by individuals and organizations and advised that all customers should bond to that.

How can I get the Secure Pass?

The UBA Secure Pass was previously called U-Token. You can download UBA Secure Pass from the apps store (like Play Store or App store). To activate it, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Secure Pass
  • Set your PIN and you’re good to go

Notes: There may be need for you to visit a UBA branch if it’s prompted that your account is not eligible for One-Time-Password. Also, note that the same secure pass can be used for both UBA internet banking and mobile banking.


The UBA mobile app is all you need for total banking experience as far as mobile and internet banking is conscience. What are you waiting for, go get the United Bank for Africa mobile app today and start enjoying all its features.

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