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Glo Internet Configuration Settings Manual and Automatic

After you might have subscribed to any of the Glo data plans and turn ON your data connection, glo high speed internet settings is still needed on your device.

Else, it is possible that you’ll still be unable to access the internet without proper glo configuration on your device (smartphone, router, modern etc).

This is why the glo browsing settings is required as this happens whenever the phone, tablet, or any other device that uses data connection has not been configured with the glo own internet settings.

How to do Glo Internet configuration settings

Whichever the case might be, you can always configure your device manually or automatically to work with the Glo subscription. See the steps to do Glo auto-configuration and the Glo manual internet configuration.

Glo Internet Configuration Settings Manual and Automatic

Glo Auto Configuration Settings

To do the Glo automatic configuration settings on any device that features Glo sim card and needs its configuration settings, the Glo configuration settings code is highly needed.

Using the Glo auto configuration settings, you must have a modern device for you to receive the GLO’s 3G, 3.5G, 4G or 5G settings (i.e if your device supports the 5G networks).

To do the Glo automatic internet configuration settings, text the word “Activate” via SMS to the Glo configuration settings code “444” (Note, this should be typed without the quote).

For those that have old phones and need to receive the Glo Wap Internet settings, they should text the name of their phone and model to the number “927” (For example, send a message with Nokia 6300 to 927).

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Glo Manual Configuration Settings

Basically, there are three (3) main options in the glo manual internet configuration settings. They are as follows:

Option 1

If your device (phone) is a modern device, to do the glo manual configuration settings, go to settings on the device, click on Mobile Internet connection, and after which, simply follow the steps listed below to carry out the configuration process:

  • Name: Glo 3G
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: wap
  • Password: wap
  • Access point name (APN): glo3gvideo
  • Homepage: or

Note, this glo manual internet configuration settings is for glo 3g/3.5g manual configuration.

Option 2:

Here, if your mobile phone is an old one and have the internet subscription bundle from Glo, you have to enter the following settings below for its configurations:

  • Account name: Glo Flat
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • Access point name (APN): gloflat

Note, the above is for glo wap manual internet configuration settings (i.e with glo internet subscription bundles).

Option 3:

This option is for old phones with no glo subscription bundles, to do this glo manual configuration, enter the data below:

  • Account name: Glo Direct
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: secure
  • Password: secure
  • Access point name (APN): glosecure

Note, the above is for glo wap manual internet configuration settings (i.e direct without any glo subscription plan).

General Glo APN Settings for all device

APN change for Android Handsets and other devices, the steps highlighted below describe how to configure devices for Glo Mobile Data. Note that depending on the type of device you’re using, the menu names and prompts may differ. Follow the steps below to configure your Glo apn settings:

  • On you device, Go to settings, select and click more
  • Select Access Point Names
  • Create a new APN

Enter the following parameters as follows below.

  • Name: Glo HIS
  • APN: gloflat
  • User name: flat
  • Password: flat
  • Authentication Type: use PAP or CHAP
  • Select new setting and Restart the device

Glo APN Settings

In Glo, APN Settings for your smartphone, tablet or other devices that feature either android, iOS, or any operating system enables the internet settings your device requires in order to use internet data or for internet connectivity. This is the same for any device (such as smartphone, tablet etc).

With a simple format, to enable your APN setting on your phone using Glo sim, simply navigate to your phone settings, select APN and enter the following details in the appropriate fields as shown below:

  • Access Point Name (APN): APN
  • Username: Flat
  • Password: Flat

When you’re done with the APN settings, close the settings page and you can browse the internet.


After using the above-mentioned glo configurations settings on your device and you still have problems with your network configuration settings, please visit any Glo customer service center or call 121 to speak with any of the glo customer representatives.

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