Beginners Guide On How To Activate Gotv

Activate GOtv is highly required if you newly purchase GOtv and has not yet activate it. GOtv activation can be done automatically or manually. Also know that to activate GOtv, you can use the online process or the offline process. 

Gotv Nigeria is here to stay as one of the cable service provider for households in Nigeria. With this cable you would be provided television viewing with different channels from across the world.

If you need your family to be entertained like you have really wanted, then you would need to go for the GOTV Nigeria cable if you reside in Nigeria.

This article will be educating you on how you can activate your GOTV cable after you might have done the purchase from any dealers shop, GOtv official website, or online shopping websites.

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How to Activate My GOtv for the first time

activate gotv after payment

To activate GOtv, this is sometimes done automatically by the cable company, but if it doesn’t happen you don’t need to worry. You can manually activate your GOtv in a way.  

The good thing is that you can do this from the comfort of your home. To manually activate GOtv do involves two ways either you do it online or you use the GOtv USSD code.

Either ways, you still arrive at the same result of having your GOtv decoder activated.

Activate Gotv online

In activating your GOtv online, so you just made payment for your GOtv, then you need to activate it using the online process, you will do the following to get it right:

  • Head to the cable official support site at www.easzy.gotvafrica.com to register (you would need an internet –enabled device)
  • Then you login again after registering with your account number and surname
  • Still on the site click the dialogue on your screen written “clear your error”
  • Then click E16 ERROR
  • Lastly, click on the reset device to reset and activate your Gotv and you start viewing on your television and you are done with GOtv online activation.

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Activating your GOtv decoder using the USSD Code

This is another option available for you if you don’t want to create an account online. This is done by using GOtv activation code.

The GOtv activation cade is known as GOtv USSD code, you can just use it to get in contact with their customer care for your GOtv activation in place of the online.

So the simple things to do here in order to activate your GOtv account for the first time after purchasing it are as follows:

  • Get your mobile phone and simply dial *423#. You can do this from any network of your choice (MTN, Glo, Airtel etc).
  • Then you will be in contact with any of the GOtv customer care support that is currently available to you. You request the person to activate your GOtv service for you and give him/her all the details requested of you.

But if this two methods to activate GOtv didn’t help which I believe there will, then you might just need to call the GOtv customer care line then.

You might need to stop guessing what might be wrong, get to the source and get it resolve for you on time. So to contact GoTv customer care you use this number 08039044688

If you are on social media, you can also contact them through GOtv customer care service as well via their accounts. They are on Facebook and twitter with handle name GOTV.

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There you have it the different ways by which you can activate GOtv cable network television. The easy GOtv activation requires just simple processes that you can do in little or no time.

Note, GOtv new activation is done when once you have purchase GOtv or most time requires GOtv activation after payment.

So don’t delay your family viewing time after making the payment for your GOtv. Just go ahead with any of the above steps and you would have been done with at a flash.

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